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Mazandaran Beaches And Their Recreational And Tourist Attractions

In the northern regions of the country, thanks to the Caspian Sea, beautiful and peaceful beaches have become resorts for travelers. 

Beaches,  Mazandaran province occupies a large part of the Caspian Sea coast and has become one of the tourism hubs of the northern geography of the country. 

Mazandaran has a collection of the most beautiful beaches in Iran, which in addition to natural attractions, also have good tourism and recreational facilities.

Join us to get acquainted with the most popular beaches of Mazandaran to breathe new life into the sea atmosphere and get acquainted with the facilities of beach resorts.

Namak Abroud tourist area

Abroud salt from the shores of Mazandaran - Photo by Nima Kamali
Abroud salt from the shores of Mazandaran – Photo by Nima Kamali

The attractive facilities of Namak Abroud tourist town and its spectacular beach have made this area one of the popular choices for fun among northern travelers. The tourist town of Namak Abroud in Mazandaran province is located on the way from Chalous to Tonekabon and its beautiful beach is one of the most spiritual parts of this town and transmits fresh energy to people. Abroud salt beach, along with tranquility and beauty, also offers travelers a world of excitement and fun.

Abroud salt beach from the shores of Mazandaran
Abroud salt beach from the shores of Mazandaran

On the golden beach of Namak Abroud, you can walk, experience cycling and horseback riding and enjoy exciting water activities such as parasailing, parasailing, skiing, boating, shuttle, hovercraft and swimming on the beaches of Namak Abroud beach. In this beach, accommodation and welfare facilities such as pavilion, cottage, suite, restaurant, buffet, shower and toilet, parking and… are installed for travelers.

Abroud salt - Mazandaran coast

About 6 km from the coast to the forested areas, you will reach the recreational complex of Namak Abroud cable car. This cable car will lead travelers to the two spectacular and spiritual peaks of Maduban and Diouhammam, and along the way, it will offer them a wonderful view of the lush forest and mountainous nature of Mazandaran and the endless water of the North Sea of ​​Iran.

Up and down the cable car, there is a range of exciting pastimes for fun. Sled, paintball, karting, four-wheeled motorcycle, amusement park, zip line, suspension bridge, paraglider, parachute and… are some of the other fun facilities of Namak Abroud cable car complex.

Address: Mazandaran province, Chalous, 12 km of Chalous to Tonekabon road

Motel Swan

Swan Motel Beach from the shores of Mazandaran - Photo by Alireza Ahmadi
Swan Motel Beach from the shores of Mazandaran – Photo by Alireza Ahmadi

Salmanshahr is one of the coastal cities of the Caspian Sea, which most people know as the Swan Motel. This tourist city, with its convenient facilities and pleasant entertainment, brings the sweetest beach trip for travelers. Salmanshahr sandy beach has one of the most beautiful beaches in Mazandaran that travelers are fascinated by its beauty. On the beach of this area, you will find interesting amenities and fun; Jet skiing, boating, parasailing, swimming and beach sports are examples of beach recreation at the Swan Motel. Do not miss the forestry in this area in any way. In the greenery of the forested mountains of Alborz, breathe and touch the tranquility of nature.

Swan Motel - Photo by Mohsen Ganjipour
Swan Motel – Photo by Mohsen Ganjipour

One of the attractive features of the Swan Motel is the twin towers of the Middle East Diamond Project, which provide comfort, accommodation and business facilities for travelers. These two towers have become a symbol of the swan motel and have added to the beauty of Salmanshahr with their impressive view. Coffee shops, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, rental villas and local resorts are other amenities in this area.

Address: Mazandaran province, Chalous road, Chalous route to Salmanshahr

Ramsar cable car complex

Maya cruise ship
Maya cruise ship

Ramsar cable car complex has provided a world of fun and excitement for travelers in Mazandaran, one of the most attractive of which is its beach promenades and water recreation. At the lower station of the cable car, you can visit the shopping malls of this complex, experience its delicious flavors in its restaurant and coffee shop, and walk along the beautiful and spectacular beaches of this region.

Fun on the shores of Mazandaran
Fun on the shores of Mazandaran

Maya cruise, water skiing, sea shuttle, jet skiing, boating, parasailing and… are some of the fun activities on the Ramsar cable car beach that will make you have memorable moments. Karting, amusement park, suspension bridge, paintball and four-wheeled motorcycle track are some of the exciting pastimes that you can experience at the bottom of the mountain after hiking, before boarding the cable car. Buffet, parking, shops and toilets are other facilities of this Ramsar coastal area.

Address: Mazandaran Province, 5 km west of Ramsar, Ramsar cable car entertainment complex

Ramsar Water Park

Ramsar water park from the shores of Mazandaran - Photo by Vahid Vazin
Ramsar water park from the shores of Mazandaran – Photo by Vahid Vazin

On the way from Ramsar to Chabaksar, there is a beautiful beach complex called Ramsar Water Park, which welcomes northern sea travelers with its attractive facilities and entertainment. With its green design, pavilion, restaurant and cafe, this area has provided a place to relax and unwind. If you are looking for fun and excitement, Ramsar Beach Park has good options for you. Motor boats, parasail, shuttle, jet ski and… are some of the unforgettable pleasures of this beach resort.

Address: Ramsar, Mazandaran province, Ramsar to Chabaksar route, not reached Ramsar cable car

Citra Beach

Photo by Seyed Mojtaba Razavirad
Photo by Seyed Mojtaba Razavirad

Sitra Beach Tourism Complex is a good opportunity to enjoy exciting sports and games on the beaches of Mazandaran. Sitra Leisure and Tourism Complex is located in Nowshahr city and offers travelers an attractive collection of beach recreation such as parasailing, jet skiing and more.

Address: Mazandaran Province, Chalous Road, Chalous Road to Nowshahr, Sitra Recreation and Tourism Complex

Chapkroud Beach Park

Photo by Ammar Ebrahimi
Photo by Ammar Ebrahimi

One of the most pristine and healthy beaches of Mazandaran should be considered Chapkrud beach in Joybar city. This beach with a length of about 18 km, has 10 ways to access the Caspian Sea. During the travel seasons, this region, with its acceptable facilities, welcomes many nature-loving travelers. Cycling on this long beach is very enjoyable. The 18 km distance of this beach makes you imagine that the path in front of you is endless and for more adventure, it will be exciting for you to advance and pedal on this path.

Address: Mazandaran province, Gilkhoran section of Joybar city, Chapkroud coastal park

Nowshahr Sisangan Beach

Si Sangan Beach - Photo by Reza Emamifar
Si Sangan Beach – Photo by Reza Emamifar

The Hyrcanian and Jurassic forests of Sisangan are one of the most amazing forest areas in Iran, which is well-lit on the Nowshahr road. The coast of this region has a charming view that completes the beauty of its forest. Karting, four-wheeled motorcycle, boating, jet skiing and sea shuttle are some of the exciting and blue pastimes of this beach.

You can also experience horseback riding on the beach of Sisangan, and after hiking, this time on the beach of this heavenly land, you will feel pure peace with every step of the horse. Cafe, restaurant, pavilion and 2 other facilities of Sisangan beach.

Address: Mazandaran province, 30 km from Nowshahr to Noor road, Siosangan forest park

The beaches of Mazandaran each have a unique beauty and every year a large number of travelers go to these areas adjacent to the sea. In this article, we introduced 7 of the most popular beaches in Mazandaran. If you have a heavenly view of the other beaches of Mazandaran in your mind, be sure to write to us about these beaches. We are waiting for you.