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Lorestan waterfalls, 8 goddesses of beauty in western Iran

In the west of Iran, under the protection of the Zagros Mountains, Lorestan is located, which is a vast land full of beautiful colors of nature. The cultural and historical richness of this province is famous. 

Lorestan should be considered the land of waterfalls in Iran , because in the embrace of its mountains, the most beautiful and stately waterfalls are located.

The beautiful and mountainous climate of Lorestan has many wonders of the earth in the corner of its origin.

Travel with us to see the beauties of Lorestan waterfalls.

In this exciting journey, we go to 8 attractive waterfalls in Lorestan.

1. Nojian waterfall, one of the tallest waterfalls in Lorestan

It may be hard to imagine, but you are faced with a 95-meter waterfall and its height takes away your intelligence. Khorramabad Nojian waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in Lorestan and also one of the sights of Lorestan . The width of this waterfall is 5 meters and at the foot of it, a swimming pool has been built by nature.

This waterfall is located in the heart of a forest environment and the freshness of the water flow and the greenery of the surrounding trees have turned the region into a pleasant paradise. The distance of this waterfall from Khorramabad is about 40 km and it is located in the southeast of this city.

Mountain springs join the Nojian stream and fill it with water; Eventually, this life-giving stream merges with the Caesar River. Nojian is located in the shelter of the Zagros, between the two mountains of Taf and Hashtad Pahlo, and welcomes tourists from Lorestan with the pleasure of mountaineering, hiking and attending a green resort.

Best travel time and access route

Nojian Waterfall - one of the waterfalls of Lorestan
Nojian waterfall – one of the waterfalls of Lorestan

The best time to visit Nojian Falls is spring and the days of the New Year. You must see the spring face of Nojian. The water level of Nojian increases a lot this season and its roar is audible.

In summer, despite the waterfall’s lack of water, the green nature around it is spectacular; But the area is almost hot on summer days; So it is better to move towards it early in the morning to refresh the coolness of the morning in summer.

Of course, one can not miss the thousand-colored autumn of Nojian: the dreamy and colorful image of autumn nature around it is breathtaking and beautiful. For this reason, watching this waterfall is worth enduring the autumn cold of the mountains, provided you exercise caution.

To go to this waterfall, we suggest you go from Khorramabad city to Khorramabad police station. This police road is on the road leading to Boroujerd . The road is approximately 50 km from this police station to Nojian Waterfall. For this distance, you have to enter the Khorramabad belt by the police.

Drive on this road to reach a highway. There, you will see the signpost of Nojian waterfall. Enter this route and continue your way until you reach the waterfall and its mountain road.

2. Wark waterfall, another treasure in Lorestan waterfalls

Wark waterfall - one of the waterfalls of Lorestan
Wark waterfall – one of the waterfalls of Lorestan

Another spectacular waterfall in Lorestan is Wark waterfall, 40 km southeast of Khorramabad. This waterfall is located near Nojian waterfall and in its western direction. Wark Falls, after falling from the heights of the mountain, walks 15 meters to reach a large cliff.

In this part, the water flow hits a rock; Also, from the heart of the rock, some water is added to this stream, and finally, it takes on a spectacular and stepped view.

If you go to this area during the rainy season, the height of the walk may reach 57 meters and it will monopolize about 50 meters of the width of the mountain. But if there is no news of frequent rains, the flow of the waterfall will also decrease; But it still retains its beauty on the green rock wall. The area around Wark, like other waterfalls in Lorestan, is green and spectacular.

In the heart of its attractive freshness, you can experience enchanting nature tourism . A green texture of pear , hawthorn and oak trees surrounds Wark Falls.

Best travel time and access route

In spring, the color of the face of this mountainous area is green and spectacular, and the volume of the waterfall increases. Therefore, we suggest that you go to this fascinating phenomenon of nature in spring. This area gets a little warm in summer, but due to its mountainous climate, it does not have the unbearable heat and it is better to go to this area in the early morning.

To reach Wark Falls, go to the Khorramabad-Borujerd police station. From this point, 46 km to Wark Falls, you have a leading path and you must enter the Khorramabad Belt. The rest of your route will be the way of Nojian waterfall and you should go towards Nojian after reaching the three-way sign.

3. Bisheh waterfall, a paradise under the protection of Zagros

Bisheh waterfall from Lorestan waterfalls - Photo by Morteza Safataj
Bisheh waterfall from Lorestan waterfalls – Photo by Morteza Safataj

The Bisheh Ganji waterfall is spectacular in Lorestan and Zagros mountains. This beautiful waterfall is 48 meters long and shows its beauty and grandeur in the heart of oak forests. The green nature around this waterfall is amazing and fascinates every tourist.

Bishe is one of the most famous waterfalls in Lorestan, which is located 75 km southeast of Khorramabad, Papi district, in Bishe village. The width of this waterfall, as well as its length, occupies a significant part of the Zagros and reaches 20 meters.

The silver hairs of the grove flow from the high shoulders of the mountain and the flow of this waterfall finally merges with the Caesar River.

The view of the grove is spectacular and, like a goddess, fascinates tourists with its beauty. The green nature of this region is the best destination for an unforgettable trip and will create a fascinating memory for you.

Be sure to take a tour of the scenic village and if you are looking for a place to stay, the locals of this village can guide you. Also, around the Bisheh waterfall, suitable amenities such as local bazaars, restaurants, grocery stores and parking lots have been prepared for tourists to make nature tourism easy for them.

Best travel time and access route

Spring and summer are unique and these two seasons are the best time to visit this waterfall. Recently, spring nature is in full swing and the art of nature in this area is taking away your intelligence. In summer, this area has a mild temperature and can be the destination of your trip.

The beauty of the thousand-colored grove of autumn is indescribable and finds a heavenly appearance. This beauty reaches its peak when a gentle fog embraces the grove. So, if you cope with the autumn cold, the deciduous season of this region will be a dream for you. Of course, in addition to wearing warm clothes, never forget to bring other travel equipment in the rainy season and observe road safety.

To reach Bisheh waterfall, you have to drive from Khorramabad, on the road leading to Doroud, about 50 km to reach the intersection and the Bisheh waterfall sign. Continue in the direction of this sign to reach your destination.

There is also a train from Tehran to Ahvaz near this waterfall and you can experience train travel to reach this beautiful area.

4. Aligudarz White Waterfall, another waterfall in Lorestan

Aligudarz white water waterfall from Lorestan waterfalls - Photo by Vahid Ghaderi
Aligudarz White Waterfall from Lorestan Waterfalls – Photo by Vahid Ghaderi

Lorestan is a land of amazing waterfalls. Another of these natural wonders is located in the east of Lorestan in the Aligudarz region. Aligudarz White Waterfall, with its dreamy mountain road, will fascinate you before you reach your destination.

After watching the charm of nature and the tall trees along the way, we finally reach our destination. Ab-Sefid waterfall is located on the western slopes of Sarfaraz Oshtrankooh mountain range and Qalikuh is adjacent to it. This waterfall should be considered one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Lorestan.

The white waterfall, from the heart of the rock, travels 70 meters to reach the bottom and its width, which sometimes reaches 15 meters, polishes the mountain walls until it reaches the ground and makes part of it green.

This area is a paradise for mountaineers and the presence in the spectacular valley and green cover of this part of Lorestan is enjoyable for any nature tourist.

Breathing in the fresh mountain air, watching the stature of the silver waterfall in the green landscape and hearing the symphony of boiling water will be the most exciting and at the same time the most relaxing nature tourism experiences.

In this area, in addition to the prayer hall, there are platforms for travelers to rest. You can also get food from the stalls in this part of the mountain. An exhibition of nomadic handicrafts has also been held near this waterfall.

Best travel time and access route

Do not miss the lush spring and cool white water. Also, if you are fascinated by the magic of autumn thousand colors, the nature face of the waterfall area is very spectacular this season. But it is better not to visit this mountainous area in winter and avoid possible dangers.

To go to Ab-e Sefid waterfall, you have to move to the east of Lorestan and reach Aligudarz. Travel 75 km south of Algiudarz to reach the waterfall.

Enter Aligudarz-Daran road and after about 7 km, enter the road leading to Ab-Sefid waterfall. Finally, you will reach the mountain roads that take you to the waterfall and entertain you with its beauty.

In addition to the combination of fog, forest trees and mountain air, the presence of Imamzadeh “Momed Hassan” is one of the features of the path of this waterfall. Somewhere along the way you have to walk to the waterfall to reach one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Lorestan after about 15 minutes.

5. Chakan waterfall, roaring mountain stream

Chakan waterfall from Lorestan waterfalls - Photo by Masoud Ghazizadeh
Chakan waterfall from Lorestan waterfalls – Photo by Massoud Ghazizadeh

Another waterfall of Lorestan is located in the southwest of Aligudarz and southeast of Khorramabad and is known as Chakan. This waterfall in the southeastern part of Lorestan province, has decorated the Zagros with its beauty. Chakan waterfall is about 30 meters high and its crown is about 4 meters wide.

The roaring and clear stream of this waterfall comes out of a cave in the heart of the mountain and its charm is that it is directed to agricultural lands to give water and gives life to these areas.

The flow of water and its jump from the heart of the mountains has created a spectacular view in this part of Lorestan. The sun’s rays cause the droplets of these natural fountains to shine like diamonds. In addition to the agricultural lands, the greenery of this region is also extraordinary.

The vegetation of this area includes trees such as walnut , oak and pear, and this green line has completed the beauty of Chakan waterfall and the surrounding areas.

The stream of this waterfall, after revitalizing the agricultural lands, combines with the “Dasar” spring and forms the Chekan river, and finally, this river merges with the “Zaz” river.

Best travel time and access route

We suggest that you go to this waterfall in the spring so that you can see its roaring stream; Because the farther we go from the beginning of the year, the less water there is. In addition, the fresh spring nature in this mountainous area is truly spectacular.

The summer in this region also has a mild temperature and will be pleasant for sightseeing.

To reach this waterfall, you have to go from Khorramabad to Sepiddasht. Enter Khorramabad road to Doroud and then continue your route on Azaskund road to reach Sepiddasht. After 97 km and reaching Sepiddasht, the road leading to the waterfall will become dirt and it will be very difficult to drive on it.

Also, Bisheh waterfall is located near Sepiddasht and in order to reach this area from Bisheh, you have to drive 60 km.

6. Sholabad Baranjeh Waterfall, the tallest waterfall in Asia

Shol Abad rice waterfall - one of the waterfalls of Lorestan
Sholabad Baranjeh waterfall – one of the waterfalls of Lorestan

Another of the most spectacular waterfalls in Lorestan is located in the southeast of Lorestan, in the Behnam Shulabad area of ​​Aligudarz city. This waterfall is also known as Taf.

When you look at Sholabad Baranjeh Waterfall, be careful not to get confused; Because at first glance, you will notice the strange height of this three-story waterfall. Some believe that the exact height of this waterfall is not yet measurable due to its difficulty of crossing; But some have estimated its exact size from the top of the mountain to the slope to be 796 meters.

In fact, if we consider this altitude to be approximately 800 meters, the title of the tallest waterfall in Asia can be fitting for Shohabad Baranjeh waterfall. Of course, there is no definite documentation about the exact size of this high waterfall.

But regardless of the exact dimensions, what remains in our minds from watching this unique phenomenon of nature is its unparalleled grandeur and stature, which has given it a glorious beauty. Enjoy this heartwarming glory in Lorestan and explore it in the fresh nature.

The nature of this region has a dense and diverse vegetation that takes your intelligence away from you. Medicinal plants have filled the area, as well as walnut trees, wild grapes , pears, raspberries, and around the waterfall.

Best travel time and access route

Spring is the best time to visit Sholabad Baranjeh Waterfall. In this season, you can see the most watery view of the waterfall. The freshness of spring nature and the oxygenated air refreshes your mood. If you travel to this area in May, do not miss the heights of Mount Baranja, which is a land full of overturned tulips.

This mountain will also be an exciting choice for mountaineering lovers. In summer, the waterfall volume is very low, but the temperature in this mountainous area is lower than other surrounding areas.

To reach Sholabad Baranjeh waterfall, you have to move towards Aligudarz. Walk from Aligudarz to Shulabad. You will have about 67 km from Aligudarz to Dorud and about 158 ​​km from Dorud to Shulabad region.

After reaching Shulabad, reach the village of Piramam and in this pleasant village, continue your way to Baranjeh waterfall. You have to walk somewhere along the way to reach this tall waterfall of Lorestan.

7. Afrineh waterfall, the most special waterfall among Lorestan waterfalls

Afrineh waterfall - from Lorestan waterfalls - Photo by Amir Hossein Mokhtari
Afrineh waterfall – from Lorestan waterfalls – photo by Amir Hossein Mokhtari

The Afrineh waterfall is another waterfall of Lorestan, which is located between Khorramabad and Poldakhtar and near the village of the same name, in the usual part of Poldakhtar city.

Khorramabad in its northeast with a distance of 80 km and Poldakhtar with a distance of 40 km in the southwest. Also, this waterfall can be seen near the Khorramabad-Andimeshk highway and Andimeshk is located 154 km south of it.

The shape and shape of Afrineh waterfall is semicircular and has a large pool. For this reason, it should be considered one of the most special waterfalls in Lorestan. Contrary to its appearance, this waterfall does not fall down from a path, but finds several different ways to escape through the massive rocks and creates a spectacular view.

The beauty of the semicircular width of this waterfall exceeds its height and for this reason, among the waterfalls of Lorestan, it has been called the wide waterfall. This waterfall is the result of the rivers Afrineh and Cheshmak, which after falling from the huge rocks, merge with the Kashkan river.

Best travel time and access route

The best time to visit this spectacular natural phenomenon of Lorestan is spring and summer. In these two seasons, in the greenery around it, you will enjoy a delightful walk. To go to this waterfall, you must enter the Khorramabad-Andimeshk highway and reach the usual area and the village of Afrineh.

From Pol-e Dokhtar, you have to enter the Andimeshk highway to Khorramabad. If you go from Pol-e Dokhtar, the distance you will travel will be almost half of the time you will go from Khorramabad to this waterfall.

8. Shui waterfall, a waterfall in Dezful and on the border of Lorestan

Waterfall Show - Photo by Amir Mehdi Heidari
Waterfall Show – Photo by Amir Mehdi Heidari

Shui waterfall is geographically located in Khuzestan province, but in terms of tourist attractions , it can be considered among the beauties of the common border of Khuzestan and Lorestan provinces; Because this waterfall is located on the border of Doroud with Dezful.

In fact, since the local people of Shui village speak Lori Bakhtiari language, Shui waterfall can be considered as one of the series of waterfalls in Lorestan province. On the other hand, this waterfall has refreshed the north of Khuzestan province and belongs to Shahyoun section of Dezful city.

But regardless of the geographical location, it is the beauty of the waterfall that is debatable.

Watching the waterfall show takes your mind off it and reminds you of the most famous waterfalls in the world.

Due to this amazing beauty, the show is known as Niagara in Iran. A height of 100 meters and a width of 40 meters puts you in front of a huge phenomenon in the Zagros Mountains that you will be fascinated to watch.

The show is the largest waterfall in the Middle East. The water of this waterfall is supplied from a cave that lies inside the mountain. This waterfall hangs from its shoulders like the disturbed silver hair of a mountain. This silver stream, in its path, greens the rock wall and flows into a pond at the bottom of the mountain.

The Dez River is the destination of the water flow of this tall waterfall, which eventually joins the Dez Dam Lake along with the flow of this river.

There is not much to say about the beauty and freshness of nature around the waterfall. In the plant texture of this nature, you can see fig, willow, hair, maple and oak trees and enjoy the greenery of the valleys of this mountainous region.

The second waterfall

The second waterfall
The second waterfall

Just a short distance from the tall waterfall, you will see another waterfall that looks very different from the main waterfall and the water flow, like the first waterfall, is not very wide. The second show or snake stone has a simpler appearance than the first waterfall and the presence of a small pool at the bottom makes it more attractive. The walk between the two waterfalls takes about 15 minutes.

Best travel time and access route

The best time to visit the waterfall is late March in winter to late spring. In these two seasons, the show sees the largest volume of water, and its cool climate, in the early days of spring, will make you feel fresh. Also, the green nature of this region is very spectacular in spring and summer and is an attractive destination for nature tourism. In the hot summers of Khuzestan, the mountainous region of Abshar Shui is cooler than other regions of Dezful.

To go to this waterfall, you have to go to Dezful. Drive about 100 km northeast of Dezful on the road to Shahyoun. The road is dirt about the last third of the way.

This road is impassable for passenger cars, and trucks or Nissan and minibuses will be more suitable for driving on this dirt road. After this 100 km, you have to park the car; This time it is the turn of hiking on a mountain slope to reach the waterfall.

The nature of Lorestan is home to a collection of the most amazing sights of Iran , and you can see a frame of towering mountains, roaring waterfalls, blue sky and green land in its mountainous areas.

Lorestan is the land of waterfalls in Iran. In this article, we have introduced the most famous of them to you. Be sure to visit these waterfalls in the right seasons and do not miss the adventure in their rich nature.