Learning to create domain names in C Panel

In this tutorial, we want to introduce you to one of the most useful and interesting features of C-Panel hosting, which is very important for people who want to upload and host multiple sites on one host. An addon domain names is a feature you can use to have multiple sites on one host. When you provide a C-panel hosting service, it connects to the main domain of the service by default. If you add or add other domains to the host, you can create and host separate sites according to the number of those domains, and all The files and contents of each site are also separate and in their folders. Many domains with the second, but you should know that the domain parked on a host shows the contents of the main domain, but the domain that is Addon has a different content and has nothing to do with the main domain of the host. In Fa host, we provided addon domain capability in all our hosting plans, but in each different package, for example, for cheap hosting, you have one domain. For standard hosting, you have five domains, so the number of addon domains when buying hosts, pay attention to the packages so that you can use the addon domain features of your cpanel host according to your needs. If you are not yet familiar with the use of the domain, I suggest you read the article The difference between subdomain, domain park, and domain.

How to create domain names in C Panel

So, in general, we can say that if you have two domain names on the host, you can set up three different sites on one host when you use the additional domain capability on the C-panel host. First, you must add it to the host, which we will teach you how to do in the following. After your domain, you want to the host. For this new domain, a folder in the file management section and The public_html path with the same domain name is created, for example, example.com, where you can upload files related to this domain to this folder. When the domain is added to the host, in addition to creating a folder in public_html, a subdomain related to this domain will also be created inside your host and will be available as follows:

Assuming our main domain is example.com, and our addon domain is test.com, this domain is available as follows:

  • Test.example.com
  • Example.com/test
  • Test.com

To add a domain as an addon domain in Host C Panel, you can follow the steps below.

First of all, you should note that if you want to add a domain as an add-on to your host, you must first set the DNS of that host or server on the domain. Once the correct DNS has been set up on your domain, you can start the following steps:

Log in to C Panel Manager.

  1. From the Domains section, click on the Addon Domains option.
Create domain names in C Panel
Create domain names in C Panel

2. In this step, from the Create an Addon Domain section, complete the following:

  • New Domain Name: Enter the domain name you want in this field.
  • Subdomain: By clicking on this section, the required values ​​are automatically placed.
  • Document Root: This section is also created automatically.
  • Option: Create an FTP Account associated Width. This Addon creates an FTP account for the new addon domain. By selecting this option, accessing the addon domain through an FTP account requires entering a password.

By checking this option, the following three options will appear:

  • FTP Username: This option is for creating your FTP account username. This field is also set automatically.
  • Password: The password required for the FTP account.
  • Password (again): You must re-enter the password in this field.
  • Strength: The color in this bar indicates the reliability and strength of your chosen password.

You can also use the Password Generator to create a very strong password.

  1. In the last step, click on the Add Domain button. The process of creating our new addon domain is over.
How to add a new domain as a domain name in C Panel
How to add a new domain as a domain name in C Panel

Keep in mind that the file management of this domain is done in public_html / example.com, and first, you have to set your domain’s DNS according to the DNS of your hosts and then continue the steps.

Important Note: If from domains such as ir. You are using, and you have just set the DNS of this domain on a new host, and you want to domain it, the C panel may give you an error that the DNS of this domain is wrong and there is no ability to edit this domain, so why not set DNS national domains ir. It takes some time. First, set the DNS of your domain correctly on the host you want to do the domain name on, and then after 12 hours, proceed to the domain names, if from international domains such as com. You use 2 hours after changing the domain DNS to perform domain operations