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Learn To Find The Score Of Glasses Using The Application Without The Need For An Ophthalmologist

Learn To Find The Score Of Glasses Using The Application Without The Need For An Ophthalmologist

Missing a doctor’s prescription can be problematic. If this is the case with your glasses, then this does not mean losing everything. You will need to see an ophthalmologist again to get a doctor-approved glasses score.

 Of course, if your glasses are intact, then you can get their score without having to see a doctor. In the following, we will discuss how to find the score of the glasses through the glasses themselves.

Of course, in addition to seeing a doctor, you can also show your glasses to an eyewear store to determine its score. Of course, this is not an option that you can do at home. So it might be a good idea to try another solution.

How to find the score of glasses through the glasses themselves

If you want to get a score at home through your glasses, then you need the following:

  • a computer.
  • An Android phone or iPhone.
  • A credit card or similar object for calibration (scoring process is free).
  • Something you can use to hold your phone steady, because you have to hold your glasses during the testing process.
  • A room with adequate lighting.

1. Install Lingo Rx

  1. You need to install the Lingo Rx app on your phone. Download the Android version here and download the iOS version here .
  2. After installing the application, you must  visit this page from your computer.
  3. You must scan the QR code using the Lingo Rx app.
  4. When the scan is complete, you will need to calibrate your screen size using your credit card.
  5. Insert the credit card into the network of dots and then scan it using the app.
  6. Once the calibration process is complete, you can start testing.

2. Check the glasses score

Before starting the test, you should know that the 6 dots on your computer screen should be visible at all times through the phone screen. These points should not be outside the visible range of the phone application, nor should your hands or glasses block the view of these points.

  1. Place the phone in front of the computer screen. If your phone is very close or far away, then your app will guide you in this regard.
  2. Take your glasses out of your eyes and place them between your phone and the computer screen. Make sure the eyes on the screen are visible through the glasses.Find the score of the glasses through the glasses themselves
  3. Follow the app’s instructions and move your glasses close to or away from the screen. If necessary, you should also change the angle of your glasses.Find the score of the glasses through the glasses themselves
  4. After the scanning process is complete, the application starts the analysis process.
  5. Whenever you are asked, you should take a selfie with a credit card.
  6. The following results will appear on your computer.Find the score of the glasses through the glasses themselves

Accuracy of results

In our studies, the result was 100% accurate. The numbers displayed were the same as those determined by the ophthalmologist.


This method and the application used in it have limitations that are clearly displayed on the main page of the application. If your glasses score is out of the range of -6.00 to +3.00, and also if the amount of astigmatism exceeds -2.5 (in the event of both or one of them), then the scanning process will not go well.

We tested this as well and the results did not surprise us much. Numbers that exceed 6.00 are considered as too close myopia. The 3.00+ range is considered conservative. The limited 5.00+ is also considered as an excessive camera. It is not possible to get the exact amount of such items with one phone.