Security solutions

Security solutions around digital business

Good security starts with a security line. Do you have a security policy? System security is part of a broader security policy that should include physical security (stolen laptops and stolen PCs) and procedural security (to prevent disgruntled employees from intentionally formatting a disk or leaking information).

It is good to consider security in the design of digital business at the beginning because it is difficult to add security measures, including the system or its security facilities, when a system is under attack. “Security design instead of checking security holes, although decisions are needed, for example, convenience and security do not always go hand in hand. Passwords are annoying, but they provide a minimum level of security. Also, the level of risk can be determined by asking customers. Regarding the initial registration before the purchase or the account settlement before sending the goods reduced.

What is the importance of internet business security?

One of the issues and ammunition of the world of business and competition is to know the rules, regulations, and guidelines of internet businesses. After that, the most important issue of internet business security is customer shopping. Personal information, financial information, and details related to payment cards, accounts, etc., are very sensitive, and the leakage of any of this information in any way leads to a lot of damage.

One of the easiest things the internet business owner should pay attention to is providing the necessary guidance, such as recommending updating the browser, using a special keyboard to enter information, etc., in the online shopping process. Buyer satisfaction, payment security, etc., are very important. The buyer’s behavior and mistakes can reduce the security of the online store and its credibility.

Buyers of products and services are very careful about security. Studies show that at least a quarter of shoppers does security checks and research about a store before making a purchase. Therefore, it is very important to gain the trust of customers and consumers from services that include visiting the website, checking product information, up to the symbols of online stores, etc., because if the security of the internet business is not assured, the customer will abandon the online shopping process.

Necessary technological, physical, and procedural controls


Clauses defining security procedures should be included in contracts you sign with companies online.

Public key technology and cryptography

The web server and browsers can be easily updated or blocked from all communication. Public key cryptography essentially confirms the identity of a person or company that your company trusts. This encryption proves the transaction that the person or company has done. Therefore, it is impossible to deny it later (often called non-repudiation) and prevent data theft, such as transactions or e-mails, to prevent content modification.

Routines that detect intrusions

These routines scan for attacks such as denial of service or access to the site through a competitor. They often include part of a firewall solution that resides on a specific server at the company’s gateway and is used to keep intruders out.

Virus scanners

Virus scanners should be created to constantly monitor and be up to date with the latest version.

Audit effects

It would help if you documented your audit trails, including key events, specific and related security events, and the transaction record. Do you audit information that should help resolve disputed electronic transactions?


If your business depends on being online, backups are extremely important. Do you have good data backup and recovery procedures in place?

Even the best existing systems are useless if people do not use them properly. The strength of a security solution is only as strong as its weakest link, and errors such as “unthinkable” passwords such as “password” or one of the days of the week create openings for even the most sophisticated hackers.

What are the important things in increasing the security of internet businesses?

A high and significant percentage of internet crimes in cyberspace are done to get money and financial benefits. Also, from the point of view of the owners and managers of internet businesses, the obscurity of the site, the protection of customers’ private information, and the prevention of theft and vandalism are important. On the one hand, from the point of view of customers and consumers of internet business services, it is very important to ensure that private and banking information is not stolen and that the site is secure.

To avoid problems, the obscurity of the site (Cyber security) and authentication of users are two important things to increase the security of Internet businesses.

I said that due to the expansion of online business and online shopping, the online store’s security is particularly important. We have some recommendations to improve the security of your online business:

1- SSL certificate is the first step in maintaining the security of internet businesses

The first step you need to take to secure your online business is to try to secure your site with an SSL certificate. SSL encrypts the communication between your online store website and your customers to eliminate the concern of you and your audience about data logging. Since there is a lot of identity theft on the internet, you should take the security of your site seriously and after obtaining an SSL certificate, proceed to obtain the necessary permits for your internet business.

2- Pay attention to received e-mails and suspicious e-mails!

Some e-mails may contain requests to steal information or links infected with dangerous viruses. It is better to be very careful when opening anonymous e-mails, be sure to delete suspicious e-mails without opening them to protect the security of your site information.

3- Hire professional programmers and managers for the site

The most important step to having a secure site is to design, program, and manage your online store site as much as possible with people who are professionals in this work. We suggest signing a contract with the programmers and site managers at the beginning of the work. You can also set up a non-disclosure or non-disclosure agreement with the site’s employees to keep commercial and sensitive information related to your business safe. With these contracts, you take the first professional step to starting an internet business.


Fortunately, there are many solutions, from firewalls to filters to encryption, but remember that constant vigilance is paramount in this fast-changing online world.