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Cinema 4D

Introducing Cinema 4D software

CINEMA 4D is a very powerful 3D maker software that allows designers to produce works in the fields of modeling, animation, motion graphics, and painting. Cinema 4D is designed and produced by the German computer and digital company MAXON.

This software has capabilities and tools that have provided the possibility of designing and producing extraordinary works for 3D designers. Despite the many possibilities that Cinema 4D has in the field of making polygonal and multidimensional models, as well as lighting and the like, using this software is easy and hassle-free for designers.

Cinema 4D software is known as a leader in 3D design. This software is an advanced platform that can be used by both amateur groups and professionals. Cinema 4D allows users to create and produce computer games, 3D motion graphics, architectural designs, and visual structures, illustrations, and more.

There are currently 4 different types of Cinema 4D available:

  • CINEMA 4D Studio
  • Broadcast version
  • Visualize solution
  • Prime version

This level of diversity in the structure of Cinema 4D software gives users the promise and assurance that they will be able to use this software in any field in which they operate.

Benefits and Features of Cinema 4D Software

Cinema 4D is a powerful application software for those 3D designers who are looking to create different and amazing works. This software has a wide range of features and tools that make creating amazing works for users fast and easy.

The emergence of this software in the 4 different types that we mentioned earlier, has been to provide a suitable platform for 3D designers working in various fields such as 3D printing, animation, and architecture.

Here are the 4 modules we mentioned earlier:

Cinema 4D Studio:

It is for 3D designers who need a tool or platform for their designs in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Cinema 4D Broadcast:

An ideal tool for motion graphic designers.

Cinema 4D Visualize:

It is a professional tool for designers and architects.

Cinema 4D Prime:

A great platform for designers who want to use tools to add three-dimensional elements to their designs.

Cinema 4D has been designed and produced taking into account. The abilities and needs of people at both amateur and professional levels. Using Cinema 4D is easy, understandable, and workable for users who are just starting. The working space of this software is very visually transparent and can be easy for the user at a glance and of course working with it for hours.

In addition, users in Cinema 4D can change the layout of their workspace. In this way, they can create workspaces according to their tastes and needs.

At present, Cinema 4D software has received many praises and appreciations in the field of 3D design by experts and users of this software.

Any new features that are to be added to the software in the updates will be evaluated by beta and QA test experts before release.

These rigors and precision, along with many other positive features, have made it flawless software for its users and responsive to possible bugs.

This has led to Cinema 4D becoming a flexible software that is compatible with the various ideas of its users. The many features and tools in the app, while enhancing users’ creativity, help them visualize and implement what they have in mind.

How much does it cost to use Cinema 4D?

It is currently free to download or download the software in its trial version. Many professionals are also using this software for free.

However, some ancillary and professional features of this software include costs. To free access to them, you need to pay subscription fees and licenses to the main company.

When to start using Cinema 4D?

There are currently many applications in the field of 3D design available in the market. But the question is, what features do you, as a graphic design user, need to create your ideas?

If Cinema 4D has caught your eye, perhaps simply because there is currently no more powerful and advanced software on the world market. But this does not mean that other software such as After Effects can not help you in the realization of your projects and you just have to use Cinema 4D.

So before you start making this software, first see exactly what kind of projects you intend to implement. Then read the opinions of users and experts about their user experience of the software.

Also, if you own a graphic design company before you force all your employees to use it, see if the size of your business requires the use of it? And does what is to be released as your company’s end product require the tools that are available at it? Does using it make your work easier and faster?

Answering these previous questions as well as researching the opinions and experiences of users will help you choose this software as a tool for your projects.

Unique and fantastic features of Cinema 4D

According to a survey of professional and sometimes well-known users of the world of 3D design, 8 of the most popular and amazing application features in the software are as follows:

1- Take System

This feature allows the user to simulate and sample a real and filmed video image. The user is then able to create parts of the captured image and make changes to the 3D models simulated from the real image.

For example, a user can import a 360-degree video of an actor’s head and face into a program and create an emulator. Then, by making changes to this simulator, turn it into the head and face of a dragon and use this created image again instead of the head and face of the actor.

2- Support for waves created by the lens

With this feature, the user can detect and isolate the waves created in the image by the camcorder lens separately by the program. The user can also save these waves and use them for other images.

3- Display graph diagrams of recorded movements and motions

With this graph, you can see the oscillations of a recorded mouse that are not normally visible to the naked eye in the image. You can easily correct them.

4- Gap tool

This tool is for designing slits, arcs, and curly lines and lines in three dimensions.

5- Optimization of animation flow

This allows users to better navigate the F-Curves as well as accurately tangent to the desired objects.

6- Improving the sculpting process

This feature has made it possible to make the sculpture in the best and fastest way possible.

7- Integration with Houdini engine

With this feature, the user can upload the parameters of Houdini Digital Assets in the software.

8- Integration with Sketchup

With this feature, the user can import sketches and Sketchup designs in the application and apply changes to them.

World-famous projects made by Cinema 4D

For better and more familiarity with what exists in the world as the output and final product created by it. So we can refer to the animations and live-action that have been released from 2019 to 2021. Iron man 3 and Lion King 2019 are among the products that have heavily used Cinema 4D.

Creating a wave of pond water, river, gentle breeze that winds between the leaves of trees and forest plants, wavy movement of characters’ hair and softness and delicacy of performance and movements of all objects in these animations and movies, all of the effects Take advantage of Cinema 4D.