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Refrigerator Freezer Buying Guide

Refrigerator-freezer is one of the most important home appliances that you should pay attention to many points when choosing it. 

Because of the importance of these appliances, we decided to prepare a guide to buying a refrigerator-freezer for you.

Refrigerator-freezer is one of the most important home appliances that you should pay attention to many points when choosing it. Because of the importance of these appliances, we decided to prepare a guide to buying a refrigerator-freezer for you.

Refrigerator Freezer Buying Guide

Size and capacity

One of the features to consider when buying a refrigerator-freezer is its capacity. Usually we all consider the capacity of the refrigerator-freezer by feet, but we must say that this factor is different in different brands. Therefore, it is better to measure the capacity in liters. Also keep in mind that the capacity of the refrigerator is slightly different from the capacity of the freezer, but in refrigerators and freezers, this factor is usually mentioned together.

Regarding the capacity of the refrigerator-freezer, you should pay attention to the size of the kitchen, the number of family members and, of course, your use of the refrigerator-freezer. The more people who use the refrigerator, the more food is stored in the refrigerator and therefore you need more capacity.

However, if you have a small space, buying a large refrigerator-freezer is a mistake. In fact, you have to strike a balance between the two.

We recommend for the average family a minimum capacity of 500 liters, which is approximately 28 to 30 feet. In the meantime, pay attention to your shopping pattern. For example, if you always do your shopping on a weekly basis, you will need a larger refrigerator.


Refrigerator freezer color

Choosing the color of the refrigerator-freezer is completely a matter of taste, however, in this choice, pay attention to other points besides your personal taste. For example, steel refrigerators and freezers have a lot of fans because of their stainlessness and beautiful appearance, but the problem with this type of refrigerator is that it stains quickly. So if you want to get rid of this problem, maybe choosing a matte refrigerator-freezer is a better option.

If your kitchen is small, choosing a black refrigerator-freezer is a mistake because it makes the space look darker and smaller. So for smaller spaces, it is better to go for white refrigerators, which, of course, have a better price than steel refrigerators. We talked about black refrigerators, here we must mention that these refrigerators have another good feature besides beauty and charm, and that is their anti-stain and fingerprint.


energy consumption

Not only for buying a refrigerator-freezer, but also for buying any electrical appliance, you should pay attention to the energy label. The energy label shows how your device uses electricity. The energy label is marked A +++, A ++, A + to G. The closer the energy label of the refrigerator-freezer is to A +++, the lower the energy consumption of the appliance. We have to say that the better the energy label of the appliance, the higher the price, but on the other hand, the electricity consumption of the house, which consists of a large part of the refrigerator-freezer, is greatly reduced.

Energy Label - Refrigerator-Freezer Buying Guide.jpg
Energy Label – Refrigerator-Freezer Buying Guide –

The best brand

Undoubtedly, like any other product, you should pay attention to its brand when buying a refrigerator-freezer, because to a large extent, the brand of each product guarantees its quality. Among the best domestic and foreign brands of refrigerator-freezers, we can mention Bosch, Samsung, LG, Hitachi, Daewoo, SNOWA, etc.


Application options

Each refrigerator-freezer has special features that make life easier for you. Among these features we can mention the following:

Adjustable shelf: Thanks to this feature, you can adjust the space inside the refrigerator according to your needs, and while using the most space, you have the least waste.

Water cooler and freezer: These two features are useful for the daily use of each of us. Of course, some people may not be interested in the appearance of these refrigerators. Some of these refrigerators have a water tank and do not require plumbing, but others require plumbing. Another good thing about some of these refrigerators is the presence of a water filter that allows you to use better quality water.

Air Purification Filter: Some refrigerators and freezers use air purification filters to prevent the smell of different foods from penetrating other foods. These filters are usually made of carbon, which in addition to removing odor and preventing its spread, by preventing the growth of bacteria, will increase the shelf life of food in the refrigerator.

Double door: One of the positive features of some refrigerators and freezers is the presence of a double door, which allows you to put water bottles and drinks inside the outer door, thus opening the main door when you need them. . This reduces energy consumption.

Other options for refrigerators and freezers include child lock, refrigerator door opening alarm, and more.


Smart refrigerator

These days, smart home equipment has become more important among people than ever before, and we are witnessing the increasing use of smart home products in our daily lives.

Smart refrigerators have been on the market for some time and offer attractive capabilities.

As some of the capabilities and features of smart refrigerators, we can use the touch screen, the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, internal camera,

the ability to control the temperature inside the refrigerator by the user, segmentation of the internal environment of the refrigerator and determine the specific temperature for each section and .. Note.

In addition to the above, we can also mention the following:

Convertible Fridge / Freezer feature: Convert the refrigerator to a freezer completely or convert the whole to a refrigerator.

Airtight Crisper feature: Due to this feature, moisture stays completely in the refrigerator and makes food stay in the refrigerator for a longer time.

Automatic / Measured Filling feature: Thanks to this feature, the refrigerator detects this problem and stops pouring water before the water spills into the glass.


what is your opinion? What points do you pay attention to when buying a refrigerator-freezer? Help us complete this refrigerator-freezer shopping guide.