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Shahroud Cloud Forest; All The Embrace Of Earth And Sky

Excursion in the land of the four seasons of Iran, introduces various natures to travelers. Shahroud cloud forest is one of the most delicate natural figures of Iran that fascinates every tourist. 

Traveling to the land of clouds and fog will keep your mind occupied with its beauty for a long time. Join us to go to Shahroud, Semnan this time and watch the ocean of clouds together in the heart of the green forest of this land.

Imaginative beauty of Shahroud cloud forest

Shahroud Cloud Forest - Photo by Ehsan Ahmadi
Photo by Ehsan Ahmadi

Drowning in an ocean of floating clouds, under the shade of green forest trees, is an unforgettable feeling that words can not describe and should only be experienced. Shahroud is one of the functions of Semnan province and one of the famous attractions of this city is its forest and cloudy land. Shahroud cloud forest is a generation of Hyrcanian forests that has greened part of the slopes of Alborz. Hyrcanian forests with millions of years of vegetation are a paradise for botanists. The beauty and lushness of Shahroud cloud forest competes with the forested areas of northern Iran and the cloud ocean at its heights has multiplied this beauty.

Hosting White Clouds

Photo by Amir Haririchi - ISNA - Shahroud Cloud Forest
Photo by Amir Haririchi – ISNA

Reaching the clouds and taking them one step at a time is a fascinating moment that many of us have imagined as children. The cloud forest is where you will not recognize the boundary between earth and sky, and the two become one in each other’s arms. In the heights of this legendary land, waves of clouds move slowly towards you and enchant you with their imaginative beauty. Here you will easily forget the time, you will lean on a tree for hours and you will feel the calm on the cloudy ocean shore of the forest.

Plant and animal diversity in Shahroud cloud forest

Shahroud cloud forest in autumn
Shahroud cloud forest

This forest is a land rich in a variety of plants and animals that have added value. The diversity of vegetation in Shahroud cloud forest is exemplary and the green texture of this forest includes alder, maple, beech, oak, thyme , elm and… and several other species of valuable plants and trees such as Ursa tree which has magical roots. The diversity of animal life in this forest is another attraction. This pristine forest land is home to a variety of animals such as wolves, foxes, jackals, leopards, brown bears and more.

Climbing to the cloudy beach

Photo by Jafar Shahroudi
Photo by Jafar Shahroudi

To watch the white ocean of clouds, you have to go to the heights of the forest and prepare yourself for hiking in the hills and heights of the forest path. With every step you take, swallow the pure oxygen of the pure climate of this forest so that your being is full of freshness and life and experience a pure forestry. The charms of the way to the shore of the ocean of clouds will delight you, and every step you take forward, more captivating faces are waiting for you to surprise you.

The tall trees, the vibrant greenery that pervades the forest, and the roar of the waterfalls that make the sound of the water the setting for your trip will be tempting to thrive in the forest. Also, if you are a cyclist and one of the professions of this energetic sport, Shahroud cloud forest is a great place to enjoy cycling and relax .

The flow of water in the cloud forest of Shahroud

Photo by Massoud Mohaghegh - ISNA - Clouds of Shahroud cloud forest
Photo by Massoud Mohaghegh – ISNA

To see the ocean of clouds, you have to reach the heights of this forest. Along the way, there are many green and fresh beauties that will accompany you to your destination. One of the most beautiful parts of the Shahroud cloud forest is its springs and waterfalls that have polished the heart of the mountain and created a spectacular frame of nature with the greenery around it. 

The springs that boil from the heart of the mountains of this forest will tempt you to relax and relieve the fatigue of the route and will welcome you with the pleasure of drinking refreshing mineral water. Many springs live in the heart of the forested mountains of this region, and sour springs and Qatari springs are the most familiar among them.

Aluchal waterfall in Shahroud cloud forest - Photo by ISNA
Aluchal waterfall in Shahroud cloud forest – Photo by ISNA

Many waterfalls adorn the cliffs and mountains of this spectacular forest, the most famous of which are the Aluchal and Shersher waterfalls. Part of the path leading to Alochal is known as the Paradise Corridor, and the tall trees, their green leaves and large branches create a dreamy and spectacular path.

Reaching Shersher Falls is a professional specialty. To get to this waterfall, you need to be a professional mountaineer so that the difficulties of the path leading to the waterfall do not bother you.

Watch the clouds

Vegetation and flowers of Shahroud cloud forest
Shahroud Cloud Forest – Photo by Salman Ghaffar Samar

From mid-April to mid-October, travel to the Shahroud cloud forest is very prosperous. In these seasons, if the climate of the region and its weather conditions are ready for the accumulation of clouds, after reaching the heights of the forest mountains, you will see the most imaginative image of the forest. At this moment you must forget the time, find the cozy corners of the ocean shore and sit and watch this paradise land. The tranquility of this white ocean will be with you for a long time and its beauty will never be erased from your mind.

Towards the cloud forest of Shahroud

Photo by Farzad Kokbzadeh
Photo by Farzad Kokbzadeh

As mentioned, the first half of the year and also until early autumn is a good time to visit the cloud forest of Shahroud. The autumn journey of this forest, with all its enchanting beauty, will be a difficult journey for those who are not professional nature lovers. Therefore, it is better to travel to this forest before the beginning of the autumn weather and up to the middle of October.

 Cloud forest winters have very unfavorable weather conditions and it is not possible to travel to it. Shahroud cloud forest is located in Shahroud city of Semnan province.

You have to reach Shahroud and go on the road leading to Azadshahr Golestan and reach Abar village. This village is located at the beginning of the cloud forest and is also a good option for accommodation. After passing this village, your journey will start with the intention of reaching the forest.

Hiking in this forest will become a sweet trip and a special experience. Do not rest your camera lens in this forest and record as much green and foggy frames as you can.