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It Is Better To Delete The Shareit Application Now

The Shareit app, due to its accessibility, is one of the most dangerous apps for the phone, which according to security researchers, it is better to remove it from your Android phone faster.

If you are an Android user, you will no doubt remember the golden days of the Shareit app, the days when we experienced file transfers much faster than Bluetooth. 

Now, however, those days are long gone, and shareit decisions and policies are no longer the same as before.

The status of the Shareit app is now such that it may be better to delete it from your phone right now, because according to reports published by Trend Micro, the Shareit app has access to information after receiving many permissions from many users. Finds him. In fact, this application will have access to the camera, microphone and internal memory. 

Even among the accesses of this application, we can mention deleting other applications by Shareit, creating an account automatically, and so on. 

It is also said that Shareit will have access to all network information and is one of the best options for hackers to be able to easily access any information on your phone. It is even possible to install malware on the phone through this application.

Of course, there are many applications that take such access from the user, but the problem with Shareit is that the developers of this application have not provided conditions that do not allow the program to access sensitive files. 

This allows hackers to easily create fake caches for various applications, which can include malicious code.

Another thing about this app is having an app store in the heart of the app. Therefore, it is possible that the programs inside this store have security flaws and the security of users is endangered by installing these programs.

So far, ShareIt has not responded to this news and it seems that there is no news about the update at the moment. Therefore, it may be best to delete this app from your phone until an update is released that fixes the current issues.