SEMrush tool Introduction And How to Use it !

SEO tools and understanding and recognizing keywords in various fields are essential for businesses. In this article, we take a look at the SEMrush site, which is one of the top SEO tools in its field. This SEO tool offers you various possibilities. The SEMrush site provides start-ups with almost all the features they need to have the right SEO and advertising management strategy.

Overall performance of the SEMrush

The SEMrush site dashboard is one of the easiest and most useful among other SEO tools. Each of them displays information to you. For example, you can configure each of these widgets to display information such as branding, social media data, backlinks, organic traffic or other sources, and so on. Which easily and in a general view without going to the different sections of the status of your site and your business and you can have a complete statistic of the status of your site.
داشبورد سایت SEMrush
In the main menu on the left side of the SEMrush site, five tabs are related to analytics, keywords, projects, SEO tools, and reports, respectively. These are the sections that are most important and available, and because SEMrush users are more focused They will rely on such reports and the impact of their routine on Google-related searches.

What information does the SEMrush site provide to you?

When you look at SEMrush in general and then enter its menus. You will encounter the fact that all possible tools for receiving data and optimizing your site. Are included in this tool so that you can make a significant change in your business. All available data will be provided in full detail. And if you need information that is not provided to you in SEMrush, it may not exist at all.
Overall status of the site: SEMrush allows you to quickly increase your ranking in the Google. Search engine with small changes.
Your competitors: Get to know your competitors in search engines. The keywords they use, and the information that Achilles heel will reveal to you.
Keywords: SEMrush is one of the best tools for searching for important keywords in the field of online business. If not one of the best.
Actual Ranking: See the ranking of your sites and competitors in different places.
Link Building: With SEMrush you can discover how to build your competitors’ links and generate your links. In a way that surpasses them in competition.
Advertising: By receiving the right information, you can advertise more purposefully than before. And finally, you will get a better result by spending less.
Understandable and excellent reports: The reports that are displayed for you on the SEMrush. Site will be in full detail and their contents will be listed correctly and understandably.

Use the SEMrush site to optimize the site

By using the tools available in SEMrush properly, you will be able to make changes, the smallest details of which will ultimately affect the overall results of the site. Site review The first thing you need to do in SEMrush is going to the Projects menu and use Site Audit. This will give you an overview of your site to see where you are currently working.

Site review

The first thing you need to do in SEMrush is going to the Projects menu and use Site Audit. This will give you an overview of your site to see where you are currently working.
بررسی سایت در semrush
You must enter your site information as shown above. After a few seconds or minutes, the basic information from your site will be displayed.
بررسی سایت در semrush

Suggestions for better SEO

One of the most important uses of this site is in the suggestions that it offers to improve the SEO of the site. According to the site administrators of SEMrush, this tool is the most important and most widely used tool of SEMrush and its function is excellent. All pages of your site are analyzed in this way and then the desired suggestions are given to you.

Backlink checking tool

Google search engine has repeatedly emphasized that backlinks are one of the most important criteria in ranking sites, and if you do not take them seriously and you will end up hurt. The problem is that it will take time to fully review and develop a link-building program. But the SEMrush backlink checker tool will do this much easier for you. Just go to Project> Backlink Audit Tool first.

Brand monitoring tools

Branding is the most important foundation in business, and this SEMrush tool allows you to follow your brand on the Internet, check its status and research, and optimize it with changes in the way you work.

Brand monitoring tools

This tool shows you two things: where and how your brand or name is listed on the Internet, and where your backlinks come from. To use this tool, just go to the projects section, your site, and the Brand Monitoring option.

General information of competitors with one click

As we said, collecting and displaying competitors’ information on the SEMrush site is one of its best features. Information about your competitors is placed under your general reports and you can get more comprehensive information from them by taking control and clicking.

Price Issue!

Unfortunately, everything is fine and great until you get the price of this great tool. First of all, it should be said that 14 days of free use is included in the program, so you can test its features first and then start paying. The base price of this site is the US $ 99.95 and you will have to pay more for other plans that give you more features.