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Lake Elimalat Noor, A Jewel In The Green Forests Of Mazandaran

The nature of northern Iran has an extraordinary diversity and its beauties are endless. One of the lovely attractions of this area is the large small lakes that gather around a group of trees and greenery. 

If you love to hear quiet sounds of nature and find a pristine area in northern trips, make sure it fits in with how to join. We want to go together to the heart of a forest between Noor and Chamestan to enjoy the magical beauty of Lake Elimalat in the arms of tall trees. Do not doubt that the magic of alimony will tempt you to travel.

Geographical location of Elimalat Lake in Iran

Before closing Barobandil for a trip to this northern region, it is better to get acquainted with its location on the map. Lake Elimalat, or the Elimalat earthen dam, lives in the heart of the green of the Kashpel forest. This forest reaches the Caspian Sea from the north and Lar Forest Park from the south. 

Elimalat belongs to Mazandaran province and is located in Noor city. The side road of this lake and the lush forest, after you are about 14 km away from the light, on the road leading to Chamestan, will turn green in front of you.

It all starts with the legendary roads

Elimalate Lake Road - Photo by Akbar Akbar
Elimalat Lake Road – Photo by Pendar Akbari

The beauty of Lake Elimalat and the Kashpil forest shows itself bit by bit. Its first magical image starts with the first moment of entering the side road. Drive slowly on this road and do not rush to reach it. A large part of the beauty of the alimony belongs to this dream road. 

Tall trees on both sides of the road create a green wall and guide you to the destination like a corridor. The mischief of sunlight to pass through the branches of spectacular trees is spectacular.

 The feeling of adventure and the temptation to continue, comes to you from the beginning, but as much as you can enjoy this heavenly corridor and pay attention to its beautiful details.

If you turn off your car for a moment and stop, you will hear the sound of water drops dripping in pure silence. The further you go, the fresher the air you breathe, and the pure oxygen of the forest and the scent of green nature will refresh you. Continue this route to reach the main entrance of the forest. From now on, your adventure will continue on foot.

Discovery of a jewel called Lake Elimalat

Photo by Hossein Sadeghi
Photo by Hossein Sadeghi

After leaving the long green corridor behind, it is time to face the spectacular jewel of the forest. Lake Elimalat, which is actually located behind the Elimalat earthen dam, is surrounded by many trees and lush shrubs. Words have no power to describe the beauty of this forest lake. Lake Elimalat is the bride of the forest and is a place for fun and solitude with nature.

Hiking and exploring the pristine nature of the forest

Photo by Bijan Masoudi
Photo by Bijan Masoudi

Every corner of this forest is spectacular and walking in it will be an exciting experience. Do not forget to take a walk along Lake Elimalat, which is a fun pastime! The lake shore and its mysterious silence are a good opportunity to relax. The combination of water and greenery of the trees has created a spectacular frame of the lake that can make you watch. 

Going to this area would not be complete without photographing its heavenly landscapes. So capture the beauty of nature in your camera frame as much as you can.

The further you go in the forest, the more you will see the pristine faces of nature. The sound of forest nature conveys a wonderful feeling to you and helps you to enjoy the silence and the absence of disturbing urban sounds in this area.

 With each step you take on the wet, muddy ground of the forest, the smell of dewy leaves wafts more and more into your head, and you feel the forest air become more Jurassic.

Boating in the silence of the lake

Elimalat Lake - Photo by Elham Bagheri
Elimalat Lake – Photo by Elham Bagheri

This forest lake is a good opportunity to dive into the water by boat and have a short trip to the corner of this water area. Elimalat has unique beauties that can only be discovered by boat. Also, if you are interested in fishing and its unique tranquility, it is time to get involved. On the shore of this lake, drop a fishing rod into the water to surprise a delicious hunter.

Complete your fun by spending time camping by the lake. Treat yourself to hot tea and enjoy the unique painting of God. In this forest, you can experience camping with coordination and payment and spend the night in the morning. Staying in the forest and watching other faces of nature will be an unforgettable experience.

The best time to travel to Elimalat

Photo by Parasto EbrahimiPhoto by Parasto Ebrahimi

In the spring, you will see one of the most artistic forest figures of Elimalat. The cool weather of the first days of the year and the light rain and tears make the popular northern weather of Lake Elimalat one of the popular tourist destinations. But if you are looking for a dream frame of this lake, be sure to visit it in the cool autumn and enjoy the colorful play of the trees around the lake.

The climate of this lake is hot and sultry on summer days. Before traveling, you should bring items such as a sun hat, glasses, sunscreen, cool water bottles and cool clothes. Due to the snowfall and the dangerous condition of the roads, this forest area is by no means a suitable winter destination.

Do not miss on your journey around the light, watching the adventures and adventure in the pristine forest. Going to this region is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable nature tours in the northern geography of Iran, which enchants you with its boundless tranquility and beauty. 

Each trip has its own secrets and how it will be very useful for other tourists to publish it. So if you have experience going to this area, share your useful information with us and other travel enthusiasts.