Microsoft Defender App Released For Windows, Mac, Android And iOS

Microsoft Defender App Released For Windows, Mac, Android And iOS

Microsoft Defender Is A New Microsoft Application For Device Security That Is Available For Windows, Mac, Android, And iOS Microsoft released the new Microsoft Defender application, which is responsible for securing the system for the iPad OS, iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS platforms. 

The Redmond giant used the term Defender for its proprietary antivirus for years. Microsoft Defender is a multi-platform service that provides a dashboard for monitoring various devices.

Ward writes that the Microsoft Defender application is now available to subscribers of Microsoft 365 Personal and Family service plans, and the capabilities of this application will vary depending on the platform used.

For example, in iOS and iPadOS, there is no antivirus service; however, the device is protected against phishing attacks, and a dashboard is provided to the user.

IOS version of Microsoft Defender application

Microsoft Defender also has antivirus tools on its Android platform, allowing you to scan your device for malware-containing applications. Microsoft Defender in Android, like iOS, scans links for phishing attacks.

Microsoft’s new app on the Windows platform is more like a multi-tool security dashboard than a replacement for the Windows Security app. Through the Microsoft Defender dashboard, you can view the system’s security status through Norton and McAfee antiviruses, etc., and manage security capabilities between different devices.

Microsoft Defender also displays security alerts and recommendations on various devices.

Of course, security recommendations are only available on Windows and macOS platforms.

Many people may not want to download Microsoft Defender, but this service is helpful for those looking for a simple dashboard to protect multiple devices. Microsoft says it will add more features to Microsoft Defender in the future.