Prevent Confusion Of Persian And English Text On Instagram

One Of The Big Problems Of Persian ‌ Instagram Users ‌ Is The Text Clutter When Using English Letters In Persian Text. In This Post, We Will Explain The Solution To This Problem.

One of the problems that Persian-speaking users of the world of technology or Arabic calligraphy users, in general, are grappling with is the confusion of Latin-Arabic composite texts in many software. The reason for this confusion is also the difference between writing Latin (left to right) and Arabic (right to the left).

You may have seen Persian posts on Instagram that contain English letters, and as a result, their text is completely confused and can no longer be easily read. Fortunately, there is a straightforward solution to this problem.

To solve this problem, before writing the text, just put the phone keyboard on the Persian language and add a dot or space in the first line, and then go to the next line.

Keyboard Google and Microsoft SwiftKey and the default iOS keyboard support half-width space.

This way, you can use Persian and English letters on Instagram in one post without any problems without text clutter.


If you use other methods to prevent confusion of Persian-English text, please share with our users in the comments section.

How To Change The Language Of Instagram From English To Persian And Vice Versa

Note: If you change the language of your phone to Persian, the language of the Instagram application will also be automatically Persian
  • Log in to Instagram and hit the top 3 lines from the profile section
  • Then from the drop-down menu Settings app ( Settings ), Select

  • Instagram Settings option in the Account struck
  • Next option Language Select

  • In this section, you can choose any English language ​​, Persian or other languages ​​such as French and German.
  • The option to use English English put
  • Options for the use of the Persian language Persian choose

If you use the Persian language, all the polls in the users’ stories will be displayed in reverse. Also, some parts of Instagram may not work properly, such as You may have problems when changing your profile picture or posts to Do not publish properly. To solve these problems, change the language of Instagram to English. Good luck.