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Root and Unroot

You might hear of android OS, as an open-source operation system, where you can customize anything from the minor changes to the major one, you can dress up your phone in any mode or style, and if you’re using an android phone you definitely heard of the root.

By rooting your phone you have access to all sections and you can make changes in the UI, even more than before, also there are some applications out there that need root access to function perfectly.

Freezing Randomly

Restarting or freezing devices can have multiple reasons and problems, but in the researchers that we did we found out, a huge number of users, start having freezing problems after rooting their device. It can happen at any time. You might see a restart right when you unlock the device.

It might also happen when you send messages or try to open your browser. If your dives are affected by malware or a virus, wiping the cache partition could potentially solve your problems. If that doesn’t help. It’s recommended to unroot the device. You can find out how to do so is below.


Sometimes it’s because of the freezing or sometimes you’re worrying about the warranty that you just lost with the root access. (When you root your device your warranty will void, like opening a phone buy yourself, opening a phone back door can void the warranty.

If you’re selling your handset, having issues with the phone, or you just want the latest update, it’s usually quite easy to unroot a device. However, it can vary depending on the method of rooting and the device itself.

Every phone that has root access have the SuperSU installed, you can easily unroot your device with the application.

۱)Open SuperSU and click on the Settings tab.

۲)Scroll down to Full Unroot, your device will now be unrooted

If you’re having issues with this method, alternatively you can factory reset your device. Factory resetting your device will lead to data loss of images and contacts stored on the phone. Back up all data before attempting this method, You can use your computer, apps, and Google to back up important data like photos and contacts. (Your SIM card won’t be affect by the factory reset.)

Unrecognizable Phone When Rooted

The first thing that we recommend you do is make sure that it’s not a problem with your car, so you might want to check on the USB cable that you connecting the phone with, try to change it to another one, and try again. Make sure that your device is unlock, because it won’t connect to the PC if a passcode is active. There could also be an issue with your cable, so try a replacement and ensure that the ports are clear.

Hard Break

The worst-case scenario is here, hard breaking your phone is the end of the road, there’s no way to revive a phone like this, in fact, your phone won’t turn on and it won’t connect to your computer, but if you are stuck in a boot loop there a 50 percent possibility that you could revive it.


One of the major problems after rooting your device that can be a treat to you is viruses and the malware that might damage your phone,

especially if you not careful during the rooting process, there’s a huge chance that your phone could be affected by them.

(Always make sure that you download your rooting software and files from a legitimate source, such as the developer’s homepage.)

Don’t even try to underestimate viruses during the time that your phone is root, or the security warning that the phone security manager advises you.

Boot loops

In short boot loop mean that your phone will be stuck in a cycle of rebooting over and over again due to the loss of some major software data or some hardware problem which is for another article,

boot loops can be terrifying at first, but try to remember that your phone isn’t bricking or broken,

as we said before when we get to the boot loop there’s still a chance to recover your phone from it.

The smart thing is to power off your phone and takes it to the warranty provider company if your not in a root state,

but if you are, your phones warranty is void, and it is better to take it to give it to you local phone repair shop to fix it if possible.

Charging Issues

One of those problems that you might see when you have a rooted device is the draining speed of the battery,

after getting the root access to your battery calibration files when these problems happen in your phone,

the battery shows you an unreal percentage of the battery, so you won’t ever know what the real number.

To fix this problem you can unroot your device or if you really need

that root access you can give your phone to a phone repair shop, it won’t cost you a lot of money but it helps the battery so much.


Rooting your android device sometimes can lead to some disadvantages to other sides of your smartphone,

it’s your choice to decide if it worths all of its problems to root it or not.

Also, the XDA Developer forums are often useful if you need to ask a detailed question.