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Lohe Golestan Waterfall, A Cool Tour Of Mashhad

The green nature of Iran is full of blessings and phenomena that make us happy moments. Nature that is clear and spectacular in any color and shape.

On hot days of the year, taking refuge in the cool nature of the earth is one of the most enjoyable pastimes of the season.

One of these cool natures is the waterfalls that have polished and greened the rocks and mountains in the corners of Iran. Lohe waterfall in Galikesh city of Golestan is one of the clear blessings of northern Iran, which is an extraordinary option for nature tourism in spring and summer.

To enjoy the pure climate of Lohe Golestan waterfall, pack your bags and join us in the heart of another attractive nature of Iran.

Geographical location of Lohe waterfall in Iran

As we have said, Lohe waterfall is located in the territory of Golestan province and this province has many beautiful and spectacular waterfalls.

Lohe belongs to the city of Galikesh and is located on the outskirts of the city of Galikesh, 28 km away. On the map, in the southern part of this waterfall, Semnan province can be seen and in the western part, the dome of Kavous and Maniodasht are located.

It is located in the eastern and northeastern part of Khorasan province and in the north of it, Lohe village is located with a distance of 3 km. The location of Lohe waterfall in the heart of a lush forest and in the neighborhood of Golestan National Park, has made this magnificent waterfall a great promenade.

Before visiting Mashhad, take a tour of Lohe waterfall


If you travel from Gorgan to Mashhad, you have the chance to make your way clear and spectacular with the greenery of Lohe waterfall. This is a good opportunity to relieve the fatigue of the route in the cool and pleasant weather of Lohe. If you drive about 140 km from Gorgan, you will reach this waterfall. Gorgan to Mashhad includes two routes. If you drive to Aliabad Katoul and Gonbad Kavous, you will encounter Ashar Lohe.

You will reach Minoodasht after about 100 km. From this point, if you go 10 km, you will reach Galikesh and somewhere about 28 km from the waterfall. The main road from Golestan to Khorasan, with a distance of 5 km in a side road, reaches Lohe waterfall and this waterfall has good access by car.

A stepped waterfall in the beautiful nature of the forest


Lohe waterfall is one of the most different types of waterfalls that has a stepped structure and the water flow from a height of 75 meters is spectacular. Lohe waterfall is beautiful and intelligent with multi-storey fountains, but it is the result of mountain nature. The floors, each with a pool for the temporary storage of water, form the structure of the loch.

The water dances on the wall of the rock and when it reaches each step, a wheel hits its pool and finally flows. This adventurous course of water will attract the attention of every viewer and he will enjoy the architectural art of nature. Lohe Falls is surrounded by lush and forested mountains and is surrounded by many alder, hornbeam and maple trees.

The forest nature of Lohe Falls is a good opportunity to enjoy the mild and cool climate of the region and its green beauty in addition to the spectacular flow of water.

Excursion in Golestan Hyrcanian forest and rest by Lohe waterfall


Golestan is full of the great wealth of nature and the Hyrcanian forests, which are considered to be the oldest type of forest texture in the world, have made this province green.

These forests are nearly 40 million years old and have created a Jurassic land with their diverse flora and fauna. The indescribable value of Iran’s hyrcanian forests made it a World Heritage Site in July this year.

The good news is that this spectacular green land is about 17 kilometers from Lohe Falls. So for an exciting hiking tour, you can walk from the heart of the forest to Lohe Falls.

This hike takes about 5 hours and is very popular among mountaineering and nature enthusiasts . For this type of trip, it is better to have camping accessories such as sleeping bags, tents, warm clothes, canned food and… and spend the night by this dreamy waterfall in the morning.

Memories in the pristine nature of the waterfall


Travel is a beautiful tradition of life that has a great share in the happy memories of each person. The thousand-color nature of Iran is a pure opportunity to create sweet moments.

Visit the rich soil of Iran and make travel a habit. In the hot summer weather, do not forget to go to the spectacular waterfalls of Iran and make them a priority in your sightseeing plans. Add Lohe to your list of spectacular waterfalls and travel to this pleasant area of ​​Golestan.

If you are going to reach Mashhad on the way to this waterfall, look at the attractions of the route such as Gonbad Qaboos Tower in Gonbad Kavous area and complete the pleasure of your trip.

This fortified brick tower is very valuable in terms of antiquity and historical richness and dates back to the fourth century AH.

Get ready to head to this spectacular waterfall and finally write to us about your sights and sweet experiences and how you traveled. We look forward to your interesting ideas.