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Loonak Waterfall In Gilan, A Remnant Of Paradise

From the moment you take off your backpack and tie your shoes for adventure in different parts of Iran, you are called to a corner of paradise: a unique gift whose nature embraces amazing phenomena from north to south and from east to west. 

Together we go to the evergreen province of Gilan to discover a piece of paradise. Loonak waterfall, which is located on Siahkal road towards Deilman, is one of the paradise areas of Iran. Get ready to go to Gilan and Siahkal together and watch this dreamy waterfall and its green forest.

Geographical location of Loonak waterfall

Loonak waterfall is located in the forest greenery of Gilan and on Siahkal road towards Deilman. In fact, Siahkal is located in the north of the waterfall with a distance of about 21 km and Deilman in the south with a distance of 24 km; Rasht is also located in the northwest of this waterfall and is about 60 km away from it. 

On the map, in the east of Loonak, Haloodasht Amlash can be seen and Sefidrood river extends from the north to the southwest of this waterfall.

If you are planning to leave this spectacular waterfall from Tehran , you have to leave 354 km behind. Driving this distance will take about 5 hours: you have to walk on the Tehran-Karaj highway and then drive on the Karaj- Qazvin route ; Your route will continue on the Qazvin-Zanjan road and then the Qazvin-Rasht freeway; Take the Siahkal road to the trench and finally enter the Siahkal road to Dilman. 21 km from Siahkal, you will find Loonak waterfall in a forest of the same name.

A spectacular jewel on Siahkal Green Road

Loonak Waterfall - Photo by Pouria Bakhtiari
Loonak Waterfall – Photo by Pouria Bakhtiari

A large part of the beauty of the trip to Loonak Falls is the dream road leading to it. Siahkal to Dilaman road is one of the most beautiful roads in Gilan which has a forest nature. 

The twists and turns of this road in the heart of the green mountains of Gilan will fascinate you. The scent of the paddy field wraps around your head, and the further you go, the more pristine and enchanting this road becomes. 

Finally, on the right side of the road, you will see a diamond stream of water on the stone wall of the forest. This is your dream destination known as Lonk Falls.

Loonak waterfall in the arms of forest trees

Vegetation of Loonak waterfall in Gilan - Photo by Shervin Tadayon
Photo by Shervin Tadayon

Loonak forest is one of the green lands of Gilan that has embraced a good variety of trees and plants. Completing the beauty of this forest is Loonak waterfall. This beautiful phenomenon of nature, in the forest cover of this point of Gilan, consists of a total of two waterfalls and has adorned the width of the mountain with its silver stream. 

The height of Loonak waterfall is 6 meters and its width covers some parts of this rock wall up to 20 meters. The clear water flow of this beautiful waterfall eventually joins Shimrud and gives new life to this Gilani river.

Forestry on a trip to Lonk Falls

Jogging in Loonak Falls

The clean climate and pure oxygen of this region tempt any tourist to travel. In addition to enjoying the coolness of the waterfall and hearing the soothing sound of the water flow, you will have the opportunity to spend time in the beautiful and irreplaceable nature and experience enjoyable forestry. 

Loonek forest consists of a collection of beech, alder, hornbeam, sage, fig and و trees; Also, the corners of this forest are decorated with various and colorful flowers and plants.

In the heart of the nature of this pristine forest, there is a roaring river. To see this river, you have to get away from the waterfall and reach the green valley. 

If you want to touch the pristine and unique nature , go to this area. The gathering of lush trees, colorful flowers, cool air, the presence of birds, the flow of the river and the pleasant sound of the waterfall, invite you away from the hustle and bustle of life and relax in the lap of nature.

The best time to visit Lonk

The best time to visit Loonak Falls
Lonk Falls

The four seasons of Lonk Forest and Waterfall are all dreamy and enchanting, but if you want to see the most beautiful face of the waterfall, visit it in spring and autumn. Loonak Falls has the largest volume of water in these two seasons and covers the surface of its wall; Also, the growth of flowers and plants in spring and the thousand-colored clothing of trees in autumn will show the pure image of Lonk forest in front of your eyes. 

In summer, although the waterfall has a smaller volume of water, but this season is the greenest month of the year and the forest will have a pleasant atmosphere. 

Winter, with its white coat, turns the mountain forest of Loonak into the bride of Gilan. In this beautiful season, with the silver hair of the waterfall, every traveler will be enchanted.

What are the facilities in Loonek?

Loonak waterfall facilities - Photo by Mehdi Lotfi
Loonak Waterfall – Photo by Mehdi Lotfi

One of the best advantages of Lonk Forest is its stepped path to the waterfall, which makes it easy for travelers to walk on this forest path. In this area, piped water for tourists has also been installed. In the restaurants of this lovely forest, you can try a delicious lunch and enjoy eating in the oxygen-rich air of Gilan. 

If you are going to buy handicrafts in Gilan, this forest will not leave you empty-handed: you can find attractive and spectacular souvenirs in the booths for selling the handicrafts of the people of this province. A pavilion, parking and toilets are other facilities in this area.

Tourist attractions around Loonak Falls

In a few kilometers of this magnificent waterfall, there are unique tourist attractions from Gilan province. You can get to these attractions in a short time and enjoy your trip more. In the following, we will briefly introduce these attractions.

Susan Chelcheragh, beautiful guest of Damash

Lily of the valley is one of the beautiful plants of Loonak waterfall
Susan Chelcheragh

The lily of the valley grows near the village of Damash. This flower is one of the rare natural phenomena in the world. Susan Chelcheragh has been registered as a national natural monument of Iran. In June, near the village of Damash, in the Amarloo section, the most special flower in the world landslides to turn this area into a 4-hectare paradise, covered with overturned flowers. 

The flowers are brightly colored, upside down, the petals are completely turned and the flag protrudes from the center of the flower. The dark seeds on the petals give off a deliciously sensual, delicate, flower-fruity scent.

If you are planning to travel to Lonk waterfall in June, after enjoying watching this waterfall and touring in Lonk forest, drive for about 40 minutes to reach Deilman; Then you have to drive for another hour to reach the village of Damash and enjoy watching the flower garden of Susan Chelcheragh. Do not forget that you need a local guide to find the side road leading to this seasonal flower.

Shaghayegh plain in Deilman summer

Shaghayegh Deylaman Plain - Loonak Waterfall
Dasht-e Shaghayegh plain

The green nature of Deilman is one of the wonders of Gilan province, which is located near the waterfall and Lunak forest and has good access to it. In the heart of nature, this spectacular summer and in the village of Koohps, a red plain of anemone flowers can be seen. 

With these flowers, in spring, this region becomes a dream land from Gilan. Watching a wide range of green and red colors in this plain, is one of the most spectacular spring frames in Gilan that tempts you to capture the beauty of your camera lens. After reaching Deilman, drive about 7 km to the east to show the red plain.

Some other attractions close to this area that are located in the summer of Deilman:

  • Darfak peak or Gilan roof;
  • Larikhani mineral forest and spring;
  • Dilman Bath;
  • Titi Caravanserai;
  • Shah Shahidan village.

at the end

Always take time to go to the nature of Iran and adventure in the corner. The green land of Gilan is full of pleasant natural phenomena that will make you lose your mind watching them.

 Travel to Siahkal and do not miss sightseeing in the waterfall and Lonk forest. To stay, you can go to cities around this area such as Rasht, Siahkal and Deylaman, or experience a group stay in the forest with travel tents and sleeping bags.