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Step-by-step video tutorial on how to use the Perspective tool in Photoshop

In this tutorial, in addition to learning how to work with the perspective tool and correct photo distortions, you will also learn how to work with the crop tool.

Perspective correction

The photo of the hotel you see below was taken in a sitting position, so the perspective of the photo did not come out of the water correctly and the appearance of the hotel is tilted backwards.

original-photo (1) .jpg

In the following, we will teach you the method of correcting the perspective of the photo and working with the perspective tool.

Step 1 – Select the Crop Perspective tool

Click on the crop tool and wait for a menu to open. Then select the Perspective Crop Tool option.


Step 2 – Put the photo around the crop frame

Unlike the crop tool, which automatically crops around the photo, in the Crop Perspective tool, you have to create the crop frame yourself. To do this, click in the left corner of the photo and move the mouse to the right corner of the photo.


When the circle is inside the crop frame, lift your finger from the mouse button. This will place the crop handles around the photo.


Grad the photo

To do this, check the Show Grid option at the top of the page.


Step 3 – Align the grid lines with the subject of the photo

To create the perspective of the photo, it is enough to place the grid lines parallel to the subject with the help of the handles in the left or right corner of the photo. For example, in this photo, the left sides of the hotel should be smooth, so by clicking on the left handles, we put the grid line parallel to the left side of the hotel.


Then use the handles on the right and place the grid lines parallel to the wall on the right side of the hotel.


Once cropped, the dark areas of the photo will disappear.


4- Make the final settings

After placing the two sides of the hotel wall parallel to the grid lines, you can make the final adjustments with the help of crop handles before the photo is completely cropped.


Step 5 – Crop your photo

Click Enter / Return to crop the photo.

By removing the dark parts of the photo, the perspective of the photo is corrected.


The perspective of the photo may still be flawed after the photo is cropped. In this case, press Ctrl + Z / Command + Z to return the image to its previous state and correct the image perspective more carefully again.

Make photo details

After cropping, photo details such as people, cars and trees may become a little wider than before. With the help of Photoshop Free Transform feature, you can solve this problem.

Step 1- Unlock the background layer

First in the Layers panel, unlock the background layer.


Click the lock icon, then hold down the Alt / Option key and double-click on the background layer. This changes the name of the background layer to Layer 0.


Step 2 – Select the Free Transform option.

To do this, go to Edit> Free Transform.


Step 3 – Expand the photo vertically

Using the handles on the top of the photo, drag it up to expand the photo vertically.


Press Enter / Return to apply the changes.


This completely corrects the perspective of the photo.


original-photo (1) .jpg