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Lakes Of Iran; 12 Paradise Lands That You Will Fall In Love With

The Iran is the cradle of beauty and its beautiful nature and thousand colors have included a world of wonder. When it comes to the lake, Iran’s pristine nature makes a fuss. 

The diversity and extent of this spectacular phenomenon has adorned many parts of our country. The beauty of the postcard of the lakes of Iran fascinates every tourist.

These lakes are spectacular ecosystems and have gathered a world of beauty around them. Between these lakes, one can discover the greenery and wet aroma of the northern forests or drown in the magical silence of the salt lakes.

To get acquainted with the most spectacular lakes of Iran and adventure in the pleasant climates of this lovely land, travel “how” to see a world of beauty together.

Knowledge before traveling to the lakes of Iran

Lakes are phenomena in nature that, despite their indescribable beauty, are destroyed with a little carelessness. When you are in the embrace of the lakes of Iran, be kind to them and never pollute their water by dumping garbage and throwing cigarette butts. Be sure to bring a garbage bag with you to collect your trash.

If the caresses of nature have refreshed your soul, you too can caress nature: pick up your garbage bags and collect other garbage left behind by the carelessness of uninformed tourists in the area.

If the lake is infiltrated in a forested area, avoid lighting fires and do not forget that a small mistake can turn a world of greenery to ashes.

Swimming in most lakes is unreasonable because of their formation on steep slopes or the presence of underwater trees and plants; So if this entertainment was banned in the area, take the warning seriously.

For the sake of nature, remove hunting from your list of hobbies and do not forget that we humans are not the only inhabitants of the earth.

The most spectacular lakes in Iran

1. Nowshahr Hornbeam Lake, a hilarious adventure

Ghost Lake - Photo by Ahmad Balbasi - Lakes of Iran
Ghost Lake – Photo by Ahmad Balbasi

Due to its special nature, Mazandaran province has many forest lakes. One of the most beautiful lakes is Hornbeam Lake in Nowshahr city, in Mullah Kola area. Hornbeam is known as the lake of ghosts among the lakes of Iran due to its pristine and eerie frames.

Do not be afraid at all! In this lake, there is no news of ghosts, but the special beauty of this lake has caused this title to be chosen for it.

The hazy air, the withered trunks of the trees sticking out of the water, and the sound of the animals in the soothing silence of the forest created an eerie atmosphere; If you use a little imagination , you will experience a world of excitement. Hornbeam Lake is listed as a National Natural Heritage Site due to its pristine forest space.

The forest path leading to the lake is also one of the tourist attractions in this area. For more excitement and fun, you can experience this route with Offroad. All four hornbeam seasons are spectacular, but travel in the fall and winter will be difficult due to the cold weather and poor road conditions.

Address: Mazandaran province, Nowshahr city, Nowshahr to Mahmoudabad road, 12 km from Vanush village.

2. Savadkuh salt lake, among alder trees

Lake Shurmast Savadkuh - Photo by Nader Muslimi - Lakes of Iran
Lake Shurmast Savadkuh – Photo by Nader Muslimi

Another of the most beautiful lakes in Iran should be considered Savadkuh saltwater lake. Lake Shurmest is located 8 km from the city of Plesfid. This beautiful lake in Savadkuh city is located in the arms of a dense forest of alder trees and is well accessible from the capital. If you walk from Tehran and drive about 200 km, you will reach this lake in about 3 hours.

The lake has a wonderful view and is one of the heartwarming natural landscapes of Savadkuh for walking and having fun. In this picturesque lake you can go boating and enjoy the forest nature. Horseback riding and fishing are also fun activities and will keep you entertained.

Address: Mazandaran province, Savadkuh city, south of Plesfid city, Shahid Rajaei street, Shurmast lake road.

3. Lake Chort Sari, sister of the Caspian Sea

Lake Chort - Photo by Hossein Ebrahimi - Lakes of Iran
Lake Chort – Photo by Hossein Ebrahimi

The “sister of the Caspian Sea” and one of the imaginative natural phenomena of Mazandaran is Lake Chort Sari. This lake is located in the Chahardangeh section of Sari city, on a steep slope of a valley. Chort’s birth type has made it special among the lakes of Iran (which usually form from an earthen dam).

Nearly 80 years ago, an earthquake triggered Lake Chort. During the earthquake, many plants and trees were submerged and the water intake appeared with an oval shape.

These plants and the trunks of drowned trees add beauty and elegance to Chort in the summer when the volume of water decreases. At this time of year, tree trunks emerge from the water and create a world of beauty in a foggy lake.

Lake Chort is embraced by a dense green forest and has turned it into a jewel among the sights of Mazandaran. This lake is also known as “Miansheh”.

To reach it, you have to go to the village of Chort Sari. 10 km from this pleasant village to the lake. One of the lovely attractions of Lake Chort is the path that leads to the heart of pristine and Jurassic nature. This route takes 2 to 3 hours for nature lovers who are fascinated by nature discovery on foot and exposes them to the unique beauties of the special nature of Mazandaran.

The off-road experience on this route is also one of the popular pastimes of tourists; You can reach your destination in about half an hour.

Experience the pristine images of Lake Chort in an atmosphere immersed in silence and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and be accompanied by the special tranquility of this nature.

The freshness of nature in spring, the beauty and harmony of the overgrown trunks in summer, and the thousand colors of forest cover in autumn have made Lake Chort desirable. Winter, with its white beauty, makes this lake the bride of Sari, but getting to this forest destination in the cold and icy season has its own difficulties.

Address: Mazandaran province, Sari city, southeast of Sari, 10 km from Chort village.

4. Lake Elimalat Noor, an emerald among the lakes of Iran

Elimalat Noor Lake - Photo by Pendar Akbari - Iranian Lakes
Lake Elimalat Noor – Photo by Pendar Akbari

The dreamy nature of Lake Elimelat should see the light up close so you can touch its beauty. This lake and its earthen dam are located in a green forest environment, at the end of the side roads, on the way to Noor to Chamestan. The Jurassic atmosphere of this forest and its spectacular lake are considered as popular tourist areas of Mazandaran and Noor city.

One of the features of this lake is the side road leading to it: dreamy roads with the smell of unpolluted soil and dew that rests on the leaves of the trees. A line of tall trees on either side of the road will accompany you to the lake.

One of the most popular pastimes in Alimala is boating in the water and going to the heart of the forest. Do not miss the walk among the trees of this forest and enjoy the freshness and freshness of nature.

Address: Mazandaran province, Noor city, 10 km from Noor to Chamestan road, Elimalat lake road.

5. Lake Soha, the land of chamomiles in Namin

Soha Lake - Photo by Alireza Jozi - Lakes of Iran
Soha Lake – Photo by Alireza Jozi

Among the sights of Ardabil , is one of the most heavenly lakes in Iran. Lake Soha in Namin city, with its special and pristine mountainous nature, fascinates every nature tourist with its beauty; This beauty reaches its peak in late spring. As we approach summer, the area around the lake is adorned with a wide expanse of chamomile flowers and takes on a heavenly appearance.

The range of chamomiles in front of you with beautiful and spectacular frames of Suha nature with the foggy atmosphere that sometimes shows itself on the lake.

This vast lake is located 5 km from the village of Soha, in the middle of a fence of forest space and green hills. Lake Soha is one of the most interesting areas that attracts nature lovers on the way to Latun Astara waterfall.

The tall Lawton Falls is located near the village of Kote Kome, a village in Lundville, Astara. A multi-day walk to reach it and cross the green hills around Lake Soha is one of the fascinating tourist events. So if you are into nature adventure and group travel, go to Lake Soha and from there to the spectacular Lawton Falls in Astara.

Address: Ardabil province, Namin city, Soha village, Soha lake road.

6. Lake Nevar, a dream land in Ardabil province

Neor of the Lakes of Iran - Lakes of Iran
Beautiful view of Nevar, one of the lakes of Iran

One of the largest freshwater lakes is the beautiful lake of Nevar, which is formed on the border of Gilan and Ardabil provinces , in a valley of Baghro mountain.

This lake is located near Talesh city , Ardabil and Khalkhal cities and is considered as an environmental protected area. Watching the unique nature of Nevar among the lakes of Iran will enchant you with its beauty.

The vast mountainous areas that surround the lake host nomads during the summer to complete the special beauty of this pristine area.

One of the spectacular images of Lake Nevar is the plains of wild flowers in the heavenly spring of this region. Plants such as chamomile, yarrow, sagebrush and fenugreek grow in the mountains around Neor, which have medicinal properties.

A trip to this area is a good opportunity to take some of these plants home with you. From Lake Noor, many tourist groups head to the summer village of Subatan; This has increased the attractiveness of Neor tourism.

Among these groups, people are interested in hiking and mountaineering to reach Subatan, but some also welcome cycling or go on a safari. The fun route to Subatan is usually the second stage of a nature tour to Neur.

Neor from the lakes of Iran - the lakes of IranAnother view of Nevar, one of the lakes of Iran

In the mountainous plains of this lake, you will have the opportunity to make a beautiful frame of dream nature and the presence of abandoned horses in this area with your camera lens, or experience horseback riding to Subatan yourself.

In addition to boating, mountaineering in the surrounding mountainous areas and fishing are common pastimes on the lake.

It is interesting to know that this area is a rich source of rainbow trout. In spring and summer, Neor is cool and lovely, and in winter, due to the climate of this region and the extent of snow and ice cover, Neor becomes a crystalline land and the water surface of the lake freezes. So if you are fascinated by the special nature of winter, Neur will surprise you.

Address: Ardabil province, 33 km from Ardabil to Khalkhal, Budalalo village, 5 km from Abbasabad village.

7. Lake Awan Alamut, mountainous landscape

Lake Evan - Arash Karimi - Lakes of Iran
Lake Ovan – Photo by Arash Karimi

80 km from the city of Qazvin, Behnam Lake is located in Alamut region, whose mountainous landscape is unique among the lakes of Iran.

The lake is formed near the village of the same name and in the heart of a range of lush mountain plants and is one of the popular tourist destinations.

This lake is one of the natural monuments of Iran and one of the sights of Qazvin , which is registered in the list of natural heritage of Iran.

One of the pleasures of Lake Ovan is watching the unique nature of the road leading to it; The mountainous areas around the lake also provide hiking opportunities for nature lovers.

Boat in the lake in spring and summer and see ice crystals on the lake surface in the mountain cold (winters when the temperature in Alamut drops sharply).

Address: Qazvin province, 65 km from Qazvin to Alamut, crossroads leading to Alamut and lake, 17 km to the lake.

8. Gohar Doroud Lake, a water expanse under the protection of the Iranian Alps

Gohar Doroud Lake - Photo by Ali Karimi - Lakes of Iran
Gohar Doroud Lake – Photo by Ali Karimi

38 km away from Lorestan Doroud, Khoshabourang Gohar lake is located in the embrace of the strong mountain ranges of Oshtrankooh or the Iranian Alps. This freshwater lake is one of the sights of Lorestan and consists of two lakes that are known as Gohar Bozorg or “Kole Gohar” and Gohar Kouchak or “Kareh Gohar”.

One of the attractive features of Gohar Lake is its clear water which has given a blue view to the mountains of Lorestan. Boating on the riverbed and walking and cyclingSurrounded by popular recreation in the area; Of course, we should not neglect mountaineering in the mountains of Oshtrankooh and sightseeing in the plains of overturned tulips around the lake.

You can watch the most beautiful picture of this lake in the middle of the Zagros fence from mid-May to late summer; These days, when there is no news of severe mountain cold, Gohar Lorestan welcomes travelers with its favorable and cool weather.

Address: Lorestan province, Dorud city, 38 km from Dorud city to Oshtrankooh.

9. Gol Sisakht Mountain Lake, a colorful canvas

Gol Mountain from the lakes of Iran - Lakes of IranGol Mountain from the lakes of Iran

The beauty of Gol Sisakht mountain lake is prominent among the lakes of Iran. If you are eager for a mountain trip in the nature of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Provinces, we suggest you go to 10 km of Sisakht city to see a heavenly land called Kuh-e Gol.

This area, like a colorful canvas, is painted with overturned tulip plains, Namak Strait waterfall, Dosar spring, Dena protected area, river, mountain plants and the charming lake of Kuh-e Gol. Kuh-e Gol Lake is one of the beautiful phenomena in the nature of this region.

This lake continues its life in the shelter of Dena peaks and in “Anbari mouth” and “Bijan pass”.

Kuh-e Gol region attracts tourists in spring and summer, with favorable weather and dreamy views. At this time of year, the color of the plain is full of overturned tulips and the scent of mountain plants, and despite the migratory birds, the lake stands out like a beautiful painting in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad. May is the best time to watch the overturned tulip plains of this region.

The flower mountain becomes a piece of paradise this month. Exciting pastimes in Kuh-e Gol Lake include hiking in the surrounding plains and mountaineering in its mountainous areas.

Address: Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province, Dena city, 10 km from Sisakht city, Kuh-e Gol area.

10. Zaribar Lake in Marivan, a jewel among the lakes of Iran

Zaribar Lake from the Lakes of Iran - Photo by Omid Haghdoost - Lakes of IranZaribar Lake from the lakes of Iran – Photo by Omid Haghdoost

The Zaribar Lake, or Zarivar in other words, is located 5 km from Marivan city in Kurdistan province. This lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Iran and one of the sights of Kurdistan .

Zaribar is surrounded by beautiful mountainous areas with green nature to make it a spectacular jewel among the lakes of Iran. If you go to this area during the bird migration season, you should carefully photograph your camera lens and never lose the frames of these birds in the shelter of the lake nature.

 The collection of these beauties has caused the name of Zaribar Lake to be registered in the list of natural heritage of Iran.

Boating, paragliding and fishing are some of the pleasures of Zaribar region. You can increase the pleasure of your sightseeing by tasting the famous barbecue fish. It is better to visit this area in spring and summer to be welcomed by the cool mountain air with its beautiful vegetation.

Address: Kurdistan Province, Marivan city, 5 km west of Marivan city.

11. Urmia Salt Lake, drowning in imaginary silence

Urmia Lake - Photo by Ali Goya - Lakes of Iran
Urmia Lake – Photo by Ali Goya

The Urmia Salt Lake is one of the largest lakes in Iran. The lake, on the border of West and East Azerbaijan Province, resists destruction and survives. If the drought disappears from the lake, the title of “the second largest salt water lake in the world” will once again be assigned to Lake Urmia.

The lake has a dreamy view with an imaginative atmosphere: its salt cover has created an attractive silence in this area. Unfortunately, Lake Urmia has not been happy for many years and is dying gradually, but with every heavy rainfall, it comes to life and it can be hoped that it will improve.

In the years when the volume of water in this lake has decreased, with the increase of salt concentration and increasing activities of microscopic organisms, it has covered the lake with a pink and orange color.

Although the red of this lake is beautiful, it is sad to know that the volume of water is decreasing.

In fact, the beauty of this lake is not complete and in any case, even in times of water shortage, it takes on a dreamy appearance.

Fortunately, recent rains in the country have revived the lake and brought it back to life to some extent.

Now that the lake is good, the migratory birds will visit it again in all their beauty and will double the scenery of this lake.

There are small and large islands in the salty area of ​​Lake Urmia, which number 102 islands with different shapes and sizes. Another visual attraction of Lake Urmia is the white salt hills that, like snow, have whitewashed its corners. But if Urmia Salt Lake has thousands of beauties, a dreamy sunset will stand out among them.

A zone of warm colors on the narrow border of earth and sky merges with the lake-covered expanse of the lake, and the reflection of the orange sky gives you a strange world with a mysterious silence. Undoubtedly, this lake has a unique beauty among the lakes of Iran due to its saltiness. We must all work for our survival.

Address: Border of East and West Azerbaijan provinces.

12. Hoz-e-Sultan Lake, a mirror between the lakes of Iran

Hoz Sultan Lake - Photo by Behnam Saffarzadeh - Lakes of Iran
Hoz-e-Sultan Lake – Photo by Behnam Saffarzadeh

The salt lake of Qom Sultan Basin remains a legendary land that has connected the earth and the sky. This lake is known as a “natural mirror” among the lakes of Iran due to its dream reflections.

This mirror creates a beautiful symmetry in this area by repetitively polishing the colorful image of the sky and its creamy clouds. Hoz-e-Sultan Lake consists of four parts: salt flat, swampy margin, ecological area and plain; It also has two salt pits on its surface, east and west.

The rate at which the lake water advances to the saline areas of the region depends on the amount of rainfall.

Tourists in this lake experience hiking and cycling on the huge mirrors and move towards the common border of earth and sky. When you reach this lake, do not allow your camera to capture its golden reflections.

Due to its climate, the lake experiences severe winter cold and unbearable summer heat. In fact, from late spring to early fall, heat penetrates the area. In winter, the cold weather can be annoying for travelers. The autumn climate of the lake is more suitable for walking; The lake has a moderate temperature in autumn.

Address: Qom province, 86 km from Tehran to Qom road, Cheshmeh Shoor road, first underpass, highway by the lake.

The last word

The vast diversity of Iran’s lakes does not allow us to summarize them all in this text. In this article, we tried to introduce you to the most popular and beautiful lakes in Iran, but without a doubt, the thousand-colored nature of Iran, in addition to these, has sheltered many other lakes.

Don’t forget to explore the lakes of any country you visit and don’t miss to see them. For comfortable and safe hiking, include accessories such as beach shoes, sunscreen , extra clothing to replace wet clothes, light and non-perishable food, drinking water and sunglasses in your backpack.

We hope that traveling to the lakes of Iran will become the sweetest moments of your life. If you know of another scenic lake that we have not included in this list, be sure to let us know in the comments section.