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Setting up a VPN Server is an Ideal Solution to Protect Computer Networks

If until a few years ago, working with a computer was considered a fantastic skill, today it is rare to find anyone who cannot do their daily tasks with their personal computer without any problems. On the other hand, learning computers have changed, and self-study books have given way to codified training packages with much better feedback.

Computer skills training courses

Participating in computer skills training courses known as ICDL is another must-have before learning how to set up a VPN server and other more technical computer topics; Training such as:

  • Training course on how to protect personal information on Windows and the Internet
  • Excel training course from introductory to advanced – this course uses Excel version 2019, one of Microsoft’s most successful and popular versions.
    Training course for working with Google Docs (Google Docs) – in this course, users are taught how to work with the files in their Gmail accounts.
  • Comprehensive Windows 8 training course – In this course, working with the Windows 8 operating system is described in detail, from how to set up and initial settings to use its special features.
  • The training course on how to properly search in Google – accurate search in a sea of ​​information helps users to reach the desired content in the shortest possible time. In this course, various features of the
  • Google website is also mentioned.
  • Windows 10 comprehensive training course – Although a newer version of the Windows operating system has been released, Windows 10 is still popular as the reference operating system for many computers.
  • In this course, Windows 10 will be explained to users and participants
  • Training course on working with Office – The Office suite has several popular applications that everyone needs to learn to work with. This course will specifically teach office software

Familiarity with computer networks

One of the most serious issues that must be considered before setting up a VPN server is knowing the types of computer networks. A network is a set of connections between two or more computers, laptops, etc., that can receive and send data. This data exchange can happen through multimedia, optical, or wirelessly.

One of the main reasons why users turn to the computer network is to facilitate communication, through which they can easily share their resources. In the following, you will get to know the types of computer networks:

  • Wide area network (Wide Area Network) WAN
  • MAN Metropolitan Area Network
  • Local area network (Local Area Network) LAN
  • Personal Area Network (PAN).
  • Wireless Local Area Network WLAN
  • HAN Home Area Network
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)

What are the specific purposes of using computer networks?

As mentioned, with the advent of computer networks, the data exchange among computer users has become more convenient, safer, and more widespread. Computer networks, however, have higher goals and features, which we will discuss below:

  • Shared use of hardware: When a computer is placed in a network environment, it can easily use the hardware resources available in the network. For example, it is possible to print documents using a printer for all computers connected to it through the network.
  • Shared use of software: users connected to a computer network can easily use programs installed on other computers without having to install them on their system.
  • Ease of communication: Through the network, people connected to it can communicate with each other in various ways, such as sending email, instant messaging, creating a chat room, video calling, etc., without the need for special hardware.
  • Folder and data sharing: In a network connection, the access of authorized users to data and classified information can be controlled. It means that the server or the manager can put part of the information his employees need on the network so everyone can use it and make the more important information visible only to qualified people.

Various computer network training courses

Once again, we emphasize that paying attention to their prerequisites to learn advanced topics properly is very important. Therefore, if you intend to learn how to set up a VPN server, it will be mandatory for you to participate in computer network training courses.

  • Windows Server 2012 training course
  • Kerio control training course
  • Cisco switch training course
  • Training course on working with wireless networks
  • Training course on how to work with network phones or VOIP
  • Routing training course
  • SDN network simulator training course
  • Enterprise computer network implementation training course
  • Cisco-based network simulator training course
  • Training course on logging in Cisco equipment

Computer network security

After getting familiar with the network, it is time to establish security in it, which today has very wide fans worldwide. Network Security specifically includes regulations established by the network administrator to monitor unauthorized access to the network further.

The terms network security and information security are used interchangeably in the computer world. The unfamiliarity of some network users helps profiteers to break into the network and obtain confidential information easily.

Hackers’ access to the network causes many problems; Destroying information, changing it, etc., are among the things that hackers do after entering the network. Therefore, if we say that creating network security is much more important than creating it, we are not saying it wrong.

Acquaintance with all types of network threats and sabotage

To maximize network security, we must first be familiar with network threats. After getting to know the types of vandalism, it is time to use the solutions you will learn about later.

DoS attacks

Denial of Service attacks can be considered the most dangerous type of network threat. Ease of execution and difficulty in interception are the two main reasons why DoS attacks are dangerous. DoS attacks start by sending too many requests to the machine, which exceeds the machine’s capacity. A large accumulation of requests destroys the network’s defense wall and eventually collapses.

To protect yourself from such attacks, it is better to use filtering that prevents forged packets from being sent to your network address space. On the other hand, you can update your operating system’s security so that they are familiar with the latest tricks of DoS attacks.

illegal access

When a user who has not been assigned a place in the network can enter it, it is called unauthorized access. In this case, depending on the unauthorized user’s access, one to one hundred percent of the information will be available to him.

Using various types of firewalls and filtering and updating all operating systems connected to the network are among the ways to increase network security.

 Network security training courses

To be able to earn money in the field of network security, we suggest you visit and participate in various network security training courses.

Depending on the goal you have in mind, you can use the following tutorials:

  • Network security basics training course
  • Training course to learn about types of hacking and
  • Training course on how to prevent hacking
  • Penetration Testing training course on the web
  • Advanced network security training course
  • Kerio Control training course for network protection
  • Snort software installation training course for network security
  • Wireless network security training course

Setup VPN server

VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is responsible for creating the virtual private network you are most familiar with. VPN networks are one of the security features, and setting up a VPN server is one of the basic principles of working with the network.
Setting up a VPN server is an ideal solution to protect computer networks

When you use a VPN to access the Internet, you connect yourself to a private virtual server or VPN network, where all your traffic goes through that third-party network. By setting up a VPN server, we will be able to implement a secure connection on the Internet.

For example, We plan to establish two separate networks in two parts of the country to keep each other’s resources and information safe. In this case, we have no simpler and safer solution than setting up a VPN server.

What are the reasons for using a VPN server?

As mentioned, setting up a VPN server brings benefits such as having a lot of security on the Internet for network users. In the following, you will get to know some of the advantages of a VPN server:

  • Having security on the Internet, which is the most important advantage of setting up a VPN server
  • It provides the possibility of remote communication for users in different places
  • It allows the user to create private and virtual networks
  • It provides users with the possibility of stable communication
  • Users’ time and money are saved a lot

Setting up a VPN server on Windows using RRAS

RRAS is one of the positive features that exist in Windows Server and is used to secure the network infrastructure; Using RRAS, it is very easy to set up a VPN server or Virtual Private Networks.

To set up a VPN server using RRAS, follow the steps below:

First, enter the Windows server section, then go to Server Manager. In this section, we click on the Add Roles and Features option
Then, from the Installation Type section, select Role-Based Or Feature-Based on the Installation and click Next.
In the server selection section, click on the Select a server from the server pool option, enter your desired address in the Server Pool section and then go to the next page.
Remember to select Remote Access in the Server Rules section. Then we enter the next step by ticking the DirectAccess And VPN and Routing options.

Setting up the VPN server using RRAS is finished, and there are a few more steps left until it is possible to establish the VPN.

The importance of setting up a VPN server in Kerio Control

The use of integrated management systems in organizations has become important today. But as we said, creating security in computer networks is much more important than creating them. Kerio Control (Kerio Control) is one of the product series of Control Company, which has attracted the attention of network users as a powerful firewall. With the help of Cryo Control, your organization’s network will be safe from possible threats from hackers.

Introduction of Koryo control

Since bandwidth control and access to resources are among the network administrator’s duties,

  • Kerio control basics
  • How to configure the network card and domain membership
  • Launch of Nat and PBR
  • Setting up the Authentication service
  • Reporting training and internet consumption in the network
  • Setting up the proxy server
  • I am setting up a VPN server on different operating systems.