Learn how to hide formulas in Excel, How can we hide formulas in Excel?

It may happen to you that you want to provide a series of information in the form of an Excel file to your boss, a company and any other person that this information contains calculation formulas. 

But you do not want other people to have access to, view, or modify these formulas.
In such cases,
Excel has provided a very easy and at the same time practical solution for its users
to share their information with others without any worries about viewing formulas or manipulating information by them.
 In this article, we want to teach you how to hide formulas from other users and prevent them from changing.

How to Hide Formulas in Excel


1. First, open the Excel file you want. Then select the cells that contain the formula and that you want to hide from others. Now right-click on them and select the Format Cell option.

Hide formulas in Excel

2. In the opened page, go to the Protection tab. In this section, you will see two Lock and Hidden options, the Lock option is checked by default. Now select the Hidden option to hide the formulas and click the Ok button.

Hide formulas in Excel

3. Now, to complete the settings and hide the formulas, go to the Review tab from the menu at the top of the page, and then click on the Protect Sheet option in the Changes section.

Hide formulas in Excel

4. Now in the opened page, all you have to do is enter your desired password in the Password to Unprotect Sheet section for later access and hide the information, and then click the Ok button.

You will see that in the new page you will be asked to repeat the password of your choice.

After re-entering the password and hitting the Ok button, you will see that the formula of your selected cells is hidden from view.

Hide formulas in Excel


Note that in the Format Cell section, in addition to the Hidden option that you select, the Lock option is checking for you by default.
This option causes that after performing the Protect Sheet settings, in addition to hiding the formulas, all data cells are locking and it is no longer possible to access and change their information,
so if you do not want your cells to be lock, in the first step, check the option Remove the lock to disable it.