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IELTS Life Skills: Date, Cost And How To Register For The Life Skills Exam

Introduction to IELTS Life Skills

IELTS Life Skills is easier and simpler than the IELTS Academic test . This test is not uncommon among applicants for immigration and living in the UK.

This test, unlike the two IELTS Academic and IELTS General tests, is not very old. In addition, the structure of this test bears no resemblance to the two known IELTS tests.

This note examines the Life Skills test. The structure of this test, the topics you will encounter and some details such as the date of registration, registration time and prices will be discussed.

What is IELTS Life Skills?

IELTS Life Skills is intended for individuals who need to demonstrate their English speaking and listening skills in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).

This test is specifically designed to obtain UK residency as one of the valid documents. Generally, people who intend to be admitted to a university abroad do not take the exam.

The IELTS Life Skills test, unlike the other two types, which assesses four candidates’ listening, writing, speaking, and reading skills, measures only two speaking and listening skills.

Normally, one candidate participates in the exam with another candidate and an examiner. The performance of each candidate is evaluated in two parts of the test in one session. There is no rest time between the two parts of the test because both skills are tested at the same time.


In fact, the main purpose of the Life Skills test is to determine whether the applicant for living in the UK is able to communicate clearly. Therefore, unlike the other two types, this test does not have a score and only the acceptance or non-acceptance of the candidate is announced.

What is IELTS Life Skills?

Types of IELTS Life Skills

There are three types of life skills exams as follows, each candidate can participate in one of them according to the purpose and visa to be obtained.

  • Level A1: This test will take between 16 and 18 minutes. This test is very suitable for candidates who have a basic knowledge of English.
  • Level A2: The time of this test is between 18 and 20 minutes. Candidates who have more extensive language skills than A1 level can choose this test.
  • Level B1: This test will take about 22 minutes. This test is suitable for candidates who are familiar with the grammar of the rules of conditional sentences in English and lexically know between 3,000 and 4,000 English words.

How to take the IELTS Life Skills test

Since the Life Skills test is intended to assess the ability to communicate in English, the best way to test this ability is to pair candidates at the same level. This way you can show how much English you can speak, communicate with others and engage in discussion.

The Life Skills test consists of two parts. In the first part, you are expected to ask and answer questions correctly about familiar topics such as weather and food.


The second part of the IELTS Life Skills test is a combination of listening and speaking. You will hear an audio file. In the following, you will show your ability to recognize details and generalities by answering the asked questions.

While playing the audio file, you are allowed to make notes of what you want. In addition, at level B1, you and another volunteer will be given a topic to discuss.

Given the purpose of the Life Skills test, it is obvious that in this test you will encounter everyday topics such as personal information, family, friends, work and health more than other topics. It is very popular among applicants for immigration to the UK because IELTS Life Skills is much easier than the other two types and the candidate can easily succeed in all three levels with a score of 4.

How to evaluate

As mentioned, there are only two possible outcomes for IELTS Life Skills . This result is determined based on the opinion and judgment of the IELTS examiner.

The evaluation criteria in this test are how to obtain information, ability to convey information, ability to communicate and start a conversation and engage in discussion.

Although two candidates are tested simultaneously on the Life Skills test, they are evaluated separately and the result of one candidate is not influenced by the other.

If a candidate fails the test, he or she will not be able to use the result to obtain a visa. IELTS Life Skills test results are usually given to students within seven days of the test.

If it is rejected, you can participate again. In addition, if you pass the Life Skills exam, you will not be allowed to take the exam for up to 2 years. Due to the fact that this test does not require a score, it is logical that there is no need to participate in it again until the test result is valid.

IELTS Life Skills Test


It is possible for candidates to object to the test result after passing the test. For this purpose, candidates have up to 6 weeks after the date of their Life Skills exam to register their protest at the exam center. Candidates must specify which part of the IELTS Life Skills should be considered.

After paying the fee (currently 35,000,000 Tomans), the result of the Life Skills exam review request will be announced within two to twenty-one days. It should be noted that IELTS examiners follow precise and specific guidelines for assessment. Therefore, consider all aspects before registering a protest. In addition, you will be refunded only if the test result changes.

The cost of the Life Skills test and its location

IELTS Life Skills registration is done online and you need a valid identification document. If you currently live in the UK you will need to use your passport to register. You may also be able to register for this test in person. It should be noted that this depends on the test center you have chosen.

At the time of writing, Irsafam is the only institution in Iran that conducts the IELTS Life Skills test . You can also use the services of Life Skills test centers in neighboring countries such as Turkey, Azerbaijan and the UAE.

The cost of the Life Skills test may vary. For this reason, it is better to check the prices when choosing a test center. However, prices generally range from $ 175 to $ 200. Currently, the price of this test in Iran is 5138,000 Tomans.

The centers provide the time and date of the Life Skills test on their website. When registering, make sure you select the correct date.