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How To Upgrade Android Phone RAM With Memory Card?

The higher the RAM of the phone, the more and heavier programs can be run on the phone at a higher speed, but to have more RAM, you do not have to change your phone, but you can also use the memory card to upgrade the phone’s RAM.

These days, Android phones with a lot of internal memory are on the market, and it is even possible to upgrade the memory using a memory card. However, the amount of RAM in many Android phones may not be very high. 

You may be wondering what is the use of having high RAM? If the phone’s RAM is low, is there a way to upgrade it or should the phone be replaced?

Why do we need more RAM in the phone?

The importance of having more RAM is undeniable because more RAM allows the processor to perform faster. As a result, we will see smoother games, running applications, and so on. More RAM also allows you to run more and heavier programs at the same time.

Fortunately, many Android phones can upgrade RAM via a memory card. For this, however, your phone needs to be rooted and you need to use special software. In fact, some files and accesses in Android are blocked by default, and you have to root the phone to control all the hardware and software.


What do you need to upgrade the Android phone RAM?

To do this, you need a quality MicroSD memory card of Class 4 or higher (preferably Class 10). Also, as mentioned earlier, your phone must be rooted. Finally you need an app to do this.

It is interesting to note that on some phones, rooting is not enough because the size of the swap file is limited at the kernel level. An example of such a phone is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. To find out if it is possible to upgrade the RAM using a memory card or not, just use software such as MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check.

Working with this software is very simple, just run the software and select StartRAMExpander Test Here. If it is possible to increase the swap file, it will inform you by displaying the phrase Congratulations as well as the maximum amount that can be expanded.

It should also be noted that some Android phones do not allow you to use an external memory card to upgrade RAM. In this case, if your phone’s internal memory is large enough, you can use part of it for this purpose.


Two apps to upgrade RAM on an Android phone

Although it is possible to swap files on an Android device manually, you can do this more easily by using the applications that exist in this field. Among the apps available in this field, we can mention the following:

  • Swapper – ROOT
  • Free Swapper for Root
  • AMemoryBoost (Swap enabler)


Although these apps are free, they all have ads. Their method of operation is similar and as follows:

  • Run the program.
  • Create a swap file.
  • Specify the other swap files you need.
  • Select the location of the swap file (MicroSD card or internal storage).
  • Now wait for the swap file to be created.


You may need to reboot the phone after the operation. Also, do not uninstall installed applications because you need them to work with swap files.