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Introduction of user-generated content

What is user-generated content? User-generated content or UGC both have the same concept. User Generated Content is prepared and published by users of any business. UGC content is produced and published in various formats in the relevant business space. Online businesses are active in social media, including Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Social media and websites have provided a space for businesses to create content and promote their business with textual, visual, and audio content. You have probably seen the highlight of customer satisfaction on Instagram pages. The effect that highlighting customer satisfaction has on increasing the sales of the Instagram page does not have the content production of several tens of millions.

If you have created a small business online, it is recommended not to neglect user-generated content! Sometimes businesses ignore audience comments. The audience’s comments, opinions, and questions are also a part of user-generated content. Let’s say you answer the follower question under an Instagram post! This question and answer is part of user-generated content. The question and answer below the post convey new information to other users. Engaging with your audience is valuable, so don’t skip it. We talked about small businesses; now, we will talk about big businesses.

The importance of user-generated content in large businesses is bold. Big businesses use user-generated content and become more popular. Fame means expansion and prosperity of business. It doesn’t matter on which platform you are active; you can benefit from user-made content in any case.

user-generated content features

1- Build trust! The content generated by the user has no effect on other users; the content generated by the admin has no effect. Do not misunderstand. As a rule, the content produced by the admin is also effective, but the impact of user-generated content is extremely high. It has been said for a long time that no yogurt shop says that my yogurt is sour! Therefore, the impact of user-made content is 4.2% more than admin content. UGC content is the best tool to build trust and attract an audience. One of the advantages of using user-generated content is that it is free.

2- Brand awareness should be increased. The main goal of ordering content for personal products and services is to increase brand awareness. User-generated content is also informative. Followers and audiences who are active with internet businesses are exposed to user-generated content. In this way, users are tempted to declare their satisfaction with every purchase and participate in this type of content production. The content produced by the user is exposed to the audience in the virtual space. Over time, the level of awareness of business audiences and followers increases. The success of businesses depends on awareness.

3- UGC content is more valid. 63% of virtual space customers are looking to buy from online shops that have the highlight of customer satisfaction. The credibility that user-generated content gives to business pages is the key to success. The audience respects buyers’ opinions more than the page admin! With the development of cyberspace, buyers are also updated, attracted by advertisements, and buy user-generated content.

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4- Save money. One of the many features of user-generated content is its low cost. Business owners advertise their products and services without spending huge amounts of money on advertising. Publishing customer satisfaction in the form of posts and stories on Instagram is a smart move. Without spending huge amounts of money, you can attract the attention of the audience and boost your online business.

How to generate UGC content

5- Capital returns at a high rate. Yes, you read that right! One of the many features of user-generated content is a high rate of return on investment. Using user-generated content increases audience participation by 28%. After increasing the participation of the audience and followers, the business’s initial investment returns at a high rate. It is recommended to provide conditions in your business so that your audience can communicate with you.

6- Use pure ideas. User-generated content in the content marketing process is not always in the form of customer satisfaction. To create content in the field of digital marketing, it is better to use new and pure challenges and ideas. Provide conditions for your audience to communicate with you; for example, hold a challenge so that the audience interacts with you. You don’t need to spend millions; you need to be creative.

7- Guide buyers. User-generated content in the process of content marketing is able to guide buyers and customers. 80% of buyers of products and services decide to buy by considering the opinions of other customers. User-generated content plays the role of guide and guide for other customers to make smart purchase decisions.

Encouraging customers to produce user-generated content

How to produce UGC content is very important; motivating the audience is the most important and main action. Users and audiences do not produce content without sufficient motivation! You read it right! There should be an incentive for users to post UGC. There are various techniques for producing user-generated content to influence the audience. These techniques include holding contests, sending photos and videos of products after package delivery, holding various challenges in posts and stories, giving small and big prizes, tagging the page, sharing posts and page stories, publishing customer satisfaction, Hashtag, and raffle will be done on the page.

In the past, there were techniques that were extremely effective. The reason for these techniques’ great impact was the users’ simplicity. For example, several pages would match and start exchanging followers. They used to attract followers under the pretext of holding contests and giving away expensive prizes, but nowadays, the audience has become smarter and behaves intelligently. Audience participation in advertising is so effective that in addition to attracting new followers and business growth, product and service sales increase. Users do not engage in UGC unless there is a benefit involved. Use new challenges and encourage your users.


During this article, we tried to clarify the importance of user-generated content for you. If you have started a small business on Instagram, I recommend you connect with your audience. Highlight customer satisfaction as a priority and maneuver on it. Instead of spending millions on advertising, use your audience and followers. The performance of Instagram’s new algorithm is a little different, focusing on learning new algorithms. The success of you and your business depends on learning how to create content.