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Introducing websites to provide services in the world

Websites have been created to provide services in the world. Websites have been set up to provide services to users after assessing their needs. These services cover a wide range. Online stores and educational websites fall into this category. The number of these websites is increasing day by day. Websites that offer a wide variety of services to users from all over the world. In the following, several websites are introduced.

Netflix website to provide services

Netflix is ​​a service site. This website has a lot of fans all over the world who visit it daily. This website has been providing its services since 1997. It started as a DVD mailing company. But today, it is one of the most important service websites in the world in the field of video sharing.

Website for movie presentation and movie watching

The videos on this website have millions of views today. Only one or two countries in the world have not been allowed access to this website. The most attractive series today are made to order by Netflix.

Since then, similar websites have been created to offer movies and watch movies online.

Microsoft Office is a service website.

Microsoft Office is also a website for providing services to users. Important Office software such as Word and Excel have been available for computer installation for many years. This website also allows you to work with software online.

Important Office software

Having an account, you can log in to this website and use the desired tools. The online versions of this software are lighter than the real ones. In other countries, this website has found many fans, and many users visit it every day and benefit from its features.

Introducing websites to provide services

Intuit, Zoom Video Communications, and Twitch are also service sites. The Intuit website is one of the most lucrative sites. Statistics show that many users have welcomed this website. The services offered by this website are financial and accounting. Companies and organizations can benefit from the services this website offers in taxation and accounting.

Zoom Video Communications website

Zoom Video Communications website is a cloud service. A service that is used all over the world. The services offered by this website include telephone services, online chats, and online training. It means that users can visit this website to use such services. The service time is up to 40 minutes for one hundred people.

Save watch

There is a charge for using services for a longer time and more people. The company has been making good money since 2011.

The Twitch website is also a service site. This site is one of the most visited in the United States. It is an online game service. The company was initially independent but was later acquired by Amazon and is now a subsidiary. Users of this website can watch videos online or even after saving.

Introducing some other sites to provide services

Github, PayPal, and Booking are other sites to provide services. The Github website is useful for users who work in the field of coding. This website offers code hosting services to developers from all over the world. Developers can also save their code and use this website as a great pre-written and ready-made code source. PayPal website services are in the field of payment.


Business owners use the portals offered by this website to receive money online. In addition, it also gives credit cards to users. The services of this website have become an integral part of businesses.

Booking website

A booking website is also one of the sites to provide services. The services of this website are of travel type. This website specializes in online booking of any accommodation. This website has been operating for more than 30 years. Few people in the world are familiar with the world of the web and have not heard the name of this website.