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Saqalaksar Lake; Excursion in the charming nature of Gilan

The green and blue nature of the lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions for fun and enjoyment in the heart of nature. 

This time we go to the beauties of the paradise nature of Gilan and we are immersed in the tranquility of Saqalaksar Lake

Here is the time to stand still and not the excruciating fuss of machine life. There is an audible silence, and in this forested area only the melodies of nature penetrate your ears. Join us on a virtual tour of Lake Saqalaksar.

The presence of a vast expanse of water that takes refuge in the greenery of shrubs and trees, in which small and large fish live, transmits the pleasure of relaxing in nature to any tourist. 

When the small trunks left by the underwater trees want to emerge from the heart of the lake, you will see one of the most beautiful paintings of God that takes the mind away from you. Pack your bags to travel with us, the green traveler of Gilan and the spectacular freshness of Saqalaksar Lake.

Watch the beauty of Saqalaksar Lake near Rasht

View of Saqalaksar Lake in spring
Photo by Hadi Ahmadzadeh

Spotted and starling are birds whose name is registered in the identity card of Saqalaksar Lake. Saqal, which means a place for drinking water, has become the beautiful name of this lake, 15 km from Rasht, by combining the names of Lak and Sar, which become guests of the lake for drinking. This lake is a beautiful treasure in Saqalaksar village, which is part of Lakan district. This village is located near Rasht and its pleasant weather is reminiscent of paradise. The lake is located in the heart of the forest area of ​​the village and owes its beauty and birth to the earthen dam of the same name. The lake shines like a diamond in the heart of the forest and has a spectacular and beautiful coexistence with the colorful forest nature.

Excited about the green and blue nature of the lake

Saqalaksar Lake in winter
Photo by Saber Ahmadi

The most enjoyable entertainment in this lake should be considered hiking and sightseeing in its green and forested margins. The pure tranquility and ecstasy of the lake, along with its silent sound, tempts you to walk in this green forest land and discover the beauties of creation bit by bit. If you love water and surfing on the lake, do not forget to go boating. Immerse yourself in the calm water of the lake and head to the corner. Everywhere on Saqalaksar Lake tells you a story of the beauty and intoxication of forest trees. Boating is a good opportunity to see this lake up close.

The cleanest lake in Iran in the heart of Gilan

Saqalaksar Lake in spring
Photo by Hadi Ahmadzadeh

Gilan, with its eye-catching beauties, is an attractive destination for travel lovers whose minds and eyes are involved in its generous nature. Saqalaksar Lake is a rare gem near Rasht that gives the eye the opportunity to see a picture of the masterpiece of creation; A masterpiece whose beauty knows no bounds. This lake is called the cleanest lake in Iran and the ugly color of the garbage has not been allowed to destroy its colorful paradise. If you are a traveler to this lake, be sure to help keep it fresh and fresh and do not forget to collect your garbage.

A frame of Saqalaksar’s memorable beauties

Saqalaksar Lake - Animal pasture
Photo by Cyrus Gorani

The reflection of the image of tall trees around the lake on the smooth surface of the clear water creates a magical image of this forest view. In this wooded space, shoot as much as you can and do not let your camera rest. The beautiful frames of this area make your photography art spectacular. Invite pets who graze around the lake to graze on your camera lens and capture their innocent simplicity along with the beauty of nature.

The beauties that have made the lake mysterious

Saqalaksar Lake in winter fog
Photo by Meysam Toofani

Mystery is a pure attribute that enhances the beauty of any natural phenomenon on earth. Saqalaksar Lake has this attractive advantage and the presence of half-trunks that protrude from the water, has given an attractive eerie feeling to the lake. The mischief of these helpless trunks is specific to summer, when the volume of water decreases and they have the opportunity to show themselves. There are times when thick fog covers the surface of the lake; If you look at it these days, you will see a haunting image in front of you that uses a lot of imagination .

Snowy view of Saqalaksar Lake
Snowy view of Saqalaksar Lake – Photo by Sasan Rashtipour

Lake Razorms do not end in the trunks; A hut with a red roof hits the heart of the lake and hides half of itself in water during the rainy season. The mysterious presence of this house inside the lake is a rare subject for photography and recording it will become a postcard image of your trip. Fascinating stories have been told about the existence of this red house in Saqalaksar Lake, but the main reason for the presence of this hut is still a mystery.

The peace that tempts you to travel

Saqalaksar Lake Cottage
Photo by Arash Ardabili

Do not miss the opportunity and go to this pure northern jewel. The beauty and tranquility of this lake is a tempting attraction that invites you to its embrace. Restaurants and eco-lodges around this forested area will complete the fun of a rural trip and will make a big contribution to your happy experience. Choosing the most beautiful image of the faces of Saqalaksar Lake in the four seasons of the year is a very difficult task and each season gives a unique beauty to the lake that loses intelligence.

Summer of Saqalaksar Lake

Spring with the generosity of greenery and freshness of nature, summer with golden color and diamond reflection of sunlight in the water bed, autumn with the magic of a thousand colors and winter with the story of their mysterious and white clothes, undertake the beautification of Saqalaksar lake. But for more relaxation on the trip, we recommend that you visit this lake in spring and autumn to relax from the humid heat of this northern region in summer and its unbearable cold in winter. Of course, if the hardships of the heat and cold do not diminish your desire to see the summer and winter face of the lake, and in any case you have a peaceful coexistence with nature, your trip will not be limited to any season.

Sunset of Saqalaksar Lake in winter

On your next trip to northern Iran, do not miss Saqalaksar Lake. It is enough to see this lake up close once; The beauty of Saqalaksar is an attractive motivation to repeat the journey. Tell us about the pure atmosphere of the lake and your memorable experiences and share your sense of green with others.