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Introducing Three Puppet And Toy Museums In Iran

Introducing Three Puppet And Toy Museums In Iran

Homes That Host Dolls And Narrate The Memories Of A Generation From Childhood

Museums are like time capsules. When you walk into a museum, it is as if you are riding in a car that takes you back to the periods you longed to see. 

In addition to satisfying a curiosity about the unknown, museums are a small representation of the culture, customs, and social characteristics of moments of time that complement our knowledge of a particular issue through visual displays.

A quick look at tourism maps reveals that even small geographies, such as cities, neighborhoods, and even museums, have set up museums to show part of their identity.

 Among them, there are museums that not only show the cultural and social past of the nation or people of the land, but also remind us of childhood and experiences of that time, and while traveling to the past, visitors also take themselves to their childhood and enjoy the museum visit.

They bring. One of these museums is the Museum of Toys and Dolls, which are becoming more and more popular these days as a diary to hold the relics of a generation or a land to escape oblivion. In this article, we have briefly introduced three toy and doll museums in Iran.

Toy and Puppet Museum; Kashan

Introduction of three puppet and toy museums in Iran - Kashan Puppet and Toy Museum
Photo: Tasnim

Certainly, watching dolls and toys in the heart of a house with nested pestles and colorful curtains that show the history and period of Qajar, brings many times more pleasure.

Kashan Toy and Puppet Museum is such a museum that was established by Amir Sohrabi, a theater expert and researcher, in the heart of historical houses, namely the house of Jafar Allameh Feizi, a late Qajar cleric and poet. This museum has different sections to watch; Parts such as the oldest puppets of the Qajar period; Dolls from different cities of Iran; Wooden, stone, earthenware and cloth toys from nearly 3 years ago; Examples of dolls from other countries; The first factory metal and plastic toys and….

Address: Kashan, historical houses, in front of Tabatabai House, Allameh Alley, No. 41.

Museum of Dolls of Nations; Tehran

Introducing the three puppet and toy museums of Iran - Tehran Puppet Museum of Nations

If we want to imagine houses for dolls, the Museum of Dolls of Nations is definitely one of these houses. The Museum of Dolls of Nations, as its name implies, started its work in October 2014, at the same time as the International Day of Peace, and became the home of dolls that we all probably travel to to watch the sweet childhood and innocence of that time.

In this museum, any interested enthusiast can see 540 cultural dolls from 53 countries up close and read sweet stories from their eyes. Certainly watching Russian Matryoshka dolls, Armenian, Austrian, multi-threaded dolls, Afghan, Tajik, Ottoman, Cornelian and grief dolls in such an exhibition is a unique experience of seeing beauty and nostalgic objects that are less common in other places.

Address: No. 2, Fiat Alley, North Saadi St., Darvazeh Dolat Metro, Tehran

Museum of Iranian Dolls and Culture; Tehran

Introduction of three puppet and toy museums of Iran - Tehran Puppet and Culture Museum

Accompanying stories and dolls; This is something that delights every visitor and so captures his or her moments in childhood that he or she completely forgets for the moment the worries and anxieties that await him or her outside the museum.

The Museum of Dolls and Culture of Nations, which in its heart hosts thousands of Iranian dolls of different ethnicities, was established as a private museum with the official permission of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Iran and with the efforts of Ali Golshan and Masoud Naseri in August 2017. The purpose of establishing this museum is to acquaint children and adults with dolls as representatives of the culture and customs of different ethnic groups and lands of Iran.

In essence, this museum is a base for the purpose of promoting the stories, legends and narratives of the people of our land, each of whom can narrate a part of history. The Puppet and Culture Museum of Iran, in addition to displaying puppets, is a notebook of memories and oral narratives of the Iranian people, each with thousands of stories in their hearts and puppets and toys in their hands, each of which is inspired by our grandparents.

New address: No. 2, Fiat Alley, North Saadi St., Darvazeh Dolat Metro, Tehran