How to Use OpenVPN on Android device

rk is cut off or lost power, and the phone’s network is automatically cut off so that you do not have any problems.

OpenVPN service is also available on our Android connection. You can benefit from all other features in addition to the capabilities of Kill Switch and… that are in our Android smart connection.

But for example, those who order VPS and choose OpenVPN configuration from among the configurations can easily use the Kill Switch feature by referring to the settings section and turning on the Seam Less option of the Kill Switch feature.

Using this VPN is a bit more difficult for users than other services because it requires the installation of an application, so it has its fans and may not be as popular as other connections such as L2TP and IKEv2.

Click on the link below to read how to install L2TP and IKEv2:

Android L2TP VPN training ›

IKEv2 filter breaker tutorial for Android ›

In the following, we will pay more attention to the disadvantages and advantages and how to use this popular VPN.

OpenVPN installation tutorial for Android

To install OpenVPN for the Android operating system, you must first set the language of your phone to English.

Then you need to download Open VPN from Google Play.

Download OpenVPN from Google Play ›

This is how you enter the Open VPN program.

Then on the page that opens, select File.

Then select the config files from the Downloads section or any other section you have saved.

All config files are displayed this way, which you should select according to your location and country.

Then select one of these two options, TCP.ovpn or UDP.ovpn, and then Import.

In this step, enter your username and password and hit ADD.

This way, if you do the above training step by step, the connection will be established for you.

– What should you do if you encounter a rejection during installation or an error that can not connect via HTTP proxy?

To fix the error, select none from the top right of the options.

2- If you encounter a problem creating a problem TUN interface, what should you do to fix it?

To do this, enter the phone settings and change its language to English.

Conclusion of this article:

In this article, while explaining the correct method of installing an Open VPN, we talked about its advantages, high speed, quality, and stability.

But perhaps one of the most important drawbacks of this VPN is the difficulty of the installation and implementation process.

In this way, to install, you need to download both its program and config files.