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Learn the settings of the iOS environment to start programming

In this section we will learn how to install and develop the iOS xcode development environment. Developing iOS settings requires installing the iOS xcode development environment from the App Store or installing iOS xcode from the Apple website.

IOS Xcode environment settings

To develop iOS applications, we need to install the Xcode editor; Which is an integrated development environment with Apple (IDE). Xcode Editor is the main development tool for any type of Apple operating system such as OSX software, iPhones app, Mac etc.

IOS Xcode settings requirements

The Xcode editor needs to have at least one Apple laptop or Mac to develop iOS. We can download the Xcode editor from the Apple website or the App Store; This editor is completely free, so we do not need to pay Apple.

Download Xcode from the Apple Store

If you want to download Xcode from the App Store (Apple Store, which is a place to download Apple-specific apps), open the App Store app in the system and type the word Xcode in the search bar and search; Then download it. Below is an image of how to search and download Xcode from the Store app.

C: \ Users \ mohammad \ Desktop \ search-xcode-in-apple-app-store-to-install.png

Download Xcode from the Apple website

If you want to download and download Xcode from the Apple website, you must log in to your account in the Apple Developer app, membership on this site is free. Then download the Xcode editor. But keep in mind that when you plan to release your app, Apple will charge you $ 99.

After registering on the Apple website, you can download the Xcode editor with your Apple account and go to the downloads section. Use this Xcode Editor URL to sign in and download the Xcode Editor .

If you entered the Apple website using the URL above, go to the Downloads section and find the Xcode Editor. You can download as shown below.

C: \ Users \ mohammad \ Desktop \ download-xcode-from-apple-website-for-ios-apps.png

After download; Click on Xcod.dmg and then drag Xcode as shown below; Leave it in the Applications folder. Then your Xcode installation will not take more than 2-3 minutes. (315 words)

C: \ Users \ mohammad \ Desktop \ drag-drop-xcode-to-application-folder-to-install-in-ios.png