Images of the emotional relationship between humans and animals

Images of the emotional relationship between humans and animals

Steve Mccree’s Picture Gallery Takes An In-Depth Look At The Emotional Relationships Between Animals And Humans, Which Are Worth Watching.

It is said that humans started domesticating animals ten thousand years ago; Animals played a vital role in the formation of human civilization and became an essential part of human life. Although domestic animals were used to prepare food such as meat and milk, then leather and skin, humans found an emotional relationship with animals over time.

In fact, with time, humans looked at some animals as friends to accompany them in hunting, traveling, and even taking care of their homes. However, the relationship between humans and animals is very complex.

While some animal breeds have become extinct due to humans or their population has been dramatically reduced, during the last decades, many foundations are not only seeking to protect rare and endangered animal breeds; Rather, by providing proper education, they want people of different communities to be aware of the importance of the existence of these animals in the ecosystem.

As mentioned, the relationship between humans and animals is very complex; sometimes, some animals can be closer than the people around them.

Currently, some psychologists are also aware of this issue and encourage people who suffer from diseases such as depression to have pets such as dogs and cats.

In the meantime, a photographer named Steve McCree, who has become famous for recording extraordinary images, has prepared a gallery where you can see the close emotional relationships between humans and animals.

Steve became world famous for recording a picture of a female dragonfly in the magazine of National Geographic Society, In such a way that his work was given the title of “the most unforgettable photo.”

In the following, you can watch and enjoy Steve McCree’s gallery images.

Steve McCree's photo gallery

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