Nutritional Health: The Best Time To Drink Coffee To Increase Concentration

Nutritional Health: The Best Time To Drink Coffee To Increase Concentration

Drinking Coffee Is Beneficial For The Body As Harmful, And The Important Thing About Enjoying The Benefits Of Coffee Is Choosing The Right Time To Drink Coffee.

The right time to Drink coffee to concentrate

Many people don’t start their day with coffee, and it is interesting to know that coffee is not the best way to increase energy after waking up. If you make coffee a part of your morning routine to improve your concentration, you won’t get many results, so it’s better to change the time of its consumption a little.
In the previous sections on health and complete humid health, we said that coffee helps you be more alert and increase your concentration without wasting energy, which is a good sign of drinking coffee. If you feel anxiety, hunger, depressionnausea or strange feelings, and insomnia, it’s better to reconsider drinking coffee and caffeine.


The best time to drink coffee

Maybe you are one of those people who start your day with a hot coffee, but it is better to know that the best time to drink coffee; is between morning and noon. Because it contains caffeine, coffee is a powerful stimulant and raises cortisol levels. Cortisol is the primary stress hormone in the body that regulates metabolism, immune system, and blood sugar, and the increase in cortisol level naturally reaches its peak 30 to 45 minutes after waking up. Since cortisol stimulates metabolism, it will produce more energy and alertness during the day.
To keep cortisol levels balanced, have a cup of coffee an hour or two after waking up.
Research shows that cortisol is still high after waking up; Therefore, it is better to wait until mid-morning, before noon, and use coffee when cortisol levels are lower.

Before exercise

Coffee makes you feel high energy after drinking it. Some people start their day with coffee, but others want to drink coffee when they have a lot of energy, for example, before exercising. If you’re going to increase your sports performance and do something meaningful, drink coffee 30 minutes before exercise.
Drinking coffee before or during exercise gives you more energy. It increases the concentration and coordination of the body and reduces the amount of pain in the body.

drinking coffee

After a poor night’s sleep

You can drink coffee whenever you need to concentrate more, for example, before an exam or a presentation at work; consume
A study in October 2016 shows; Caffeine can make people with disturbed sleep feel better. So if you didn’t sleep well last night, make up for it with coffee the next day.
You can achieve the highest level of alertness by following these tips:
200 mg or about two cups of coffee right after waking
up another 200 mg of coffee four hours later

How much coffee should we drink?

Studies suggest that you don’t consume more than 400 milligrams of coffee, which is roughly equal to 4 to 5 cups.
People who are resistant to caffeine or allergic to caffeine can reduce consumption or eliminate coffee. Still, we suggest using 2 cups of coffee as much as possible and when you need it again. If you have more energy, drink green tea.

Consuming too much coffee may cause excessive anxiety and insomnia and increase cortisol levels. The opposite result is that increased cortisol levels will also cause problems with the immune system and blood pressure.
Also, the fact that you drink coffee on an empty stomach makes the situation different. It is better to use coffee simultaneously as a meal containing healthy fat or protein because coffee on an empty stomach increases cortisol levels and blood sugar problems.

Green tea

Other points

  • Do not use coffee at the end of the day because it disturbs the quality of your sleep.
  • Coffee can improve your performance, but its side effects are sleep disturbances.
  • Of course, for those who are allergic, the effects of coffee are removed from the body very slowly.
  • For some people allergic to coffee, it is better to stop using it after half of the day has passed.
  • If you have trouble sleeping, It is better to drink coffee before the middle of the day.
  • The type of coffee consumed is also necessary.
  • Your focus should be on drinking light coffee to have a higher quality.
  • The best way is to use organic coffees, which are usually more effective.
  • It is better to use coffee without foam for people who are all coffee, which is better than other coffees.
  • Light and medium roast coffee also has high polyphenols and will have the most health benefits for you.