How To Strengthen Our Physical Motor Intelligence?

How To Strengthen Our Physical Motor Intelligence?

Howard Gardner’s Theory Of Multiple Intelligences Was First Published In 1983 In His Book Frames Of Mind.

Gardner believes that people can respond to environmental stimuli differently and that every average person has at least basic capabilities in each type of intelligence. Still, everyone is better in some bits of intelligence than others.

Has more prominence; For example, a person can be a valuable writer because he is powerful in terms of verbal intelligence, but due to weakness in spatial intelligence, the same person may not be able to find his way easily while driving on highways.

Every person’s success in life depends on the level of development of intelligence or bits of intelligence that are needed for successful performance in his culture.

The exciting thing about these bits of intelligence is that you can increase the amount of each of these bits of intelligence with practice. In this article, we will talk about Gardner’s motor-physical intelligence.

How to strengthen our physical motor intelligence?


Physical-motor intelligence

This type of intelligence in you shows the ability to perform subtle physical actions and skillful control of body movements. With this intelligence, you can establish harmony between your body and mind and use your body effectively and effectively.

All your body parts and movements are under the precise control of your brain, and you also have a good sense of balance and hand-eye coordination. You love to touch things and make things with your hands. You can communicate well with others through your body language and convey concepts to them.

Suppose you have physical-motor intelligence for your growth and development in this field. In that case, you can develop automatic and spontaneous bodily reactions in the first stages and gain your physical freedom.

You can improve movement coordination at advanced levels and engage in activities such as ballet. Then, in the next step, you can work on your meaningful gestures and gain skills. Also, strengthen your body language movements, and finally, in the third stage, you can exercise and expand your sports movements.

In today’s world, where our lives are surrounded by cars and immobility, having physical-motor intelligence is very important. Those who score high in this intelligence can restore balance to their lives.

Strategies for strengthening physical-motor intelligence

You can use these solutions to strengthen  physical-motor intelligence  :

  •  The game is the best way to enhance and develop physical-motor intelligence. The more education is done through games, and we can use games to develop this intelligence, the more successful our teaching will be.
  •  Provide opportunities for aerobic and fitness activities.
  •  Include outdoor experiences and sports activities in your schedule.
  •  Go to the swimming pool. Swimming and water games create a particular state for the body due to the low weight of the body in the water.
  •  Games such as tennis, handball, ping pong, or badminton, which require the simultaneous coordination of hand, eye, and body movements, can significantly strengthen physical intelligence.
  •  Try to learn linguistic signs.
  •  Try a sport you’ve never done before, for example, horse riding, bowling,
  • Sailing and.
  •  Plan trips and tries to do them according to the schedule.
  •  Do cooking activities.
  •  Provide tactile and artistic experiences such as pottery, playdough, and crafts.
  •  Participate in creative performance activities such as theater and
  •  Enroll in a martial arts class.
  •  Do something in your home garden with hand tools, and do not use electric devices.
  •  Yoga and meditation can give you new effects of mind and body harmony.