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Lake Noor, A Journey Into The Soothing Embrace Of Northwestern Nature

 Today we are going to go to Lake Noor on the border of Ardabil and Gilan provinces and enjoy its water area and green plains full of flowers around it. 

To escape the smoky and polluted air of the city, take your backpack and travel with us on the roads of the northwest of the country.

This lake is one of the most heavenly lakes in Iran and a trip to it will bring a gentle calm to your soul. Be our dream companion to go to this land to tell you about its sights.

Geographical location of Lake Neor

Nevar Lake is the border of Gilan and Ardabil provinces and in the south of it, Khalkhal is located in Ardabil province. To reach this lake from Khalkhal, you have to drive for about 100 km. On the map, in the southeast of the lake, Talesh can be seen from Gilan province with an access route of 180 km. 

In its northwestern direction, the city of Ardabil is well located; The distance between the city and the lake is 47 km. In fact, Lake Nevar is located in the center of a triangle whose three vertices are filled by these three cities.

How to get to Lake Neor?

If you walk from Ardabil to this lake, you have to move from the southeast of this city: you enter the Basij highway and after passing Isar Square, you enter the Ardabil-Khalkhal road. After entering this road, you have to drive about 30 km to see the exit sign of the path leading to the lake.

 Now, after about 13 km, you will reach Lake Nevar. The whole time from Ardabil to the lake takes about 1 hour. If your starting point is this city, you should drive about 47 km.

The largest freshwater lake in the country

Lake Nevar - Photo by Nasser Derakhshan
Lake Nevar – Photo by Nasser Derakhshan

Between the valleys of Baghru mountain and in the triangle of Talesh, Khalkhal and Ardabil, there is a turquoise land that has scattered its beauty around it and has created a heavenly land. This colorful lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Iran and the largest natural lake in Ardabil. 

In the spring, Neor comes to life from a combination of two lakes to form a large lake.

In addition to its tourist beauty and favorable climate in spring and summer, this lake is also very important for use in the agricultural industry; With the addition of a dam to this lake, water supply for agricultural lands has also been provided. The diversity of vegetation has given the vast plains around it a heavenly appearance. 

With the presence of migratory birds on the water surface of this lake, you can observe a live painting canvas in this part of Iran. This cool summer destination is considered a protected area due to its high environmental value and is under the supervision of the Environment Organization.

Excursion in the surrounding plains

Lake Neor
Lake Neor

With the arrival of spring, the atmosphere of Neur is refreshed and colorful flowers adorn its plains. In the heart of these mountain plains, valuable flowers and plants have grown; The aroma and properties of each of them tempt you to bring a few branches of them as a souvenir and enjoy nature’s medicine of health. 

Plants such as chamomile , yarrow, fenugreek, artichoke and sage grow in the mountains around Lake Noor. In this season of the year, you can watch the most beautiful state of Lake Nevar.

 Passing horses in these colorful plains will create a fantasy world for you. Undoubtedly, watching this beautiful frame of nature takes away your intelligence.

In some seasons of the year, colorful migratory birds come to Neur and fly over the lake, making the natural face of this region more beautiful. An example of a bird found in the habitat of Neor is the anchovy , partridges, partridges, quails and crows . Do not forget that this lake and its surrounding plains are full of pure photographic subjects; So never let your camera lens rest.

Climbers travel to this area

The mountainous region of Lake Noor is the best option for mountaineering enthusiasts. Many of these tourists go to this lake for the purpose of this mountain sport. They start a fascinating mountaineering trip from the beautiful and glazed slopes of this region to reach the heights.

Take a look at the blue world of the lake

Lake Neor
Lake Neor

One of the fascinating pleasures of the lake is the opportunity to fish. Many travelers experience this relaxing pastime here. Fishing is welcomed in this lake. Fishing in Lake Noor is not forbidden, because if not caught before the cold season, all fish will die due to the icy water of the lake. In fact, a fishing competition is held in September every year to prevent the lake from losing fish. 

Therefore, this summer month is one of the times when travelers interested in fishing go to this beautiful lake. Rainbow trout are an attractive catch in this area.

In addition to the fishing we mentioned, there are other aquatic experiences in Neor, experiences that will keep you entertained. Boating in this lake has a pleasant atmosphere; But unfortunately, there are no facilities for this recreation yet and many tourists and professional nature tourists with private inflatable boats experience this pleasure.

The beautiful winter of Lake Neor

Another attraction of Lake Neor is winter. Due to the very low mountain temperature, the surface of the lake freezes. It will be wonderful to watch this vast expanse of diamonds under the gentle winter sun. With fascinating winter experiences such as snow playing in the mountain plains, you can also enjoy nature tourism in the cold season. 

With the onset of mountain cold, the temperature of Lake Nevar drops to 20 degrees below zero. Under such conditions, the surface of the lake is frozen for 5 months of the year; The diameter of this frost reaches 80 cm.

Forward to Subatan!

Horseback riding around Lake Noor
Horseback riding around Lake Noor

In addition to the opportunity for water recreation as well as sightseeing in the flowery plains of Lake Noor, there are other experiences in this area, experiences that will make your trip attractive and memorable.

 Moving from the lake to Subatan summer, one of the beautiful areas around Neor, will be one of the most pleasant memories of this trip. There are several ways to reach this area; Each route has its own charm:

horse riding

What do you think about horseback riding in the mountainous plains of this region? If you are a rider, on the way to Subatan, you will have the opportunity to ride in the beautiful and attractive forest nature ; Also, you have the opportunity to see the most pristine faces of nomadic life in nature. 

So be sure to take this opportunity and turn your trip into a happy memory with the help of knowledgeable and professional people.

Off-roading and cycling

The next way to reach Subatan is Offroad. Offroad does not have the charm of equestrianism, but it does make for an exciting journey. If you are a cyclist , and you are a professional in this fascinating sport, we must give you the good news that the most common and popular means of reaching Subatan is the bicycle.

 Cyclists travel from Lake Noor to Subatan and pedal the beauties of the trail to reach their destination. Do not forget that cycling is difficult on this route and only professional cyclists can handle it; You also need a leader in your cycling team to walk this route.

Cycling around Lake Noor
Cycling around Lake Noor


Many people are also interested in discovering the beauty of the path leading to Subatan summer by walking and bit by bit; They enjoy this slow recording of happy memories. 

You should know that it will take about 10 hours to walk this beautiful and glazed route; So it is better to go to the plain in the second half of spring and experience walking . 

In fact, from mid-spring to late June, this route shows its most charming face to travelers and every corner is decorated with the color of flowers. Varzan waterfall and Baghrodagh peak are the tourist attractions of this hiking.

What season of the year should we travel to Lake Nevar?

The best time to visit this lake and the surrounding paradise plains is spring and summer. In these seasons, you can watch the most colorful frames and enjoy its pure and cool climate.

 If you enjoy the icy and cold faces of nature, traveling in autumn and winter will also be interesting for you. You should know that with the arrival of the cold days of the year, this lake turns into an icy land in the heart of the cold mountains.

At the end

Accommodation and hotels in cities around this area are good options; But we suggest you take a more casual trip: stay in local homes in the area or experience camping in the plains of Neur. 

This trip is a nature trip and it will undoubtedly be a good memory for you. When traveling to this mountain lake, you are usually exploring nature; So do not overload your backpack with extra accessories and take only the necessary and important items with you.

 We hope you enjoy the journey.