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Introduction to iOS, history and main features (Introduction to programming)

Here we learn the basics of iOS application development using swift; Here is an overview of ios, ios development history and ios features.

Overview of iOS

iOS application, On March 6, 2006, Apple released its first unnamed iPhone SDK, but after the release of the first iPhone , the operating system was renamed the iPhone . Then, on June 7, 2010, Apple introduced new devices called the iPad (iPod) and iPod (iPod) based on the iPhone operating system and renamed the operating system to iOS so that it could be extended to all devices. Applied.

IOS history

Below are the details of the iOS app evaluation time.

IOS features

Below are the common features available in the Apple iOS app.

  • Battery problems are a common problem on all iPhone devices. IPhone Settings now suggests checking which apps consume the most battery, and then you can delete or disable apps as needed.
  • Another feature in iOS; Is a typing prediction; This means that when we type the beginning of a word in iOS, it suggests a word.
  • The concept of “continuing to work” is now being implemented. This means that if you are writing an email on your MAC laptop and want to finish that application on your iPhone, you can do so using the Handoff tool.
  • Today, Apple ID (Apple ID) can be integrated with up to six members, so we can share iTunes downloads with each other in this group.
  • Apple has provided us with a feature to share voice and video messages with our friends.
  • The fingerprint scanner feature on iOS is great, and we can lock or unlock our phones using our finger.


Start programming on iOS

If you want to start programming in iOS,

you need to know a little bit about programming languages ​​like C and Java,

and you also need to know about OOPS (object-oriented programming language) and design patterns like MVC.