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Sample IELTS Speaking: Examining The Sample Questions Of The Speech Part Of The IELTS Test With Answers

Obviously, in order to get an excellent score on the IELTS Speech Test, you need to know about the types of questions, topics, and types of answers you must provide in Sections 1, 2, and 3. 

In this note, for your familiarity, some examples of IELTS speaking that have been used in previous tests are discussed.

IELTS Speaking Questions are designed to assess your speaking skills. This part of IELTS will take 11 to 15 minutes. You will need to talk to the IELTS interviewer about a variety of topics, including the weather, personal issues, memories, books and movies.

This part of the test is held in a quiet room with an interviewer and usually before the written test. The interviewer’s job is to understand your accent and instill a sense of calm.

Speaking IELTS at a glance

The spoken part of the IELTS test consists of 3 parts, which will be examined after the description of each part, and the examples of IELTS speaking related to each part will be examined.

  • Section 1: The examiner will ask you general questions about your personal life and general issues such as home, family, work, education and interests. This part of the IELTS test will take between 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Section 2: You are given a card and the examiner asks you to talk about it. You will have 1 minute to prepare for 2 minutes to talk about it. After the talk, the examiner will ask you one or two related questions to complete this part of the test.
  • Section 3: In this section of the test you will be asked more questions related to the topic of Section 2. In this section, according to the questions provided, you should describe the ideas and topics. This part of the test typically takes 4 to 5 minutes.

Sample IELTS Speaking Related to Section 1

Example of IELTS speaking related to section 1

Part IELTS Speaking will begin with the examiner asking you to identify yourself and show proof of identification.


In the next step, you will be asked general questions such as where you live or work at the moment, or if you are a student, about your education.

By examining an IELTS speaking sample, you will find that after the general questions, the examiner goes to a wide range of familiar topics such as your favorite music, cooking, weather, or the movies and series you follow. In general, in this part of the test, you will be asked questions about two topics.

If your answer is short from the examiner’s point of view, with words like “Why?” And “Why not?” Encourages you to talk. In this section, more than anything, your daily information and how it is expressed is evaluated. In the following, you can download the sample IELTS Speaking Questions PDF with the answer related to Part One to get more acquainted with its content. It should be noted that the answer is provided in the form of a sample IELTS Speaking interview with its text.

Download IELTS Speaking Sample Part 1

Download the transcript of the interview



Section 2 Speaking IELTS

At the end of section 1, the examiner gives you a topic and asks you to talk about it for one to two minutes.

The subject is delivered to you by a card and you are also given a piece of paper and a pencil to take notes and prepare. On paper, you need to outline what you are going to say and what you need to pay attention to in one minute.

At the end of a minute, the examiner asks you to start talking. The tips in Cucard will help you think about what you are talking about and cover it all in two minutes with a blueprint.

At the end, after 2 minutes, the examiner will ask you two very short questions related to the subject to make sure that you have not memorized anything.

This part of the test is to test your ability to talk at length about a particular topic and to use appropriate grammar and vocabulary. To find out more about this part of your speaking skills assessment, here is a sample IELTS speaking with a sample interview that you can download and review.

Download IELTS Speaking Sample Part 2


Download the transcript of the interview

Sample Speaking IELTS Part 2

Example of IELTS speaking related to section 3

As you will see in the IELTS Speaking Example , all the questions in this section are related to the topic in Section 2 that you talked about. You will discuss the subject more generally. You show the interviewer how much you are able to express and justify your views and ideas. In addition to this, you display the power of analysis, in-depth discussion and dialogue.

For example, if your topic is about a beautiful place to visit in your city, this part of Speaking IELTS may begin with a discussion of beautiful places, and the first question may be whether you think it is important to preserve beautiful places in cities. ?

In this part of the test, the examiner will talk to you more and may ask you to defend yourself. The purpose of this is to test your ability to communicate ideas and opinions. That’s why you have to wait for your speech to be interrupted and challenged. In fact, you have to defend your views in this dialogue with your verbal power.

In this section, as in the previous two sections of the note, it is possible to download a PDF sample of IELTS speaking questions with answers. The answer in this section is also provided in the form of an audio file with a copy.

Download the IELTS Speaking Sample Section 3

Download the transcript of the interview

IELTS Speaking Sample (Scores 8 to 9)

The video below is an example of an IELTS Speaking interview that shows the process from the beginning to the end of this part of the test. This IELTS speaking sample, which is about 13 minutes long, will help you become more familiar with the space and content. Undoubtedly, increasing your familiarity with each part of the test, especially the oral part, will reduce stress.