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Receive An Italian Scholarship From The Last Wire Immigration Collection

Those interested in studying at foreign universities face many ambiguities and questions; Therefore, having a guide in this direction will be important for them.

The last wire collection, which has been operating in the field of education since 2003, has years of experience in academic counseling for universities in the country, and now, by working in the field of  sending students  to European countries and Canada, it helps applicants in this way. . 

One of the most important issues in the process of international student migration is the costs of studying and living in the destination country; Because if you do not have enough income or budget to cover expenses, the student will focus more on economic issues and will stop studying and researching. 

To this end, various governments and universities have offered various scholarships to minimize the cost of living and education for students.

Italy, like other countries hosting international students, will make things easier for those interested in studying in Italy by offering scholarships such as provincial scholarships (Third World Scholarships) .

 Because international students can study in this country for free by receiving these scholarships. Scholarships  are awarded to eligible students under the Sliding Scale system  .

 This ceiling system is intended for the income of students ‘parents, and those whose parents’ income is less than the specified ceiling will receive more scholarships.

 In this article, for those interested in studying in Italy, we will provide information about the conditions of the Italian scholarship .

Italian Government Scholarship

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has offered scholarships aimed at further interaction with international students in the fields of science, culture and technology.

 This scholarship is called a government scholarship and is intended for postgraduate and doctoral students, and will be available for study and research projects at Italian higher education institutions, such as government institutions or law institutes approved by Italian government officials.

The deadline for submitting an application to use this scholarship and reviewing the documents and conditions of the applicants is May of each year.

 It goes without saying that every international student in Italy can only use one government scholarship during their studies.

 Scholarships are paid for a six- to nine-month postgraduate course each academic year, which is required to complete the first year of study in the second year of the postgraduate course. 

In other words, in order to receive a scholarship in the second year, no unit of the first two semesters must remain. PhD students also receive government grants for six to nine months of each academic year and must submit a letter of admission from an Italian university to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive it.

Italian Provincial Scholarship

The Italian Provincial Scholarship is also known as the Third World Scholarship and is awarded to eligible students based on family income and economic status. 

To receive this scholarship, students must prove that they can not afford to pay for the annual tuition and living expenses. 

Interestingly, almost all Iranian students succeed in receiving a Third World scholarship , and in addition to the tuition exemption, they will receive a yearly living allowance. Use of free accommodation, one free meal per day, discount on public transportation, etc. are some of the other benefits of receiving a scholarship. 

If students are not given access to accommodation and food, their grants will increase.

Students should keep in mind that Italian provincial scholarships start two to three months after graduation; For this reason, we recommend that you bring a fee with you for the first months of study. 

Another point is that the age, the annual income of the family, the housing situation in Iran and the number of siblings applying for the Italian provincial scholarship will be examined.

Documents required to receive an Italian Third World Scholarship

  • Head of household pay slip from previous year
  • Notarized lease related to the previous year
  • Confession
  • Identity of the head of the family
  • Print the head of the family accountThe last wire

Italian University Scholarship

In addition to the Italian government, the country’s universities also offer separate scholarships for international students. For example, the Polytechnic University of Milan offers a variety of scholarships to international students, and talented students are automatically nominated for this scholarship for a master’s degree and do not need to register separately to receive the scholarship. 

Once the scholarship is finalized, students will have to pay around 200 euros for administrative work.

The Polytechnic University of Milan awards the scholarship in three different types: Platinum, Gold and Silver, which consider the performance and grades of the previous degree (undergraduate), portfolio (if required) and motivation letter (motivation letter) for each. 

It should be noted that if students have received any other scholarship, they will not be allowed to use the Platinum Scholarship. In the following, we will get acquainted with these scholarships.

Platinum Scholarship

The scholarship is worth tens of thousands of euros a year, and eligible students are exempt from paying tuition for two years and can stay in a single room in the dormitory of the Polytechnic University of Milan. 

If you stay in the dormitory, the cost of the dormitory will be deducted from the scholarship amount and the rest, ie about four thousand euros, will be credited to the students’ accounts. 

It should be noted that if students who are eligible for the Platinum Scholarship do not wish to live in a dormitory, they will not be entitled to housing assistance; But they can spend part of it on rent.

The scholarship is paid to students for a minimum of one year and a maximum of two years, and students who wish to drop out of the university before the end of the academic year must return the full amount of the scholarship received to the university. 

Students can receive this scholarship for the second year if they obtain good grades and have an excellent record with an average of one thousand points based on ECTS in the first academic year.

 It goes without saying that after the completion of the second academic year, all living expenses and university tuition will be borne by the student until graduation.

Golden Scholarship

Another type of scholarship in Italy is the Gold Scholarship, which is worth up to five thousand euros per year, and eligible students are exempted from paying the tuition for two years, and students can also stay in double rooms in the dormitory.

The scholarship will be deducted and the remaining amount, ie about one hundred euros, will be credited to their account.

 The scholarship will be extended for the second year if students receive excellent marks in the first year of study, ie an average of seven hundred points based on ECTS. It should be noted that all the rules of the Platinum Scholarship apply to this type of scholarship.

Silver Scholarship

The Silver Scholarship is another scholarship awarded to eligible students by the Polytechnic University of Milan. Students can receive a silver scholarship in the second year if they earn an average of 900 ECTS points in the first year. 

The scholarship is paid for a maximum of two years and only exempts students from paying university tuition. 

It should be noted that in general, the number of gold and silver scholarships is more than platinum scholarships.