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Sights Of Bandar Anzali; The Pleasant Tranquility Of The Land Of The Sea

Gilan is a paradise land with its beautiful and green nature, which has fascinated thousands of travelers with its beauties and pure climate. 

The four seasons of the year are the time of showing the paintings of God in the northern lands of Iran, especially Gilan, where beauty knows no boundaries and the eye sees the most irreplaceable images. 

The sights of Bandar Anzali in Gilan province are an example of the wonders of nature and indigenous beauties of this province that invite spring travelers to enjoy the tranquility and pure climate. 

Follow us to get acquainted with the sights of Anzali port.

Photo by Behnam Salhshouri - Sights of Bandar Anzali

Photo by Behnam Salhshouri

Anzali port is one of the rainiest cities in Iran in Anzali city, which due to the port and trade capacity, this coastal city is known as the gateway to Iran and Europe. In addition to the beauties of nature, the attractions of the pier and the port have been added to the tourism property of this region to make the trip to Anzali memorable. If you are thinking of traveling to Gilan, the emerald of northern Iran, as well as sightseeing in the sights of Anzali port, join us in this article to see the beauties of this European port through words.

Enjoy watching the swamp flocks in the sights of Anzali port 

Anzali Wetland - Photo by Milad Monsef
Anzali Wetland – Photo by Milad Monsef

The most memorable image of Anzali port should be considered as a frame of swamp flowers that has highlighted the beauty of Gilan’s charming nature. Anzali Wetland is one of the most amazing phenomena that has completed the paradise of northern Iran. If you travel to Anzali port in late spring, you can discover a green and pink land of pink flowers and broad green leaves that will take your mind away.

Photo by Saeed Mahmoudi
Photo by Saeed Mahmoudi

This colorful lagoon is one of the most magnificent sights of Anzali port, which has an international reputation and tourists are fascinated by its heavenly beauty. Boating in this lagoon is one of the most popular pastimes in Anzali, which is also the subject of many photographers. After boating, you can enjoy spending time in the restaurant and cafe on the edge of the lagoon.

Birds that have revived the swamp

Photo by Amir Hossein Mahmoudian
Photo by Amir Hossein Mahmoudian

One of the most enjoyable moments of sightseeing in Anzali port should be considered watching the migratory birds of the lagoon, which have returned beauty and life to the lagoon with their commotion. Areas in Anzali wetland such as Selkeh, Siah Kashim and Sarkhankel are considered as wildlife sanctuaries. In addition to plant beauty, these areas are home to beautiful winter migratory birds such as swans, herons, vultures, geese and و. Make watching the mischief of migratory birds in this region one of your sightseeing priorities among the sights of Anzali to enjoy the most irreplaceable view of nature.

Bandar Anzali Beach Boulevard, a tour of a European-style park

Coastal boulevard from the sights of Bandar Anzali
Coastal boulevard from the sights of Bandar Anzali

A good sense of sightseeing at the pier and harbor will be more attractive despite the trees and greenery of the park. Quds Anzali Beach Boulevard is a park in the port, which has a European style and context, in a pleasant beach atmosphere and close to the waves, to make the passing of seconds sweeter with its greenery. An attractive view of the pier and the blue sea, the pleasant noise of birds and the oxygenated air, make the time spent in Anzali beach park memorable. Walk among the tall trees and colorful flowers of the park, fill your glasses with the fresh beach air and watch the mischief of the blue waves, the seabirds and the golden light of the sun.

Middle Palace, a military museum with a hint of history

Military Museum Palace - Photo by Vahid Naji
Military Museum Palace – Photo by Vahid Naji

The building of the Middle Palace or the Palace of the Anzali Museum was built by order of Reza Khan in the distance between Ghazian Bridge and Anzali Bridge and is one of the most beautiful architectures in the city. This white and beautiful building is built in a green space facing the sea and has added the beauty of the Caspian Sea and the fragrant spring orange trees to its spectacular architecture. This museum is one of the sights of Bandar Anzali, where a variety of military weapons can be found from the Safavid period to the present day, and it will be interesting to visit it to complete an adventurous journey.

The bridges that united the two cities

Ghazian Bridge

Crossing the bridge and watching the blue area of ​​the sea is one of the most relaxing moments of the trip. In many cities in Iran, where the soil receives fresh water, part of the memories of travelers make crossing the stairs. Bandar Anzali, despite the Ghazian and Anzali bridges, is one of the regions of Iran that these high-strength structures have painted and is considered a tourist attraction. Ghazian and Anzali, which were separate cities in the distant past, were united by the construction of these two bridges about eighty years ago. Transportation between the two points was facilitated by the construction of bridges and the replacement of boats that people had previously used to cross.

Memory atmosphere in Anzali

Hafizieh Anzali - Photo by Ehsan Hadipoor
Hafizieh Anzali – Photo by Ehsan Hadipoor

Near the Anzali Municipality building, in a lush and clean bed, you will see a familiar white building that evokes the memory of Shiraz for you. The name Hafeziyeh is given to it because of this similarity. This attractive structure was once the place where music was performed and was built by German architects in a green space during the Pahlavi period. This building with its strong columns and well-designed dome is considered one of the sights of Anzali port, which has a spectacular view of the port.

A clock that still carries minutes with it

Anzali Clock Tower

One of the most spectacular buildings in Anzali port is the clock tower, which has given an attractive view to the city near the breakwater and has doubled the atmosphere of the coastal city of Anzali. Although the tower takes a long time from the first second of its movement, it still shows the time correctly and there is no news that the hands are left in it. This tower was once considered the lighthouse of Anzali and was built about two centuries ago by the then ruler of Gilan, Khosrokhan Gorji, to give the blue city of Anzali a more spectacular view. The Clock Tower is one of the most famous buildings built by Khosrokhan in Gilan and is considered one of the tourist attractions of Anzali.

Accommodation on the ship Mirza Koochak Khan Jangali

Mirza Kuchak Khan Ship

Another place of interest in Anzali port is the Mirzakoochak Khan Jangali ship, which has provided passengers with the opportunity to stay and explore the seabed. With the facilities of a hotel, this ship welcomes travelers from the Caspian Sea and creates a special experience of travel and accommodation for them. If you are looking for a memorable stay on the water, do not forget this cruise ship during your trip to Anzali.

Coastal village of Bandar Anzali, a paradise next to the sea

Anzali Coastal Village - Sights of Anzali Port

If you are looking for a dream place to stay in Anzali that will show you the beauties of this port city, the seaside village in Ghazian area is the best choice that will make your trip unforgettable. This town has one of the most beautiful green spaces in Anzali and its villas are a place for travelers to relax and unwind. Facilities such as restaurant, shop, mosque and… comfort of living in the coastal village of Bandar Anzali has increased.

Photo by Amir Abdulpanah
Photo by Amir Abdulpanah

If you love the sea and the soothing sound of the waves, you will always have a packed bag ready to travel to the coastal cities. Spending time with the tranquility of the sea is one of the sweetest trips that every tourist has experienced. The northern paradise of Iran, despite the port of Anzali and the charm of the special weather of the pier, is a good opportunity to pack your bags and be a neighbor of the sea for a few days so that the symphony of seabirds will sit in your corner and the northern oxygen air will brighten your lungs. If you have experienced a trip to Anzali port, write about special beauties for us and share your useful experiences with us.