PC vs Console : Which is Better for Gaming?

“Comparing PC to console” is a debate that never gets old. Because there is no right or wrong answer for it, it all depends on various factors, and generally, you have to make a decision based on the type of game you like and are looking for. Although this debate has been going on for decades, the reasons for choosing a console or PC will vary depending on the type of technology and services available.

The new generation of consoles is constantly being updated, as we discussed in the previous post about the console update cycle.

But overall, the issue of which of these two is better is never-ending; these days, it exists more than ever.

In general and according to personal experience, I must say that if the computer you are using uses an Nvidia graphics card (from the 2080 model and above) or AMD (from the 6000 series and above) model 2020 and newer, the power of these graphics cards is as high as Poly Station 5 or Xbox One is a new series and does not need a console. Still, a personal computer is more expensive than a console because it costs more and has more parts. However, they do not differ in the quality of the game.

Changes over time

One of the biggest factors in your decision between PC and console may be the selection of games available. There are enough games available for both console and PC, which is a little different for each version. We should also consider the list of various PC games from the last few decades and check all the free games and titles related to PC.

Multi-platform games

There is no denying that most big-name games are designed for consoles. In the past, people played the part of their experience for these games on the computer, and this opportunity was available to them if the game was multi-platform. Of course, the texture and background of the game would be terrible and of poor quality, and its various options might not be active on the computer (such as options related to advanced graphics or servers related to multiple players). As a result, people could have a good game experience, but its full power was not shown on the computer.
But this matter changed some time later.

Now the people who design the games have tools that can run the game from one platform to another, and there is very little difference in graphic quality. Fortunately, computers have also improved, and tools such as ray tracing (manual support for games) are used in them, and they support many newer games with higher qualities. Of course, you need a more suitable computer to get a better experience, but there is no doubt that multi-platform games are more powerful on PC these days.

Winner: Computer

Exclusive platform

Sony has recently released exclusive games for ps4. However, there are RPGs, Japanese role-playing games like Persona 5, cult classics like Bloodborne, or sprinters like Uncharted. Ps4 has completely made these games unique itself and is considered an excellent choice for these games. On the other hand, Xbox has not been good at creating these advanced exclusive games. They have exclusive console games also available on PC, which is not technically very advanced.

But when you look at the PC with a virtual long list of exclusive games and compare it to the consoles: you realize that you have a huge list of old titles from decades ago and exclusive MMORPGs, games Virtual reality, and big titles of sports games like League of Legends. Regarding complete platform plans, we have to look objectively and realize that there is no competitive difference and comparison.

But what if we look at them rationally? For example, when it comes to exclusive games, PS4 can beat PC, Especially when some great titles are ps4 only. Do we need to introduce the last one? How about Xbox? Not much!

For example, most of us don’t forget Nintendo and its exclusive games were released one after another without paying attention to what Sony or Microsoft was doing. Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Smash Ultimate, and Medal of Fire are some of these exclusive and available games, and most of them were introduced in early 2020, like Animal Crossing. When it comes to exclusive games, they are all considered winners. If everyone expects Xbox to win. Sorry, Xbox…

Winner: Switch/PS4/PC

Buy the game

It isn’t easy to compare this part because of the age of downloading digital games. Some people prefer to download a game, load it and play. Other people prefer a physical copy of a game, which we’re okay with, as long as the game isn’t constantly rolling out new updates. While having material things is attractive, buying a boxed game can also be great because it requires less maintenance. However, these handheld games are few and far between, and most contain a CD number (mostly) with an expired date.

When buying digital games, a PC is better in every way. Game stores like steam are easier to use in the browser, and since you’re not limited to a single store platform, you have a lot of choices, even services like GOG that allow you to buy DRM-free copies of games. Download.

Winner: Computer

Which one is more economical?

If you want to consider the budget, the price becomes an important factor. So let’s break it down and discuss each component individually.

Platform price

When it comes to platforms, consoles tend to be more expensive. Because you will not choose an expensive computer for gaming, but you need a modern console unless you choose the second-hand type. It doesn’t matter how you want to manage the components, but for a better gaming experience, you can’t pay under €400 unless you skip some features and buy used parts.

If we want to count used computer parts, we may have to get the computer out of our heads. But what prevents you from buying a used console? Nothing. Although the platform’s price is not the only price to consider, it is a significant part of your money and costs, and there is an obvious winner here, even if “upgraded” consoles like the Ps4 pro And buy the Xbox One X.

Winner: Console

Display price

Consoles usually have an added advantage because they can be connected to any TV and provide a great gaming experience. You can also increase quality and reduce game lag by connecting them to a TV (especially if you Have at least a Ps4 pro or Xbox one x, so there is no need to use any old TV.

When it comes to computer monitors, you’ll probably need to pay around €100 for a decent gaming experience, which can usually get you a 1080p resolution at 60Hz. It means you cannot have a very good experience equal to the base console. This is not the best thing you can do. If your computer can support it, you can buy a monitor with a higher refresh rate for a better gaming experience, which will generally cost you more. Still, you’ll get a great gaming experience that’s probably worth it. Is it necessary to do this? No, But if you want the best, you have to.

When comparing prices, buying a monitor will be similar for the most part. When you buy the display quality for a more powerful platform (4k for console over 60Hz for PC), you still have to pay more for a better experience. Since the computer will cost more and you have to pay more for quality, it is unclear which one is the winner in this section.

Winner: Unknown

Peripheral device cost

Console gamers usually only need a controller for peripherals. Computer gamers need to buy a mouse, keyboard, and maybe a pad under the mouse. Prices generally fluctuate a lot. Therefore, no official comparison between peripherals and their computational cost can be made, unlike consoles, which usually have more specified prices.

So, instead of comparing things of equal or related quality, let’s look at the cheapest.

You can buy a functional mouse or keyboard at a very low price. Even if you want to buy the keyboard at a high price, you can still use cheaper accessories for the mouse and keyboard. Console controller peripherals are usually affordable, but you must trust these devices. They are even more prone to breakdown than cheap mechanical keyboards and may ruin your gaming experience. You only need to replace the broken parts for a computer instead of buying the whole accessories.

Winner: Computer

The price of the game

Regarding the cost of games, PC has more access and sales.

As for consoles, it depends on which console you are talking about. For example, for the Switch, games are expensive and rarely sold, no matter how old the game is. Although ps4 and Xbox games are often easier to sell, you can find physical copies at lower prices. Consoles also have the advantage that you can pre-purchase their games at a lower price and save more.

In addition, the computer has lower prices for games, and their sales will be higher. Third-party websites always have purchase codes available. There are also services like Humble Bundle that sell a collection of games at a lower price.

Winner: Computer

The cost of repair

Your device, whether a computer or a console, breaks down, which is most often caused by the device hitting the wall (it happens to most of us). Please assume that the device is not completely broken and parts of it need to be replaced.

For computers, you can easily repair things on the software level or even replace their hardware with an expert. Change the computer from the internal and software side, but if you play with a console, you must be more specialized and know how to repair it yourself in specialized mode; Otherwise, you’ll probably have to send it back to the factory and wait for it to be fixed.

In the case of consoles, the entire console has a warranty, and it can be replaced as a whole, but for computers, the warranty is specific to individual parts, but the entire device has insurance; Of course, if you have purchased it from a reputable seller. Based on the flexibility and control you have over the repair process, the computer can be declared the winner of this section.

Winner: Computer

Platform community

This community is always there compared to PC and console, Especially when we want to have several players in the game.

Multiplayer community

One of the biggest downsides to using a console is always about multiplayer, Especially when we want to communicate with these players. We have to see if it becomes more difficult to do this on the console and if this platform has a good sound in communication or not and when it has low quality. Using the controller, you don’t have to type the desired options for your friends. Finding groups to play with or challenging fights always requires computer use. Whether you are playing war or field games, it is best to have a laptop or a mobile phone with you to use a reliable source for voice chats and communication with your friends.

When it comes to computers, this is rarely a concern. You can play with your friends seamlessly with your computer via text or voice without the slightest problem. You can quickly switch from a manual game position to a typing position and easily communicate with players on Discord or other applications.

computer winner

modding feature

Modding is an essential component of changing or adding things to the game. The community in the game usually does it, and it is freely downloaded and used by anyone. It has become very popular for Bethesda games such as Fallout and Elder Scrolls on PC, and in recent years, some of these operating systems have console ports. People do all kinds of unique items and characters in the game, play it completely, and get a different experience. It is impossible to do this on the console because it involves changing the game file type, which is the closest thing to this console, DLC.

Winner: Computer


Consoles will eventually fall behind. Their process is very slow, but it’s pretty clear they’re fading away technically, and when we compare PC and console to others, PC wins in most ways. Instead, the platform’s choice of games and exclusive features has become an important decision-making factor for people. It cannot be said that consoles can win over computers shortly for playing games, but it will happen in the long run!