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Introducing the types of shortcuts in Photoshop Software

Photoshop is one of the great and professional programs or software for editing, improving the quality and that today, the use of this attractive program has increased a lot. 

One of the principles of working with this software is to know the shortcut keys of this program. It can be said that the Photoshop program has a large number of important and widely used keys that are absolutely necessary for working with Photoshop, because over time and working with this program will increase your speed and skill.

 A number of shortcuts will be introduced to you in the Photoshop menus, but how much better it is to know and be familiar with the important shortcuts ourselves.


Important shortcuts in Photoshop:

In this table, we have collected and sorted some of the most used Photoshop shortcuts for you.

This shortcut key is used to change the color and the HUE key is used to change the color of the whole image.
Ctrl + U
In Photoshop, this shortcut key is used to reverse. (MVERSE)
Ctrl + I
We use this shortcut key to change the size of the length and width of the work with the ability to maintain the scale of the page.
Alt + Ctrl + I
In order to cut or cut (longitudinally or transversely) you need to open the page (ANVAS) for which this shortcut key is dedicated.
Alt + Ctrl + C
It happens a lot in any program that we want to go back to the previous step, in Photoshop this special key is just one step back.
Alt + Ctrl + Z
Sometimes you may want to go back several steps and this shortcut key is dedicated to this.
Ctrl + Z
In Photoshop software, you definitely need to zoom in or out, and this shortcut key is used to do this.
Ctrl and +
The file you want to work on may be very large, which requires you to use this shortcut key, which is used for inclusion on the screen.
Ctrl + 0
We introduce this shortcut key as a ruler, which is also used to measure in centimeters, meters and و to make the guide line easier to draw.
Ctrl + R
With this key you copy from the layer by holding down the ALT key first, then using the left mouse button to move the object.
Ctrl + J
This shortcut key is equivalent to the word MERGE, which is used to combine with the bottom layer.
Ctrl + E
The subset of the word SELECT means selection and helps you when you want to select all items.
Ctrl + A
It is a shortcut key that is very useful for reversing.
Shift + f7
To cut, you must first prepare the cutting tool with this button.
This shortcut key, known as the Transform tool, is used when you want to resize an object.
Ctrl + T
This shortcut key can help you design whether or not to display lines.
Ctrl + H
You can use this key to delete the area you selected.
With this shortcut key you can easily fill the selected area with the default color, remove and paint in one phase.
Alt + backspace
This key allows you to have a good typography by increasing or decreasing the text spacing.
Alt +>, <
Photoshop has both a dark and a light environment, and changing the color of the program environment can be done using this key.
Ctrl + f1, f2
Sometimes setting the selection tool is not automatic and you have to temporarily enable this feature with this shortcut key.
Ctrl + leftckick


In Photoshop, when you want to do simple and ordinary tasks to edit your images, sometimes this process is very long and time consuming and sometimes it even causes distraction and confusion, but the use of shortcuts allows you to ensure that your speed in Increase a lot and these keys are common in the old version of cs as well as in the new version of cc. Also, some of these keys are common in Mac and Windows operating systems, but there are some differences.


Photoshop shortcuts


Types of Photoshop shortcuts:

Photoshop shortcuts are divided into several groups according to their functionality:

Layer shortcuts:

Function of this type of shortcuts:

Move between layers (ALT + []),

Show or hide the Layers panel (F7),

Fill a layer with paint (ALT + DELETE + FORGROUND),

Create a new layer in the panel (SHIFT + CTRL + N),

Create a new layer below the selected layer (CTRL + NEW LAYER ICON),

Fill a layer with color (CTRL + DELETE + BACKGROUND),

Add layers (CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + E),

Composition of visible layers (CTRL + SHIFT + E),

Create a new layer with copy (CTRL + J),

Copy multiple layers together (SHIFT + CTRL + C) and…; We emphasize in this section that there are differences between using these options in the Windows and Mac versions.

For example, to copy multiple layers together on the Windows platform (SHIFT + CTRL + C) is like this, but on the Mac platform (SHIFT + CMD + C). One of the significant differences between Mac and Windows operating systems is that CMD is used instead of CTRL in most places.


Photoshop shortcuts to select:

Re-select (CTRL + SHIFT + D),

Reverse selection (CTRL + SHIFT + I),

Select all layers (CTRL + SHIFT + A),

Select the highest layer (ALT +.) And the lowest layer (ALT +,),

Cancel select the selected range (ALT + DRAG),

Cancel select all parts except one part (SHIFT + ALT + DRAG),


Selecting an image color (ALT + BRUSH TOOL) is a feature of this part of Photoshop.

Photoshop shortcuts


Photoshop shortcut key for fonts:

Increase or decrease the font size (] / [),

Fill (SHIFT + F5),

Select next and previous font (./,),

Decrease or increase pen stiffness (ق /}),

Selecting the first and last font (> / <) are also parts of these font shortcuts.


Keys for saving and closing files:

Save image to web standard (CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + S)

Close files we opened in Photoshop (CTRL + SHIFT + W)

Shortcuts that work on the photo:

Deformation tool (CTRL + T)

Curves tool (CTRL + M)

Level tool (CTRL + L)

Color Balancing Tool (CTRL + U)

Gray Photos Tool (CTRL + SHIFT + U)

Automatic and fast settings (SHIFT + CTRL + L)

Lens correction tool (SHIFR + CTRL + R)

Wide Angle Correction Tool (OPT + SHIFT + CMD + A)

Color Filtering Tool (SHIFT + CTRL + A)


Photoshop Shortcuts

Shortcuts for working with 3D tools :

With this feature, you can easily create 3D polygons.

Photoshop text shortcuts:

When you use these types of shortcuts, you can enlarge or reduce the size of your text to the specified size.

VIEW Shortcuts in Photoshop:

With this shortcut you can see the pixels with high accuracy and separately; Because it displays realistically, and this gives you enough confidence in your work.

Basically, programmers use the keyboard, but graphic designers prefer to use the mouse; It has been said before that these shortcuts are more to speed up your work. Otherwise you do not have to memorize a large number of keys. You can also use the mouse and it is up to you to choose which method.

We hope you have made the most of the content of the Home School website . Feel free to share your questions, comments and criticisms with us.