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JavaScript, Python and Java – The most popular GitHub programming languages

You are all more or less familiar with the popular Github service. This service hosts many programmers around the world and is increasing in popularity every day.

Now Octoverse’s annual report from GitHub 2020 shows that the JavaScript programming language remains the number one popular programming language for GitHub developers.

Octoverse is a collection of three annual reports that identify interaction between developers in terms of security, developer productivity, and how patterns of collaboration and development are shaped by the global epidemic.

With over 56 million active developers, GitHub is the largest platform for the joint development of various projects and pure ideas. The company uses Octoverse reports to capture the pulse of its developer community and gauge the different interests and tastes of its users.

Table of the most popular GitHub programming languages-Python

Last year, the Python language surpassed its third place, surpassing the Java News programming language, becoming the second most popular language on GitHub, and this year it continued to maintain its runner-up position. The Java programming language also took the last place of the platform.

The open source language TypeScript, with Microsoft support, has risen from seventh in the last two years to fourth in 2020. This language is often referred to as the JavaScript suite.

The C # programming language (again developed by Microsoft) retained its fifth place. PHP language is not in a good position compared to last year and was ranked sixth in the table (compared to fourth place in 2019).

After that, the great C ++ programming language came in seventh place (fifth place in 2018)

The C and Shell programming languages ​​also moved up to eighth and ninth place last year.

The Ruby programming language also topped the table. The language has been steadily losing popularity since 2015, losing two places each year.

Table of the most popular GitHub programming languages