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Learn to produce content with 6 inspirational tips

The theme of learning how to produce content lies in a sentence once made by Doug Kessler (founder of the B2B marketing agency VELOCITY) about content production and its importance that works forever; He said:

“The audience for traditional advertising is the general public. “But the advertising audience in the way of content production is only the target customers.”

The whole point of learning to produce content and use it worldwide goes back to Kessler: Putting your target customers (current and potential customers) first, not all people, because not everyone can be our audience and customer.

The purpose of learning to produce content principally is to learn how to present our brand to the target audience as we would like. Your brand does not consist of the products or services you offer the customer! Rather, each brand has its own “personality.” Whether or not your brand personality is distinct and transparent depends on how you produce your content.

But the question is: how to create a unique personality for the brand? Now that the competitive market for content production is so tight and complex, how can you stay on top of Google results? What are pottery feet for writing creative content?


  • Learn to produce content by gaining the trust of the target customer
  • Produce better content than competitors
  • Generate content to be seen. Content production is different from narcissism.
  • Produce innovative (or creative) content = useful + enjoyable + inspiring
  • Some important points and facts in learning to produce content

6 Inspirational Tips for Learning Content Production

1. Learn to produce content by gaining the trust of the target customer

Learning to produce content is not that difficult. The most important thing you need to do is keep yourself updated. You can not plan for better sales in 2022 with the knowledge of 2015.

So if you are trying to learn how to produce content today and next year, do not go for less than your full potential. Paying attention to the target customer’s needs should be a priority; This sentence may seem outdated, but it always matters. Generate content instead of spending it on glamorous advertising; The content that communicates with the target customer. How content can communicate with customers is determined by the answers to these questions:

What are they most interested in?

What are their biggest daily problems?

If you do not generally know how to answer these questions, you do not know your target customer. For example, if a person is trying to produce content for their store scarves (knowing that most of their customers are women), they should know their age range, what the scarf trends are, what fabrics are popular, and so on. These questions are among the factors that help to understand today’s modern customer.

2- Content production is better than competitors

No one denies that knowledge brings power. In learning to produce content, you need to keep one thing in mind to become one of the top three people in the SERPs: being more informative than others. Being better than all the competitors requires more money and more effort. The content you produce, and target customers should be comprehensive and transparent and answer their questions. Therefore, you should not imitate your competitors or keep yourself only at their quality level. In other words, you should not try to be seen by imitating them. To be comprehensive, you should cover all topics related to your chosen topic in the content. You can do this with tools like Market Muse.

3- Generate content to be seen

The story of learning to produce content becomes more complex precisely when you encounter the fact that a group of people, after searching on Google, either through the drop-down menu for answering frequently asked questions, Google’s knowledge panel, or Google’s top three meta descriptions, The answer to your question arrives. Therefore, they do not need to click on the links and be directed to the relevant content. Now, what happens if you are not in the first three results?

When it comes to being seen on Google with the help of organic traffic, several factors affect the visibility of your content. It is best to use tools like Moz Keyword Explorer to get the number of organic CTRs of a keyword and find out how much organic traffic can drive to your content.

4. Content production is different from narcissism.

You may have seen or read over and over again in content production learning that talking too much about yourself is a big mistake. In real life, no matter what situation you are in when you talk about yourself more than once or twice and brag, others are scattered around you.

So keep in mind that users will read your content to solve their problems. That’s why users, seeing the definition signs of a brand, business, or staff, quickly leave a collection and move on to better content. It will still happen if you promote a company or collection (other than your brand). If you are going to advertise, it’s better to be intangible; So that the target customers find it useful and efficient. So you can give the target customer 90% of useful and useful information and 10% time for indirect advertising.

5- Produce innovative (or creative) content = useful + enjoyable + inspiring

The formula written above is one of the most important pillars in learning to produce content. Suppose you only produce useful content for the target customer but are full of repetitive and boring sentences. If you can not stimulate the audience or communicate effectively with them, you will not produce innovative content. Your content should not be as if the audience sits at the top of a boring class and has to read or watch it.

If you think you have no chance of being seen during a huge volume of creative content produced by others, it is best to research first and see what your competitors are up to. Many companies or organizations publish content to keep up with their content production calendar routine. In contrast, some companies and businesses strive to produce innovative content. You should pay attention to the second group.

6- Some important points and facts in learning to produce content

1. If you try to move content from 10th in Google results to 9th, 8th, or even 7th, you will not find a significant difference in increasing CRT. Only rankings 1, 2, and 3 and switching between these three can help your content be seen.

2. One of the most important points in content production techniques is that users usually pay attention to topics that are questions. According to statistics published in backlinks, clicking on question titles in Google results is 14.1% more than other titles.

3. Titles between 15 and 40 characters are more attractive to users than titles with more characters, up to 8.6%.

4. Use words and phrases that arouse the audience’s curiosity, words that arouse the audience’s greed, or words that build trust. The list of these words is given in the image below. These words are called powerful words.