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Introducing Money Making Home Businesses

What is a home business ? How To Start A Profitable Home Business? In this article, we are going to introduce money-making home businesses .

Many people think that work is only about waking up early in the morning and going to work. Today, there are successful people who can break the law and start a lucrative home-based business .

What is a home business?

Consider a teacher who goes to school every morning. Suppose this person decides to continue working at home after school hours. So it can be said that this person has turned to home business by staying at home .

Home business , unlike most other jobs outside the home, is not known hours and whenever you have the desire to work, can not do the job.

More than 60% of home businesses do not need start-up capital. 20% of these types of businesses need an initial capital of about 5 to 10 million, and the rest, depending on the scale they have, need an initial capital of about 10 to 100 million.

Ever had an idea for a money-making home-based business ? Stay tuned until the end of this article to introduce you to some lucrative home businesses .

Home-based businesses around the world fall into two main categories:

  1. Working at home.
  2. home business

Working at home:

Not everyone in the community is a manager or a business owner. The same is true of home business. As a rule, not all people can be home business managers.

Therefore, working at home is the job that you accept as a project based on your skills and talents and based on the needs of the employer and start your activity in this field.

home business:

In this type of activity, you are the producer or project manager and you earn money by working with other people.

Home Business History :

Home businesses have a long history in Iran. Many handicrafts are made at home. Therefore, these businesses are not new and have evolved over time.

Also, starting a lucrative home-based business will improve a person’s quality of life. In these jobs, work and life merge, and you can spend more time with your family.

What are the benefits of a home-based business ?

1) Flexible program:

Unlike office businesses, home businesses have flexible working hours, and you can do projects at home during the day, as well as work, leisure, and personal chores.

If office work takes up almost 8 hours of your time almost every day, it limits your planning time.

2) Work in the desired environment:

Everyone thinks of a desirable environment for their work, depending on what they do. For example, some people like to lie on the couch and work with their phone. Others prefer to play soothing music in their workplace.

One of the advantages of home business is that you can choose the workspace of your choice.

3) Use comfortable clothes:

For some people, wearing formal clothes for 8 hours is a relief. Some occupations require physical and mental freedom, and wearing formal clothing deprives the labor force of this freedom and reduces productivity. While doing business at home, you can come to work in comfortable clothes.

4) Cost savings:

In these jobs, there is no need to spend money on transportation. So you can save more money.

5) You have more time to be with your family and loved ones:

Another advantage of working at home is that you can always be with your family and loved ones. While you have to work 8 to 10 hours a day in office work, you come home tired at the end of the day and there is no time left for fun with your loved ones.

Where to start a home-based business ?

In general, home business practices can be divided into the following four categories.

  1. Educational businesses.
  2. Shared businesses.
  3. Manufacturing businesses.
  4. Internet businesses.
1) What is an educational business?

As a child, you may have been asked, “Is science better or wealth?” You need to know that science is always “money-making”. You can earn money by offering knowledge and teaching science to others. It does not matter what field you specialize in. It is enough to share your specialty and earn money from it.

One of the advantages of these businesses is that you can earn money in absentia.

2) What is a joint venture?

Another lucrative business is a joint venture. You do not need any initial capital or special skills in these jobs; Because, you are just a marketer and an intermediary between the main customer and seller.

This business, unlike other businesses, is not very common in Iran. Of course, there are those who make a living this way.

3) What is a manufacturing business?

One of the main pillars of home business is production, which has a long history in Iran. These businesses have a simple definition.

“Everything that is produced at home and marketed is called a manufacturing business.”

Production work has different models and each requires a different initial capital. Production and service works in Iran have been able to find many fans in a short time.


4) How much initial capital does an internet business need?

Starting this business does not require any initial capital. All you have to do is pay for the internet packages.

Depending on your resume and skills, you can go to job sites and, depending on your talent, start working with managers and employers.

Money-making home businesses

What are the most lucrative home businesses?

1) Preparing food at home:

The first lucrative job we want to introduce you to is cooking at home. One of the most lucrative skills in most parts of the world is the cooking and restaurant industry.

Most people like homemade food and prefer it to most restaurants. Some people do not have enough time to prepare a healthy diet. So, they would only resort to this as a last resort.

If you have the skills and talent in cooking, you can become a capitalist in this direction.

Imagine that you sell 100 presses of food per day and the average price of each press is 30 thousand tomans. As a result, at the end of the month, your income is about 3 million tomans, of which almost 80% is net profit.

Now consider a situation where you sign a contract with a company or organization and your sales reach 500 presses per day. In this case, several forces will start working in your area.

2) Making jewelry and handicrafts:

Handicraft-related jobs are a lucrative home-based business . The question that arises is, despite the reputable and famous jewelry brands, does anyone buy home-made jewelry? The answer to this question is yes. Why? For the following two reasons:

The first reason:

The cost of home jewelry is less than the cost price in the market. Therefore, it is considered by some people.

The second reason:

A home designer can use a variety of designs and creativity in this job. Famous brands put all their attention on producing new products. For this reason, there is a good opportunity for other designers who can rely on their abilities and talents to move on to new designs.

3) Providing services:

With the advancement of technology, electrical appliances have surrounded all human life. Every home has at least one electrical appliance and may one day break down.

The economic situation is such that a group of people, in the event of a breakdown of electrical appliances, turn to repairing the device as much as possible.

Therefore, repairing electrical appliances can be a lucrative job for which you do not need initial capital, and the only capital here is skill and a complete toolbox.

4) Clothing design and sewing:

Clothing is one of the basic needs of every human being for which there is always a demand. Also, clothing design and production is one way to earn money.

With the development of technology, various devices have been invented that have made the job easier for such jobs; Such as: sock production machine, glove production machine and…

The field of clothing is very wide. For example, you can turn a part of your home parking lot into a production and start working as a tailor at home.

This business needs different initial capital depending on the type of activity. In general, you can start a small home business with 5 to 10 million and earn 4 to 8 million a month.

5) Language teaching:

Every year there are people who start learning the language with the intention of migrating or studying abroad. Others need a strong resume to work in a company or organization. For this reason, they turn to language learning.

Therefore, learning English or other languages ​​can make money.

But there is a drawback. That is, there are language schools that can compete with you. But do not worry at all!

Many people who want to learn a language do not have enough time to attend face-to-face classes, and this provides a good opportunity for you to earn money by holding private classes at home or online classes.

Today, the income of private classes is between 100 thousand tomans and 300 thousand tomans. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. In this case, your income is 300 to 900 thousand tomans per day.

6) Scholarship teaching:

One of the most common sources of investment in Iran is the stock market. In 1999, more than 4 million stock exchanges entered the stock market, and naturally, these newcomers to the market need training.

If you are a skilled analyst, you can make money by teaching this market to newcomers. One of the advantages of this home business compared to teaching music, language and و is that there is no need for an in-class class and you can serve others by offering a package or teaching online.

If you are thinking of making a home-based business , become a stockbroker.

Money-making home businesses


There are as many ideas on the planet as there are ideas for making money and wealth. A reliable home business can be a lifelong source of income and transform your life.

To start a money-making business, all you need to do today is to rely on your independent willpower and unique willpower.