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Savadkuh Salt Lake; Forest Nature In A Few Kilometers Of Tehran

It will be enjoyable to experience the silence of the lakes to get well and get away from the recurring hustle and bustle of life today. 

Sometimes you have to take refuge in a corner of nature and forget about tiredness in your arms. 

Wherever the water spreads, a peaceful land awaits tourists. If you are a resident or traveler of Tehran or a resident of Savadkuh city and the southern regions of Mazandaran province, you have good access to Lake Shurmast.

 Savadkuh Shurmast Lake is one of the spectacular natures of Mazandaran province that can be an attractive and one-day trip for travelers. Join me as we explore this jungle lake.

Geographical location of Shurmast Lake Savadkuh

Lake Shurmest is located in the heights of Savadkuh city. The lake reaches Pul-e-Sefid city with a distance of 8 km from the north, Karmazd village with a distance of 40 km from the west, Savadkooh village with a distance of 12 km from the east and Doab village with a distance of 16 km from the south. Lake Shurmast Savadkuh is located in the four corners of these areas. 

Also in the western to southwestern part of the lake, the protected area of ​​”Vaz” in Mazandaran extends.

Start your trip to the lake

Savadkooh Shurmest Lake - Photo by Nader Muslimi
Lake Shurmast Savadkuh – Photo by Nader Muslimi

This lake is a good opportunity for Tehranians to spend a day away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you leave early in the morning, before sunrise, you can easily have a day trip with time management . Lake Shurmast is located in the northeast of Tehran , at a distance of 210 km. 

If you are leaving the capital, you should start your journey from Firoozkooh Road; Then, after about 203 km, on the other side of the road, you will see the signpost of Lake Shurmest. 

You have to go a little further to be able to go around the road and get to the path leading to the lake. Your journey from Tehran to the lake takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

To reach this tourist attraction , the experience of traveling by train can also be interesting. From Tehran, when you take the train, you have to get off at Pol-e-Sefid station and continue your way from this city. 

The car that takes you from Pulsfid to the lake must leave Shahid Beheshti Street and continue its route on Shahid Rajaei Street; Then, after seeing the Shurmest sign, you have to enter the road leading to the lake. It takes only 20 minutes to walk from Plesfid to the lake.

A lake in the embrace of alder trees

Photo by Farshid Blori - Spring of Shurmest Lake
Photo by Farshid Blori

Lake Shurmast is the only natural lake in Savadkuh that was not born with the construction of an earthen dam. The vast expanse of the lake is nestled in a lush forest with several thousand years old trees and in the heart of dreamy nature.

 Tall alder trees cover this forest area. This lake is one of the most beautiful images of the tourist attractions of Savadkuh city, and nature lovers are fascinated by its tranquility and imaginative views. 

Standing in the lush green heights, you can see the view of the city of white and feel the tranquility of the forest nature better than the bustle of the city.

Pleasures of Shoormast Savadkuh Lake

Savadkooh Shurmest Lake - Photo by Nader Muslimi
Lake Shurmast Savadkuh – Photo by Nader Muslimi

When there is such a large lake in the heart of a Jurassic forest, how can you not experience boating ?! One of the main and popular pastimes of most lakes is boating facilities; 

Fortunately, Lake Shurmest also has the conditions for this fun. By boat you should discover the corner of the blue expanse of the lake and enjoy the pristine sound of the forest nature and the aroma of its fresh leaves. The further you go in the embrace of the green mountain land, the more beautiful you will see the lake.

 In addition to boating, the savage nature of Savadkuh also gives you the opportunity to ride. In this forest, you will see horses that have made the spectacular frame of the lake more beautiful. Experience horseback riding on this trip by renting them from locals.

One of the purest pleasures of lake tourism is the opportunity to cycle along its calm edge. Riding among the tall trees and being left in the silence of the forest is a special cycling experience that brings excitement and lovely calm to you.

To achieve peace of mind , be sure to take a walk in the pristine nature of the salty forest and get rid of the worries of urban life at every step. You can sit in a cozy corner by the lake and go fishing. More or less fishing is another recreation of the lake that brings a lot of relaxation.

When should we leave during the year and where should we stay?

Photo by Karim Haghighat - Autumn of Shurmest Lake
Photo by Karim Haghighat

This lake is spectacular and enchanting in all four seasons of the year. The freshness and freshness of spring will make your trip memorable and the pleasant and cool weather of this forest lake will refresh you in summer. Autumn thousand colors also create postcard images of this lake. 

The winter of the lake will be a unique frame in the embrace of trees all over white, but the cold weather may make travel difficult for some tourists.

If you are planning a multi-day trip, you can go to the towns and villages around Lake Shurmest; You can also camp in the forest of this lake and experience camping.

Forest space around Shurmast Lake Savadkuh

In the list of Iran’s sights , you should not miss a trip to the lakes in any way. The lakes have an enchanting calm that the sea, in all its beauty and grandeur, does not have. 

To get rid of today’s stressful life, do not forget to go to the lakes and relax in its peace and quiet. Savadkuh and its salty lake refresh you with its hearty tranquility.