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Photoshop Free Transform tutorial for bending, creating perspective mode and… in images

In the continuation of a series of interesting tutorials in Photoshop software, we will teach you how to use the Free transform tool. 

A tool for correcting the perspective of a new photo with the previous one, bending and curving the images, rotating the images and tilting them.

 Before starting this tutorial, we will teach you a tip about cutting images. The same tool as Crop in Photoshop.


Crop tool

1. Select the Crop Tool key from the Tool palette. A pickup box will appear next to your image.

2. If the image of the object needs to be smoothed, select the Straighten key from the Option Palette. Click and drag around the line or point you want to smooth. The image will be automatically smoothed as soon as you release the mouse.

Crop an image

1. Select the Crop Tool key from the Tool Palette. A check box will appear around your image.

2. Take one of the corners of the form and drag it to the side you want.

3. Press the Enter key to confirm the cut, or click the checkmark in the Option Palette.

Image transformation tool – Free transform

At the top, click the Free transform Edit menu, or press the + T key at the same time. Now in this case, when you right-click on your image, you will see different options. From Perspective, Rotate, Distort, Skew modes, each of which does something. The important point here is that when working with any of these options, it is better to hold the control button on the keyboard and then edit the image (you must try this part yourself to learn).

If you have any questions in this regard, ask us in the comments section so that we can answer them very quickly and easily .

Flipping the images vertically

And then back in the document, I’ll press Ctrl+T (Win) / Command+T (Mac) to select Free Transform. This places the Free Transform handles around both images at once.

I’ll click on the Reference Point in the center, and this time, I’ll drag it down onto the bottom handle. This way, the bottom of the images will become the center of the transformation:

Moving the Free Transform Reference Point onto the bottom handle in Photoshop

Moving the Reference point onto the bottom handle.

Then I’ll right-click (Win) / Control-click (Mac) inside the Free Transform box and I’ll choose Flip Vertical:

Choosing the Flip Vertical command from Free Transform in Photoshop

Choosing the Flip Vertical command.

Photoshop flips the copies vertically, again using the Reference Point as the center of the transformation, creating a four-way mirror reflection of the image. Press Enter (Win) / Return (Mac) to accept it:

A four-way mirror reflection effect created with Free Transform in Photoshop