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Rig Jan Desert; Journey To The Mysterious Land Of Iran

The atmosphere of exploring the land of earth and wind, with its starry sky, is a unique journey for tourists who are fascinated by the mysteries of the desert and enjoy the silence and monotony of nature. 

In the diverse nature of Iran, there are dry and desert lands, the beauty of each of which is praiseworthy and fascinating. 

Righ Jan Desert is one of the lands that mysteries and unanswered questions increase its charm and every year many desert travelers travel to this desert land to experience its special magic on the border of Semnan and Isfahan .

 If you are from the desert and its mysterious atmosphere, take your backpack and travel with us in the joy of discovering the sand of the jinn.

Eager to travel to the desert of Rig Jan on cool days of the year

Traveling to the desert is an adventure trip and you should prepare yourself to see a different face of nature. Being in the sheer silence of the desert is a different experience; Like a kind of philosophical discovery of self-discovery or self-knowledge.

Righ Jan Desert - Photo by
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Only those who love nature and enjoy the simplicity of its earthy face enjoy desert tourism; Those who do not shy away from the reckless sunshine and are eager to see the starry night sky show, are kind to the hot days of the desert.

Sunset of Rig Jan Desert - Photo by Taha Ghochanlu
Photo by Taha Ghouchankanloo

With the arrival of the cool seasons every year, the desire to go to the desert tempts every tourist. Rig Jan Desert is one of the deserts of Iran where many tourists visit from early autumn to mid-spring. Many mysterious stories have been told about this desert, which has made it more attractive than other deserts in Iran. There is a mysterious land in the south of Semnan and north of Anarak in Isfahan, called Rig Jan, behind which is a world of secret hidden behind its monochrome image.

You and the unknown secrets of Rig Jan.

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To go to the desert of Rig Jan or you have to travel with professionals and leaders. The presence of swamps in some areas of Rig Jan requires a complete knowledge of the route and only desert climbers who have experienced a trip to this desert will be a good guide for you.

So if you have the desire to discover this mysterious sand dune, travel with a team of nature travelers and professionals to remember the beauties of this mysterious land.

Legends that make you curious

Illusions and stories about the Rig Jan Desert - Photo by
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Righ Jan Desert, as its name implies, is full of illusions and legends that will be very attractive for any nature traveler. The mysterious stories told by the natives around this desert have made it more attractive than other deserts in Iran, and the curiosity of discovering its unknowns will be enjoyable for deserters.

The nature of the desert is to strengthen the power of illusion and imagination, and the incessant radiation of the sun can make anyone delusional. The roar of the wind and its accompaniment to the sands help to make the mysterious world of the desert fascinating to make your trip exciting.

Now that you have become a passenger of the jinn

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Be sure to travel in a group and join a team that has experience going to the Rig Jan desert. These people know the routes and safe areas of the desert and guide you to these places. Take all the necessary desert hiking equipment such as maps, non-perishable food, hot and cold clothes, water and جدی with you and take the advice of experienced people seriously to make your desert trekking experience enjoyable.

The starry sky that enchants you

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The desert makes sense with its livelihoods. Watching the bright stars of the sky free of light pollution is one of the gifts of the desert to its guests. The stars have adorned the endless night sky and created a glowing roof over the desert of sand. The world of stars is not complete and can keep you entertained until sunrise. After touching the land of hills and the eerie sands of the day, the sweetness of the stars of the night games settles to the heart.

Overnight in the desert of Rig Jan.
Overnight in the desert of Rig Jan.

One of the most enjoyable parts of desert climbing is making fire at night and circling around it. Join your fellow travelers and make sweet memories of the trip, taking refuge in the unparalleled tranquility of the desert and the pleasant sound of burning wood. Experience camping life and spend the night in the morning setting up a tent.

Towards the desert of Rig Jan.

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After joining the professional and leadership team and gathering the necessary equipment, it is time to go to the desert of Rig Jan. Righ Jan reaches Semnan from the north, Anarak from the south, Jandagh from the east and Kavir National Park from the west. There are several routes to reach this spectacular desert, the choice of which should be left to the guides. During the trip, you can go to the villages on the outskirts of Rig Jan and spend the night in the village houses before the beginning of the day and moving towards the desert.

The pleasure of desert climbing and its tempting tranquility

Desert Riding in the Rig Jan Desert - Photo by
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The desert experience is one of the unforgettable trips of every tourist who likes a certain style of travel and is fascinated by the challenges of nature. The desert brightens your soul and shows you another dimension of yourself. The silence and the mysterious world of this boundless abyss, while simple, have sweet intricacies that tempt you to travel. This style of travel recreates man and creates an opportunity for man to experience the greatness of the world up close. We are fascinated by your knowledge of desert climbing and your pure experiences of traveling to Righ Jan. Tell us about this trip and share your information with us. We are waiting for you.