Mistakes In Using WhatsApp; Do You Do This?

Mistakes In Using WhatsApp; Do You Do This?

These Days, One Of The Most Used Applications For Us Is WhatsApp, But When Using This Application, You May Make Mistakes That Are Sometimes Dangerous.

Common mistakes of users when using WhatsApp

WhatsApp, one of Iranians’ most widely used chat platforms these days, has its advantages and challenges. One of the problems with this messenger is that there is no such thing as “getting permission” before sending a message. Almost anyone in your contact list can find you on WhatsApp, which sometimes makes the situation complicated and even dangerous.

In this part of the tricks section of the wet technology section, we will examine the mistakes you may make while working with WhatsApp.

You allow everyone to access your WhatsApp account

Regularly clean your contact list and delete the phone numbers of people. At least block extra contacts on WhatsApp if you think you might need their contact number someday.

Your profile picture provides additional information to the audience

Having a simple profile picture is enough. The profile picture should not give further details about you and your family. Avoid posting group photos, photos of the front of the apartment, or photos that show your license plate number.

There are three options for maintaining privacy on WhatsApp. Of course, the first one should not select Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody.

Using WhatsApp

You don’t add a “two-step verification” pin.

It will prevent you from having problems when changing your SIM card. On the other hand, the possibility of OTP theft to start your WhatsApp on another phone is zero. Go to settings and add Two-Step Verification to prevent other people from accessing your account.

You do not lock WhatsApp with Touch ID or Face ID.

WhatsApp allows its users to use Touch ID and Face ID for iPhones, and fingerprint lock for Android, Adding a layer of security to their user account. In addition, you can decide whether WhatsApp will lock as soon as you close the app or after a certain period.

You share your stories publicly with everyone.

Stories or statuses are private and should be shared with friends and family, Not with the agency driver and your boss. Be aware of privacy settings and remove classes from unnecessary people.

WhatsApp tricks

You let everyone add you to different groups.

There is an option to limit who can add you to group messages. It is always better not to allow any unknown person to add you to any group chat. The privacy settings for this item are Everyone, My Contacts, and My Contacts.

You allow all WhatsApp media files to enter your phone gallery

Remember that when all WhatsApp photos are saved in the gallery, they will fill up the internal memory of your phone; Therefore, if you want, for example, other people’s “good morning” photos not to be saved in your gallery, disable the corresponding option in the settings menu.

Chats are automatically backed up in Google Drive or iCloud

WhatsApp chat backups stored in iCloud or Google Drive are not encrypted, So if some of your conversations are important and need to be saved, it is better to extract them and store them safely somewhere else.

You share unverified news about sensitive issues on WhatsApp

The police have the power to check your WhatsApp chats to find out whether you have been involved in sharing fake news to incite the public; So, so if you don’t want to get into trouble, don’t publish this kind of information.

WhatsApp mistakes

You open your WhatsApp account with someone else’s name

Some people don’t like their user account to be in their name for any reason, and sometimes they mistakenly register it in someone else’s name, But this work is a kind of impersonation and crime.

You download low-quality images.

Sometimes the images downloaded or sent on WhatsApp on the computer look low quality. This poor quality is likely because your WhatsApp is set to Auto or Data Saver mode. You need to enable the Best Quality option to fix this problem.

Do not delete unnecessary messages.

Each message is related to one time, and usually, there is no reason to keep it. Use the Auto-clean message feature to clean WhatsApp chats after a week automatically.

Do not report duplicate messages or spam.

There is a possibility that other WhatsApp users with your phone number will contact you. If you encounter spam or duplicate messages, block or report the sender.