Mac vs PC Pros and Cons

Are you stuck between deciding to buy a Mac and a PC? Don’t know which one to buy? True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. The reason for your choice can be related to various factors, such as the software you use and your devices.

For example, if you have an Xbox or your mobile phone is Windows Phone, and you also have devices that work with Windows PC, you will most likely choose PC. On the other hand, if you have an iPhone or iPad and an Apple TV, this is the only Mac that fits your other devices.

Even if you want to use devices on both Windows and Mac environments, you can easily share data across devices. You can access Mac files via Windows PC files and vice versa. You can connect Mac drives to Windows PC and view files directly. If you are new to Mac and do not have much time to work with it, be happy that the Mac OS has several features that are the same as Windows.

Advantages of Mac and Windows Disadvantages


  • Macs have an internal program called Boot Mac, which you can use to run other operating systems such as Windows and Linux in addition to your Mac operating system. Implementing two operating systems on a Mac is much easier than running Windows, and switching between the two operating systems is very easy.
  • Macs work very well with other Apple software products. Examples include Handoff software, iMessage, iCloud, iCloud Drive, iCloud image library, iCloud Keychain, Find My iPhone, and so on. Microsoft has tried to copy these programs but has been unable to complete them.
  • Mac computers are less complex and easier to work with. This issue, in addition to being one of the advantages and disadvantages of these computers, is also one of the disadvantages mentioned below. If you have always used Windows, then you consider this system as an intuitive system.
  • If these computers are infected with a virus or malware, the number of problems they face is much lower than with Windows.
  • Most new PCs contain software that requires CPU and memory, which the manufacturers install, and you have to remove them manually. Mac computers also have pre-installed software, except that it does not slow down the system.

This is not an important issue if you are technically knowledgeable and aware of this. Otherwise, it will cause you harassment.

  • Apple has very good support. Apple has several warranty programs like AppleCare. There are also exclusive Apple stores where you can get your Macs and a range of products for training and repair.
    Mac computers are sleek and transparent and look great. PC makers point to their expensive PCs as a way to eliminate this feature and make Macs worthless.
  • In terms of cost, Macs are more expensive than Windows, but they do have several features that make Macs more valuable than Windows.
    Consumers are more satisfied with Apple computers. When you buy a Mac, you know you are buying a high-quality device. This is also true for PCs, but due to many manufacturers of this type of computer, it isn’t easy to achieve excellent quality.
  • Mac computers are more up-to-date and modern in terms of design and features. For example, they have technologies such as Thunderbolt, USB Type-C ports, multi-touch trackpad, force touch, backlit keyboard and.
  • Mac computers can read hard drives in FET or NTFC format. Windows computers can not read Mac-formatted drives unless they have a third-party program installed.
  • Like the Mac Pro, the iMac is another all-in-one desktop with 4K and 5K screens, but you can’t find one in the Windows PC market unless it’s very expensive. . There is an example of an HP computer with these specifications, which is still not as good as a Mac.

Advantages of PCs and disadvantages of Macs


  • Windows-based computers are more compatible. For the past five years, a desktop computer can run Windows 10 easily and without any problems. For the past five years, Macs have been able to run the latest version of OS X, but half of the features were lost, and not everything went smoothly. For some reason, you need to have the latest version of Mac to use all the features of OS X.
    When it comes to gaming, PCs are the best option. Macs, even the best and most excellent computers, for example, Mac Pro, do not have graphics cards as powerful as PCs.
  • Around the world, most computers include PCs, and the Windows operating system is known as the most popular operating system. This means that the world of these computers is bigger, and you can have better support in terms of hardware and software.
  • In terms of accessories, PCs have more options; most of these options cost less and are cheaper.
    Although OS X is easier to use, it is not considered the best operating system for some people. The Windows operating system is more complex than this operating system and, at the same time, more powerful.
  • PCs can be configured with hardware that is considered obsolete by Apple. Some Apple computers do not have CD / DVD drivers. Apple seems to be reducing the number of USBs in its new line of computers. The new MacBook has only one USB port and one headphone jack.
  • PCs work well with other products. For example, you can run your Xbox or PlayStation on Windows.
  • Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of PCs and Macs, but you should choose one according to your needs. If you are a graphic designer, then software and hardware compatibility with each other is of particular importance.

Video comparison

The purpose of this article was not to express the superiority of these two devices over each other. If you are a student and money is important to you, then Mac is not a good choice. In my opinion, if you have not tried the Mac before, you can ask your friend or family to lend you the device to try it out once.