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Video tutorial and step by step Photoshop body and face that you should know

It must have happened to you many times that you like to edit the photos you have taken before and make them to your liking.

 In this article, we will teach you how to easily edit different parts of the face and shape the body parts to your liking. 

1- Tutorial video for enlarging and shrinking limbs in Photoshop:

In this video, you will learn how to easily enlarge or shrink different parts of the body in Photoshop, such as the nose, eyes, ears, mouth, and any part of the body that you want.

2- Video tutorial video and step by step Photoshop face:

In this video, you will learn that after opening the desired photo in Photoshop, to edit and retouch the face, go to the adjustment layer and select the  hue / saturation option.

Photoshop 1

Face retouching in Photoshop To retouch a photo, we must first get rid of the extra red color in the face. First, through hue / saturation, we determine the red parts of the skin color and bring their color closer to the face color.

Photoshop 20

Photoshop 3

Click on the Layer mask layer to select the Brush Tools tool , then paint only the lips by selecting black. In the image below, you can see that the color of the lips has returned to normal.

Photoshop 4

In this step, it is time to edit the skin of the face, create a new layer and select the Healing Brush Tools tool , and with this tool, you edit the parts of the skin that you feel have problems.

Just make sure to check the Sample All Layer option as shown below and the Content-Aware option is enabled.

Photoshop 5

Well, we learned that we use the spot healing brush tool for retouching and retouching the face , and we correct any part of the face that was defective, then a general result with Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E shortcuts from all the work done so far for We do the face retouching in Photoshop and place it on the top layer.

In order for the skin texture to be smooth and clean, you must select the patch option from under the spot healing brush branch  and remove the parts of the skin that have inappropriate texture and click on another part of the skin that has better texture until the selected part. It should have a good texture like this part.

Photoshop 6


Create a new layer above all the layers again, and in this layer, by selecting the Brush option, whose Opacity and Flow have been reduced, paint the parts of the face that should have a natural color, such as the nose and cheeks Which are prominent.

If the color of the photo was too bright, apply a layer of red paint with a brush on the top layer of the photo on the face and nose and put it on Soft Light to modify the color of the face in retouching and retouch of the face in Photoshop.

Photoshop 7

Your photo was easily edited in Photoshop. 

You can use them to retouch and edit your photos in the best possible way. But the above method is one of the simplest possible methods.

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