video content better or text

Is video content better or text?

Is video content better or text? This is one of the questions you must have thought about. If you need to produce content for any reason, you cannot stop thinking about these two methods in this area. In textual content, you convey your message to the audience with a few words and possibly a few images placed between paragraphs.

In the case of video content, these are the images, videos, sounds, music, and writings that capture your audience’s mind. With the difference in composition that exists to create these contents, is video content or text better?

What is video content?

Video content is a type of content format that has sound, images, graphic parts, and more. Common forms of video content include blogs, animated GIFs, live videos, customer testimonials, recorded presentations, and webinars.

Why is video content production important?

The demand for online video content production and distribution has been increasing in recent years. Google reports that 60% of US consumers prefer to watch video over live TV. The same Google report showed that as of 2015, consumers aged 18-49 spent 74% more time on YouTube. It’s no wonder that people working in digital marketing use this video content to promote and introduce their products and services.

According to the Vidyard report, the use of video in sales and customer conversations has increased by 93% since 2019. Also, 91% of organizations have maintained or increased their budget for video content production.

What is textual content?

Text or written content is one of the most important and first types of content that surrounds us in various fields and conditions. Textual content ranges from a short sentence on a matchbox to a multi-ten-volume book.

Anything written to convey a message is textual content, but this is a general definition of textual content that does not include targeted content divisions.

Textual content in digital marketing is referred to as content produced and published on various platforms to increase the audience’s awareness of the target brand and its products or services. The textual content itself has various types, each of which has its special functions, and of course, it is produced and published with different but unique goals. In content marketing, there are several types of textual content that a business can use, all or some of them depending on its content strategy.

  • Types of text content in content marketing
  • Blog and site articles
  • Email and newsletter
  • SMS
  • The content of various social networks
  • Report
  • Analytical and research articles
  • Translation
  • Reportage

Each type of textual content should be displayed on its platforms. In writing and producing each type of content, each platform’s features, facilities, and limitations should be considered. These reviews are done in the content marketing strategy development stage.

Video content is better than text content.

To answer the question, is video content or text better, you can think about the effect of each of these contents on the audience. In your opinion, which of these types of content is more effective? According to studies, the human brain processes visual images much faster than text.

This way, video content can be quickly processed in the audience’s mind and convey the information you want. It can be said with certainty that your audience will benefit from video content much more than text content. Consecutive images in a video convey your message to your audience easily and quickly.

Many people invest in video content to introduce services and products, provide various pieces of training, or provide news and information. In particular, the cost of video editing in some centers is extremely reasonable. With its advantages, video content can lead you to faster and better results in introducing your services and products.

Examining the benefits of visual and video content from different aspects

Is it better to continue with the topic of video content, or is it a good option to talk about the benefits of visual and video content? The following are the most important advantages of visual and video content:

Easy to make movies

Despite the various types of video production and editing software, producing video content is not difficult at all. New technologies allow anyone with a smartphone to create the movie they want easily. Especially since you can easily make the necessary corrections for your video after making it, despite these facilities, you don’t need much time to have video content, and the video-making and editing are finished quickly.

Engage your audience more with video content.

One of the goals related to content production is to engage the audience with the produced content. Video content can engage the audience far more and better than text content. One of the reasons why when answering the question “Is video content or text,” you can quickly say video content is the same thing.

The video includes various images, sound, music, and visual and auditory elements. Each of these elements, by being placed next to each other, can easily arouse the audience’s emotions and draw them toward the video’s message.

Encouragement to action

Once your audience engages with the video content on your website or social page, their emotions are triggered. This arousal prepares him to be immediately motivated to act after seeing an invitation. For this reason, it is better to encourage your audience at the end of the video to take action that you consider effective for developing your work. By doing this, you control the next steps of your audience.

Ease of ordering video content

The ease of ordering video content production is one of the things that easily lead you to the answer to whether video content is better or text. You can order attractive and popular movies easily and with a reasonable budget. Today, many centers provide video editing services at very reasonable costs. Just consult the experts of this collection and order the video you want.

Persistence of video content in mind

Another reason for choosing the answer to video content is the answer to whether video content is better or text; this type of content is more lasting in the audience’s mind. The combination of images, sound, music, and text stays in people’s minds longer, and the conveyed message remains better in the audience’s mind.

Is video content or text better for your business?

With all that being said, whether video or text content is better depends on your niche. Sometimes a creative and catchy text can work extremely well in attracting the audience. In some cases, your message is better conveyed in the form of words regarding a specific topic.

Of course, we cannot ignore that the cost of producing video content is higher than that of producing textual content. As such, several factors can determine the answer to the question of whether video content is better or text. Some of these factors are:

  • Type of activity you do on the website or social media pages such as Instagram
  • Type of message you want to convey to the audience
  • Amount of budget you have considered for your activity in the virtual space
  • The time you have to create content

The final word on whether video content is better or text

Considering what has been mentioned, the greater impact of video content compared to textual content cannot be ignored. The answer to whether video content is better or the text is quite clear, and the answer to this question should be said video content is better.

With its high impact, video content quickly conveys the message to the audience, so spending the budget to prepare it is considered an investment in digital marketing. Before placing an order, you can also see a video editing design sample. This excellent feature assures you that you can roughly see your request’s output. That is why you place your order more consciously.