Learn how to enter the control panel of the C-panel host

We are with you with an instructional video on entering C Panel. This video will teach you how to enter the C-panel host. First, you have to enter the URL of the C-Panel host. Note traversing the host, hosting companies will send you the C-Panel login address immediately. If you are a Fa-host customer, we recommend watching the instructional video on logging the host purchased from the Fa-host .

Note This article has blessed and edited on December 12, 2017.

CPanel login guide (CPanel login)

You must know that the safest and most common protocol for entering C-Panel is https, so after this phrase, you can enter your C-Panel login address and view the C-Panel login page. You can enter cpanel through the method:

  • The first way is through the domain name of your site plus 2083 dots
  • The second way is through the hosting of half of the hosting company plus 2083 points
  • And the third way is through IP addresses plus 2083 dots

From the above three methods, the hosting company, but note that to enter C-Panel through the domain, your site domain must be active and approved, and your domain DNS. It is also set correctly so that you can enter your host through the domain address plus two points 2083. So if you still do not know about the activation of your site domain and the set of host DNS on the domain, send a support ticket and contact the hosting company from which you bought the host. If you find out after checking that your domain has not been activated, there is no problem! You can also enter the C panel through the IP address or Hostname.

Some hosts do not offer this feature for some reason. The presence of CPanelID on the C-Panel login screen depends on your host server settings.

Login training

We now decide to enter the c panel of the mizbanfatv—ir domain. We enter our domain address in the browser and pu, putts 2083 at the end of the site address and pr, ess the Enter button to see the C Panel login page. Now we put the host’s username in the username field password, and we click on the login button.

Now you have entered C Panel, and through the tools, you see in this section, you can manage your site or do many other tasks such as managing files, email accounts, databases, reports, and so on. In the tutorial video, how to log in to Panel via CPanelID so that you can access your hosting control panel much more easily and faster than ever without entering your username and password