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Saravan Rasht Forest Park, Having Fun In The Green Land Of Gilan

If you are looking for a trip to a paradise land like you have only seen in fairy tales, we have a suggestion for you! 

 There is a green land all around Rasht, which is as beautiful as a child’s dreams. Saravan Rasht Forest Park should be seen closely to understand its vastness. 

It is enough to go to this forest once so that the temptation to go again will never leave you. So travel with us and give in to this temptation.

Geographical location of Saravan Rasht Forest Park

Saravan Forest Park is Rasht in Gilan province. In the north of this park, the city of Rasht is located at a distance of about 17 km. On the map, in the west of this forest, Shaft area and in the south of it, Imamzadeh Hashem can be seen.

Photo by Farshid Karimi
Photo by Farshid Karimi

Sefidrood river flows in the whole eastern part of this forest and its extension extends to the south of Saravan village. To reach this village, you have to drive about 17 km on the Rasht road towards Qazvin.

Amazing greenery of Saravan Forest Park

Photo by Hamed Frost
Photo by Hamed Frost

Saravan Forest Park is one of the tourist attractions of Gilan and Rasht and has a lot of fans. This forest, with its green texture and unparalleled beauty, is full of spectacular frames that you have seen in paintings. The special beauty of this forest is due to its all-green lake, which leaves an unforgettable image in your eyes. 

Until you approach Saravan Lake, you will not notice the water area of ​​this lake and you will see it like a green land. But approaching it and seeing the first boat moving smoothly on the lake’s green bed reveals everything.

The beauties of the green land postcard of Gilan


The forest roads of Saravan Dalani are towards heaven. The attempt of the sun’s rays to pass through the dense branches of its towering trees is spectacular. The color of the leaves of these trees varies according to the season, and in autumn a variety of fiery colors settle on the branches. 

Driving on this dreamy road or going to the heart of the forest and walking among the fences of these tall trees conveys a feeling of calm to the soul. The greenery of this ancient Gilani forest is full of a variety of special plants that have made its soil valuable.

One of the most enjoyable parts of this hike is the approach to the river and the extinction along it. Sefidrood and Siahroud rivers have a great share in the beauty of this forest park. After the pleasure of watching and being with them should not be neglected. 

Listening to the symphony of water flow and inhaling the wet scent of soil and forest leaves doubles the pleasure of being in this pristine nature . The tranquility of this green land takes you miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Saravan Forest Park Fun

Saravan Rasht Forest Park - Photo by Alireza Khalilian
Saravan Rasht Forest Park – Photo by Alireza Khalilian

Undoubtedly, despite the lake, boating is one of the main entertainments in this forest park. Boating on Lake Saravan has a different atmosphere. The pleasure and tranquility of being on its green surface is unique. The green area of ​​this lake has turned the Saravan forest of Rasht into one of the romantic lands of the north, on which boating will be unforgettable. 

Complete the relaxation and enjoyment of boating with a forest picnic and make time to sit and watch the gathering of the trees.

The amusements of this park are not only relaxing; There is excitement too! Four-wheeled motorcycles for hiking are a very fun option for thrill-seekers. But if you are into challenge and competition, we suggest you try paintball in Saravan. Saravan Park is the first forest in northern Iran to be equipped with a paintball field.

Be a guest of the forest

Saravan Rasht Forest Park - Photo by Amin Alian
Saravan Rasht Forest Park – Photo by Amin Alian

Due to the basic facilities of this forest such as toilets, pavilions, travel tent platform, barbecue, etc., we suggest that you experience camping in this emerald forest and enjoy being in the embrace of beautiful nature . In addition to camping, you can spend the night in the houses and accommodations of villages and towns near the forest.

Towards Saravan forest of Rasht

All four seasons of Saravan forest are spectacular and each has its own beauty. Spring with the freshness and greenness of the beginning of the year, summer with its sunny freshness, autumn with the magic of its thousand colors and winter because of the snowfall that turns Saravan into the white-clad bride of Gilan. 

For ease of travel and unforeseen problems, we suggest you go to this forest in good weather. If you are not a professional hiker, it is better not to choose winter for traveling.

 After exploring this forest, be sure to visit the Guilan Rural Heritage Museum. This museum is in the neighborhood of Saravan and has useful information for you.

Well, it’s time to head to Gilan province and the beautiful city of Rasht. Do not miss the adventure in Saravan forest on this trip. Write to us about your camping or sightseeing experience in this park and complete the information. We are waiting for you.